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Climate, weather and water temperature in Mauritius for months - the rainy season

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This is a very popular destination among tourists, especially honeymooners. Due to the excellent weather and excellent conditions for recreation, fans of the beach and active tourism prefer to come to Mauritius and the weather by months will help you understand when it is better to go.

The climate in Mauritius

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Perfect weather conditions in Mauritius make a vacation on a tropical island fairy, regardless of the time of year. This small piece of land is located in the Indian ocean, which greatly affects its climate.

On its territory there is not much difference in the seasons, as it does on other tropical Islands.

The average temperature in Mauritius is +30°C, and the water temperature in the ocean varies from +26 to +29°C. the warmest time is the period from June to September, but even here the heat is transferred easilythanks to a gentle rain. A little cooler in the cold season – this time on the island after sunset the temperature drops to 15 degrees.

So, the island is dominated by tropical climate. In General, weather conditions of Mauritius is beautiful, which gives the opportunity to tourists to discover this Paradise, come here all year round.

Weather by month

The weather in Mauritius is difficult to name a decisive factor influencing the choice of time for the trip. On the fabulous island surrounded by azure, warm waters of the Indian ocean, almost always a heavenly climate, and even the rains can ruin a vacation.

In the winter

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In the winter in Mauritius is pleasant , warm weather from December to February. While in Russia raging cold on the island starts on the wet and warm season. Every day the Equatorial sun warms its territory, and in the Central regions and in the mountains are showers.

Hot and humid period happy campers excellent temperature characteristics and in December and in January and February, the day of 30-32 degrees, and at night – +20-22°C. This temperature is considered to be the highest on the island, so it is filled with tourists. The humidity in Mauritius in the winter – 80% and it is very noticeable.

Acclimatization here is quite fast, because the heat soften the constantly blowing a refreshing South-East trade winds.

The water temperature on the coast is ideal for swimming. Even in the early hours she warms up to +25 degrees and +28°C. While the cyclones rarely get to get on shore, which is protected from hurricanes and heavy rains corals. Because of this, the ocean water off the coast is quite calm, especially in the West and South of the island.

It is important to note that even during rain, cloudiness, and high humidity, the probability of burn in the sun. So do not forget about wearing comfortable clothes and protective equipment.

In the spring

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Weather conditions in the spring period is quite different. Until mid - April in Mauritius is dominated by wet season, which is characterized by rains and high temperatures.

Such a climate is the most favorable for tourists because of the early season rains are fleeting and they quickly give way to clear skies and intense heat softened by the winds.

In March , the thermometer still shows high numbers – +30°C. To mid-April, the weather can change in a short period, for example, a couple of hours of clear sky may be replaced by showers, and then again will come the resort weather. The temperature of the air will be about 28 degrees. In may in Mauritius becomes a few degrees colder – +25-26°C.

The water temperature in the spring, not fall sharply, which is quite typical for the warm Indian ocean. In early spring the temperature is around 28 degrees, but in may shecooled to 25°C. Swimming in this water is quite nice, but some days can deliver the discomfort of the cool winds.

In the summer

While tropical resorts, there are showers and impossibly high humidity, in Mauritius starts the cool season. In the summer on the island there is low humidity – about 70%, and the minimum amount of rain and quite strong winds.

The lack of rain in June, July and August can be a significant advantage for choosing a holiday in Mauritius, but the air temperature +25-27°C in the daytime and 16°C at night to create a tangible "coolness". For this reason, it is recommended to take a warm clothes.

The water temperature on the coast of the Indian ocean in June is 25 degrees, but by the end of August , its performance drops to +23°C. during this period water is suitable only for swimming, because the strong wind creates poor visibility for such active sports as snorkeling and diving. All that remains to do in Mauritius during summer is to visit on the island and relax on the beaches. However, the absence of tourists will be a nice bonus.

In the fall

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In the autumn the weather begins to improve again. In early September the air temperature is 3-4 degrees higher, and the cool wind stop. In September on the island, the daytime temperature is around 28 degrees, in Oct +29-30°C and in November comes the"winter heat"characteristic of Mauritius. The nights are still cool – 16-17 degrees.

Especially it should be noted that in this holiday season rainfall reaches its annual minimum humidity remains at around 65%.

The water temperature in the Indian ocean particularly has a beach holiday. In the daytime it warms up to 26-27 degrees and reliable protection in the form of a coral ring does not allow the waves to get to shore.

When and where better to go?

Mauritius is an island where relaxation is measured, and the pristine nature and high comfort make it simply perfect. Because of this, tourist flow to the resort is constantly growing, especially couples who have decided to play their wedding in such wonderful conditions.

High season

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The best time to travel to Mauritius is between November to April – high season, during which it is possible to spend holidays or to celebrate new year and other holidays in the most excellent conditions. During this period active work in the hotels, restaurants, cafes are also available numerous entertainment and excursion programmes and activities.

The greatest number of tourists choose Northern and Western coast of Mauritius. This part of the island is protected by rocks from strong wind, and the local sandy beaches and azure water in the ocean and beckon to take the coast.

The tides in the Northern and Western areas, almost not noticeable.

For holidays in Mauritius tourists choose city:

  • Tamarin;
  • Le Morne.

Here you can not only swim, but also go through the school of kite surfing, scuba diving or snorkeling, as well as in the evenings to watch breathtaking sunsets. In addition, the underwater world of the Indian ocean is so beautiful and rich that in its turquoise depths can be seen as endemic, and very popular sea creatures.

The rainy season

Tourists who can not tolerate heat, but prefer a beach holiday, have a chance to visit Mauritius in low season. Despite the fact that on the coast there is a relatively low temperature for a resort, but a strong wind may slightly spoil the trip, all between may and October here you can spend time.

In the low season in Mauritius also continue to work many of the hotels many attractions.

In addition, tourists can witness a variety of shows, fairs and authentic holidays.

Mauritius will be a great place to stay and all attached conditions will make it even more enjoyable and memorable.

See in this videowhat the weather welcomes tourists in Mauritius nearly all year round: