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Greece: Santorini weather by months - September, October, November

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A true gem of the Aegean sea is the island of Santorini is one of the most visited resorts in Greece. Weather in Santorini during the year is changing, so the best time to visit is late spring and beginning of autumn months.

The Climate Of Greece

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The climate of Greece is subtropical Mediterranean with hot dry summers and wet, mild winters. Weather features vary depending on site – in the mountain areas the temperature is much lower and observed falling snow.

In the South the coldest months are January and February, and the rest of the time in a place reigns pretty warm weather without precipitation.

On the Islands of the country the temperature is slightly higher than on the continent, but the heat is softened with a soft breeze from the sea. From April to November with warm and dry weather without rain, and from November to March it is replaced by lowering temperatures and heavy rainy. But the so-called rainy season on the Islands does not last long and even in winter it is a little cloudy, really cold days.

The climate of Santorini is largely similar to the climate of neighboring Crete – the temperature here in the winter months rarely falls below 20 degrees. Precipitation in the summer months is scarce.

The temperature of the air and water in Santorini by months

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Summer months, Santorini is quite hot and dry – rain for this period are uncommon. Winter, on the contrary, humid and rainy, but warm and suitable for long walks.

In the winter

The winter months in Santorini rainy, with noticeable coolness and strong winds.

  • December on Santorini is considered the most rainy month of 31 calendar days 10-15 days with precipitation.
  • The average daily temperature in December is +15-18 degrees Celsius, the water temperature is equal to 16-17 degrees.

  • January is considered the coldest month on the island – in some years the temperature can drop to +5-7 degrees. The average daily temperature is +10-14 degrees at night, this figure falls to 2-3 degrees.

    Water temperature in January is equal to +15-17 degrees. The number vypadenii for the month precipitation is 100 mm is less, than in December, but the weather at any time can go bad.

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  • February - the weather on the island was very similar to January and the air warms up to +15 degrees during the day and up to 12-13 degrees at night. Water temperature in February is equal to 16-17 degrees. This month a lot more clear days than cloudy compared to the other winter months.

In the spring

Spring on Santorini is a period of awakening and blossoming of nature and the gradual colonization by tourists and guests.

  1. In March reduced number of rainy days to 8-7, and the air temperature in the daytime rises up to 18 degrees, at night – up to 10 degrees. The water temperature remains unchanged and varies from +15 to +17 degrees.
  2. For APR Santorini is characterized by the decrease in the number of rainy days and foggy haze in the dawn hours. The day temperature is 19 degrees, at night - +12 to 14 degrees. The water temperature is equal to 17-18 degrees.
  3. May is the flowering period of Santorini with the most comfortable temperature: not any winter chill, but not yet stifling summer heat. The temperature in may in the daytime is +22-23 degrees, at night - +15-17 degrees.
  4. The water in the Aegean sea in may warms up to around +19 degrees Celsius.

In the summer

In the summer the island is hot, dry weather with absolute absence of rainfall, which attracts large number of tourists.

  • Weather forecastJune is hot and cloudless day the temperature rises to 27 degrees and during the night to +20°C. the water Temperature varies from +19 to +21 degrees.
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  • July - in the middle of summer the island is hot, the day temperature rises to +30-32 degrees. The night temperature slightly below +27-28 degrees. The water temperature is +22-24 degrees.
  • August is the hottest month in Santorini – even in the shade the temperature can rise to +35 degrees. The average daytime air is heated to 27-29 degrees. The night temperature of air is +21-23 degrees. Water temperature in August ranges from +23 to +26 degrees.

In the fall

In autumn the summer heat subsides, but the warm weather remains until November.

  1. The beginning of September due to weather conditions reminiscent of August, but by the end of the month the temperature slowly starts to decline. In the afternoon the air temperature is equal to 25-28 degrees, and at night - +20-22 degrees. The water in this month warms up to +25 degrees.
  2. Weather in October is comfortable for a relaxing holiday – no summer heat and heat, and the rainy winter is still far away. In the daytime the air is heated to 25-26 degrees, and at night to +20. The water temperature in the sea is +23-24 degrees.
  3. In November the temperature drops significantly and starts to feel cool. In the afternoon the air warms up only to 19 degrees, and at night the mark temperature drops to +13 degrees. The water temperature in November is +18-20 degrees.

When is the best time to relax on the island?

To understand when to go for a vacation in Santorini, you need to know what the seasons divided the year.

The holiday period

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The tourist season on Santorini is from April to October – during this time the island is warm, even hot summer weather with minimal rainfall, which attracts tourists.

The greatest influx of tourists is in the summer months when the sun is dazzling and sometimes fatal Shine of the sky. Increased prices for hotels and services hotels and entertainment booked in advance.

In these months not only nature blossoms in Santorini, but the travel company.

The best period to visit the island is late may and early September. At this time, the temperature of the air and water are most favorable for beach and other leisure. The beaches of Santorini for the island's volcanic origins have different shades – black, grey, red, caramel and others.

Most favorable for a beach holiday the South-Eastern side of the island, this place breezes blow, which help to survive the summer heat.

Velvet season - should I go?

From mid-September to late October on Santorini comes the so-called velvet season. Most of the tourists leaving and the rest of us can enjoy half-empty beaches and the last really warm days.

Comfortable temperature allows you to enjoy excursions and visits to attractions, and the warm sea to enjoy swimming.

Adverse time for vacation

From November to March on Santorini comes the low, or "dead" season, when tourists hardly ever visit the island, and ferries from neighbouring Islands visit here very rarely.

This period is characterized by gusty winds from the sea, rainy, cloudy weather.

But even in this period it is possible to enjoy a holiday in Santorini: very low prices for services and hotels, almost no tourists, in clear days you can visit the sights and walk around the island.

In this video you can watch on Santorini in the holiday season: