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Holidays, climate, weather and water temperature in Malta by month Gismeteo

pogoda na Malte po mesyacam

Annually to Malta arrive hundreds of thousands of tourists. Someone goes there to seek warmth and sun, someone who wants to get acquainted with ancient culture, someone goes there on business trips and summer language schools.

But each of these types of tourists is important to know the weather in Malta for months to prepare for the trip "from" and "to" and get maximum use and enjoyment from the trip.

The Climate Of Malta

klimaticheskie usloviya

The island of Malta is a tropical island. It is conveniently located at the crossroads of Maritime routes coming from Asia, Europe and Africa.

The island attractive for tourists: the many lagoons, warm climate, dense tropical vegetation - it has everything for a comfortable stay at any time of the year.

The island of Malta is part of a large archipelagothat includes the two Islands of Comino and Gozo.

The average temperature on each of the Islands does not fall below +25°C. in Winter, the thermometer in the Maltese archipelago shows amazing numbers for us: +22-23°C.

The rains are a rare phenomenon and short: about 520 mm of precipitation per year, with the rainiest season is winter.

In summer in the Maltese Islands is hot, as expected from a resort: the day will be the average +35°C and at +23 to 26°C. the Only thing to consider when choosing the island location for a vacation: Mediterranean sea quite slowly heated. Therefore, to open the swimming season in may will be too early.

What is the weather and the temperature of the air and water months?

kakoj pogodnyj i temperaturnyj rezhim v techenie goda?

If you have planned a trip to Malta, it is worth considering which season is best for this approach: what is the temperature of air and water, a lot of rain lies ahead?

In the winter

  • December. Weather for Malta in December is suitable for all lovers of comfortable temperature. In the afternoon the thermometer here shows the average +15-20°C, and at +7-10°C. water Temperature does not rise above 17 degrees.

    During this period, the weather in Malta is somewhat reminiscent of our early autumn, when during the day you can enjoy the warm, not burning sun, and at night to feel the chill of the approaching winter. The only difference is that Malta real winter did not come.

  • In addition to the frequent Sunny days you can encounter strong rainfall, brought by the strong wind. It should be prepared for such vagaries of nature in Malta in December.

    zimnij period

  • January. In General, the weather in the Maltese archipelago in January is little different from December: all the same 15 degrees during the day, all the same 10 night, all the same sunshine and comfortable heat, the same 17 degrees in the sea. However, the sea may suddenly have a decent amount of unpleasant precipitation in the form of rain and wind, so it pays to stock up on warm clothes, if you fly to the archipelago in January.
  • February. Unlike his other two winter brothers, February is quite ambiguous winter months in Malta. The air temperature in the month is maintained within +15-18 degrees during the day and 7-10 degrees at night. But February usually receives the greatest amount of precipitation and cloudy days.

    A Sunny day can dramatically changed by storms, thunderstorm, thunderstorms, so that only towards the end of the month you'll wait for a stable heat.

In the spring

  1. March. As the only kind of for us, the Russians, the Maltese winter relaxed its grip and give way to spring, you will feel it.

    March will bring with them have mostly Sunny and warm days. Even the sea begins to warm up: the water temperature will reach +20-22 degrees. Nature slowly begins to move away from the winter chill. The air will become warmer: the thermometer will show a stable +23-25°C.

    It was at this time is to go on a tourist trip to the Islands of the archipelago, to look atthe sights and just walk around without fear of sudden storms and gales.

  2. April. Hot days in April, you still should not wait. The temperature will also remain at a comfortable average around 22-25 degrees, so the APR is also suitable for sightseeing and research, not to open the beach season.

    April is remarkable that in all the Islands begins to blossom nature, so you should visit the island this month at least in order to look at this beauty.

  3. May. Usually the last month of spring is the most attractive for tourists, because at this time are great discounts on tours. But do not hurry with the choice. The weather in may is like the weather of the other two spring months: the air is warm, but not hot (+22-25°C), at night it becomes, however, a little warmer than before - +13-16°C.
  4. This month, unfortunately, you still will not be able to swim in the sea because the water is still too cold for that.

In the summer

letnie mesyacy

  • June. If you still haven't been seduced by cheap tours may and decided to wait another month, then just did the right thing. June sure will please you, with plenty of warm days.

    This month can be considered ideal for a holiday in Malta: you will be able to swim in the sea (water temperature is +24-26°C), and to walk around the island and visit the various excursions. In the afternoon the thermometer shows an average of +25-28°C, and at +15-20°C. the Rains are in this month's rarity, so afraid of sudden precipitation is not necessary.

    By the end of June, the summer is already fully included in their holdings. The day temperature will reach +35-45°C, so be careful going out in the sun. Bring sunscreen and a hat.

  • July. This month on the Maltese archipelago is considered the"king" of the season. The temperature often crosses the mark of 45°C, the water in the sea warms up to 27°C.

    The heat is unbearable, so, choosing the time of the visit to Malta of July, take the air-conditioned rooms, try as much as possible to stay out of the sun and try not to overheat. This month was created for a beach holiday, for sightseeing you will drive crazy.

  • August. The last month of summer in Malta is a continuation of July. The temperature of the same hot (can reach 50 degrees in the sun), the water is warm (25-28 degrees). Not recommended walks outdoor in the sun, stay on the street in the afternoon.

In the fall

  1. September. The first month of autumn will bring all saarivirta August under the Maltese sun a little relieved. Because it is the rainy month. A little rain will cool the air temperature drops to +26-28°C.

    However, we should not deceive ourselves. Coolness will be temporary. Almost the entire month, the air will be hot and high humidity exacerbate it. It would seem that the street is much hotter than it really is. But the scorching August heat you not catch.

    The temperature of the water will retain its heat, so that in September you can safely go on the Maltese beaches, no longer fearing the searing August sun.

  2. osennie pokazateli

  3. October. It is considered that October is the worst month to visit the Maltese archipelago. This month there is a large amount of rain. But the weather is warm. The thermometer will show +21-22°C.
  4. On Sunny days, even the opportunity to swim in the sea, but still the most successful choice for a holiday in October will be a guided tour.

  5. November. In November already felt a withering, warning us of coming to Malta winter. The air is heated to an average maximum of 21 degrees during the day and at night only to +5.8 degrees. Rains in this month is small, mostly shining under the sun, but for a beach holiday this month is not suitable.

When is the best time to relax on the island?

luchshee vremya dlya poezdki

Given this climatic diversity of the Maltese Islands, you need to think carefully about the question: why do you want to visit Malta? If you want to see the local sights and experience the culture of the local population, or do you prefer a beach vacation?

Period for a beach holiday

If you like a beach holiday with all the consequences, then, of course, the best choice for you is summer. But remember: high this season is called, not only because of the large number of tourists - it is high prices.

It is best to go in the period from June to September. At this time, the sun is scorching hot, but the temperature in the sea is simply heavenly: +26-28 degrees.

In the summer season in Malta hosts many events, festivals, parties and other things. So lovers of outdoor activities it is best to choosethis period.

  • If you are traveling with children, it is the best choice for you would be the Aura resorts: sandy beaches, water parks, attractions - everything you need for a sea of fun.
  • For lovers of active recreation is recommended to choose the resorts Suncrest, Golden Bay, St Julian's. Here you will find many daytime activities: water skiing, parachute jumping, horseback riding, and nightlife, night clubs, night walks on yachts, restaurants, casinos, bars.
  • Romantics and honeymooners are advised to go to the Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino or on Manoel island. Here you can spend unforgettable time away from the urban bustle and problems.

Low season

For those who don't like the heat and beach holidays, we recommend you to visit Malta in the period from November to February. This time here is considered the low season. At this time the weather is the most comfortable for walking and sightseeing.

You may order long-term excursions to your taste: overheating does not threaten you. Get acquainted with local culture, and if you want to spend time with advantage, study at a language school in Malta.

A few weeks before the trip to get better acquainted with the detailed weather forecast services ... or Yandexto certainly know what surprises await you during the trip.

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