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When the rainy season in Cuba: the climate, weather and water temperatures by month

pogoda i temperatura vody na Kube po mesyacam

A vacationspent at the resorts on this island, promises to be interesting and informative, the perfect weather conditions contribute to this event. And details about the weather and the water temperature in Cuba by month will help you to determine the duration of the trip.

Cuba is an amazing country, a perfect combination of magnificent nature, the monuments of the colonialists and the traditional hospitality of the locals.

pogodnye usloviya na ostrove

Weather on Liberty Island in the winter

Winter is the most favorable time for vacation in Cuba for resorts falls three times less rain and pleasant weather and lack of stuffiness is best suited for beach and excursion tourism.


Fabulous weather conditions in December are perfect for the New year at the resorts of Cuba. Everywhere there is a nice temperature with low humidity. In the afternoon the air warms up to 24-26 degrees, and at night cools down to a comfortable +22°C. the Sea is pleasing to the temperature of +24°C.

Resting in December at any of the resorts in Cuba will not have to worry about the rain and wind – for this month, they are not typical.

But warm, but not hot weather can promote any kind of recreation, especially during the holidays.


yanvarskie dni

January month is considered the coolest in Cuba, but few slept the heat and the daytime temperature is from +22 to +24 degrees is still ideal for relaxing.

In this period a nice escape from the snowy cities and be on the white beaches of Varadero or Havana by the sea, whose waters are heated to +24°C.

Low humidity and a refreshing breeze will be a welcome addition to this rest. These conditions will allow you to get out on a sightseeing holiday in the city, decorated with architectural landmarks or natural features that abound in Cuba.


This is very nice to enjoy the winter month happy with the lack of heat and showers, as well as a very comfortable day temperature of +25-28°C. the nights are rather fresh – to +20 degrees. Water at all the resorts ideal for beach – +27°C. But it is worth considering that in the last month of winter can sometimes be cold.

The most favorable beaches are Havana and Santiago de Cuba, because here in February falls the least rain, and the temperature difference hardly noticeable.

Weather conditions in the spring

With the arrival of spring weather conditions change significantly. In early spring the temperature is slightly increased, but still the island is dry and clear days also the. But the end of the spring ceases to delight pleasant weather since the island the rains come and the storms.


poberezhe v marte

The warm Cuban climate promotes year round beach holiday, but it is in March here is the most pleasant weather. This month is considered the driest period, and the temperature of air and water in the afternoon at all the resorts does not drop below +27°C.

Night noticeably fresher – the thermometer drops to +20°C. because of this, the beaches of Varadero are especially crowded with tourists, because this resort has the favorable conditions to stay. But it's also worth noting that on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, cold winds, although the windy days are much less.


In this month the temperature grows noticeably, but are still favorable for being on the island. The day quite hot, +27-29°C, but after sunset the temperature drops to 23 degrees. The water on the coast is kept at around +27°C, but it is worth considering that the likelihood of heavy rainfall increases.

Among the features of a stay in April is the growth in day and night temperatures. At the beginning of the month, the day temperature is warm, and the evening becomes fresh and cool. By the end of April begins the heat, but the cool sea the trade winds soften this feature.


The last month of spring is considered the beginning of the rainy season, but downpours and high humidity is particularly noticeable only in the last two weeks. So for holidays in may, the tourists have the opportunity to enjoy a beach holiday.

For some holidaymakers in the resorts of Cuba, the shower is a great way to cool off, especially when in the daytime heat on the coast reaches the level of 30-32°C and the sea warms up to +26°C.

But even under these conditions, the water bath is not much help. The only salvation might be a nice ocean breeze.

Cuba in the summer

Unlike most tropical countries, the wet season in the resorts of Cuba is considerably easier. However, main characteristics of the summer is high humidity and high temperature.


dozhdi v iune

One of the most rainy months are June, different, and high temperatures. In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +30 degrees, and sometimes up to +34°C, but by the evening the streets get a little cooler – up to +24°C.

In the resorts of Cuba, located in the East of the country, the water temperature in the sea reaches 28 degrees. Also this month a high probability of hurricanes and storms, but not such strong what is expected in the next month.


In July , Cuba observed the highest temperature. In the afternoon the air temperature varies between indicators +30-32°C, and at night cools down to 24 degrees. For rest of the most favorable resorts in Havanabecause the water temperature is kept at around +27°C, and the cool wind will neutralize the heat. Yet we should not forget about the rainy season – rains in this period can go up to two hours.


This month is not much different from the previous one, because in August is the same hot weather. Day the thermometer rises to +28-32°C, but due to high humidity, it may seem that the temperature is much higher. Besides, the high humidity in this month is provoking the emergence of a large number of mosquitoes.

Rains in Cuba in August are observed everywhere, but especially they interfere with to be on the street in the afternoon.

Water on the ocean is well warmed up – its temperature reaches 28 degrees. However, because of the frequent storms on the beaches often get algae and other debris washed ashore.

The temperature regime in the fall

temperaturnyj rezhim v osennie mesyacy

In the autumn, in addition to the high humidity in Cuba comes a strong wind, but by the end of the season is much more pleasant to be in the resorts.


The beginning of fall is not much different from the summer months. During this period, the Cuban resorts observed heat and high humidity, especially these weather conditions are visible on the shores of the Caribbean sea. The beach can interfere with the storm, strong winds and hurricanes.

The air temperature in the country remains resort. Day in September, the thermometer rises to +28-30 degrees, and at night drops to +24°C. the water in the ocean warms up to +25 degrees, and the sea – up to 27°C.


This month is transitional period between rainy season and dry season. If at the beginning of October in the resorts of Cuba is the unbearable heat and heavy rains threaten the rest, at the end of the month the weather conditions improve. In the daytime the temperature is pleasant, showing the mark of +28 degrees. At night it becomes cool to 22°C.

Rains recede into the background, but acclimatization is easier. Storms are less frequent, and Sunny days come more often than before. Especiallysuch a change in the weather visible on the resorts located on the Caribbean coast. Resorts, the shores of which are washed by the waves of the Atlantic ocean, the wind can prevent families with children.


The last month of autumn is known as the beginning of the holiday season. Beautiful weather creates ideal conditions for rest.

The unbearable heat has subsided, strong winds and heavy rains have already left, so at the local resorts, there are more tourists.

Equally pleasant conditions are created on the coast of the island.

The average daily temperature in November is about +27 degrees, and at night +23°C. But even if the temperature rises above 30 degrees, a pleasant sea breeze will make the heat completely invisible. The water on the coast is heated to a comfortable 25°C.

When is the best time to relax?

v kakoe vremya luchshe priezzhat?

In the resorts of Cuba are hot tropical climate and year-round high temperatures, and its vibrations are not very noticeable. These particular weather conditions give the opportunity to tourists to relax on the island in any month.

High season

The most popular time to holiday in Cuba – the period from November to April. At this time, there is minimal rainfall and warm weather conditions contribute to a very comfortable rest.

What is especially nice, in addition to the pleasant weather in the resorts of Cuba during this period are held numerous festivals. Only these events are accompanied by chilly, not cold, and they are held in clear days on the ocean.

During this period, the resorts in Cuba there are many entertainment:

  • Relaxing on the beaches;
  • Underwater diving;
  • Exciting Windsurfing;
  • Fruitful fishing;
  • Excursions around the country.

It should be noted that the cost of holidays during the high season increases by 30%, and to book a tour in advance.

Millions of tourists prefer the many resorts in Cuba to stay in this favorable period. The more tourists who have health problems because of the heat, rest from November to may fit perfectly.

It rains

Low season or "rainy season" at the resorts of Cuba begins around mid-may and lasts until October. It is considered the most humid and hot period, but this does not prevent tourists to vacation here on a budget. The only drawback may be acclimatization, but here it goes pretty fast.

Beach vacation

A distinctive feature of the beach resorts in Cuba that the water on the coast cools down below the level of +24°C. This allows you to relax on the beaches no matter the season, but still the most comfortable time is winter.

To stay on the coast tourists choose different beaches Cuba:

  1. Havana – the main beach and cultural center of the country;
  2. Holguin resort with beautiful beaches near Havana;
  3. Santiago de Cuba – resort in the Caribbean sea, surrounded by mountains;
  4. Trinidad resort with clean wild beaches;
  5. Cayo Coco is a cozy island in the Atlantic ocean;
  6. Varadero is an important tourist center of Cuba with an abundance of beaches;
  7. Cayo Guillermo is a small island with clean beaches and flamingos.

Cuba is a wonderful destination for a versatile vacation, especially a visa to this country for Russians is not necessary. Year round accessible beach holidays, as well as a variety of related entertainment.

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