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The season for a holiday in the Seychelles: climate and weather by months on the island

pogoda na Sejshelah po mesyacam

Seychelles is a small island nation in the Indian ocean. And the state is truly magical. Here on 400 square kilometers is found an incredible number of fauna and grow lush tropical plants, most of which bloom unspeakable colors.

All of this is mostly due to the climatic conditions of the Islands. Let's find out what the weather in the Seychelles in months.

Seychelles Islands - climate

klimaticheskie usloviya

Around the Islands coral reefs, which hold many secrets of sunken ships resting on the bottom for many centuries. And coastal waters are teeming with numerous marine life.

On the beaches of Seychelles with white sand on the planet. And those magical white beaches surrounded by huge palm trees where you can sit unique black parrots.

Coves, Islands and islets, mountains and tropical forests are also the Seychelles. And what, perhaps, nowhere stay here waiting for the island's hotels.

And for all these blessings I must say thanks to Vasco da Gama, the first European who stepped on the island in 1502.

The Islands are located just South of the equator. The temperature here is almost the same all year round. Cyclones do not reach the Islands and therefore there are no hurricane-force winds and the weather does not change dramatically. Here the climate is tropical, although the geographical position must be Equatorial, but it softens the ocean surrounding the island. The ocean here always determines the weather.

As in most countries with a tropical climate, it is possible to allocate two seasons. Each is characterized by a certain amount of precipitation, wind direction, number of Sunny days.

Weather in Seychelles by months

pogodnyj rezhim v techenie goda

In order to best understand when and what is going on, will correlate the months with usual seasons.


At this time the trade winds are almost constantly from the ocean of clouds, which rain down on the island's protracted rains. And Africa brings hot air masses. In the end, the rains give way to sun it almost immediately dries the moisture on the ground and on plants.

On the average day, the thermometer rises to +35 degrees, and at night drops to +24C°.

  • In December in the Seychelles summer begins in the southern hemisphere. Temperature is +28 degrees in the day and +21C° at night. And this is the best. There can be up to 30 degrees.

    The heat does not help even swimming in the ocean. The water temperature there is catching air temperature. Only the rapid showers that comes suddenly down the heat and refresh all around. But they raise the humidity to almost 100%. But it is also a difficult test.

  • ostrova zimoj

  • In January it rains almost every day with small breaks, sun barely manages to peek out and dry the excess moisture. Without umbrella on the street just won't quit. Heat and moisture – that's what determines the weather at this time. The thermometer stands at the same level as in December.
  • In February, the rains come less frequently. The sun shines often. This is the perfect month for lovers of landscapes. Rainfall provoke a lush flowering. Juicy, clean, lush vegetation creates a lasting impression with tourists. The temperature does not change, except that the night is cooler by 1-2 degrees compared to the previous months.


The wet season is not over, but now not so hot, and the rains come less frequently. In the afternoon the air +30C°, and at +25C°.

March is a great time to relax on the beach and interesting excursions. In March aktiviziruyutsya all the local fauna.

The weather in March is becoming more comfortable because the humidity rapidly decreases down to 62%.

In April, the changing directions of the winds, and everything is silent. The air practically does not change. And the Islands come diving. For him in April of almost no rainfall, the Pacific ocean. And nothing changes: the temperature and humidity is the same as in March.

And finally comes themay. The most pleasant month in the Islands - a light ocean breeze, comfortable temperature of water and air. Days are warm to +30-33 degrees at night cooler. The water is above 26 degrees.


Starts the dry season, which is considered to be cold. But for tourists from Europe is the best time. The average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius. The moisture content steadily drops, start of Southeast monsoon. And although at this time it is comfortable even for those who can not tolerate high humidity, swimming is a problem - often the ocean is raging. But when he calms down, happy bathers the temperature of 25-26C°.

letnij period

  1. In June there is no rain and great heat. And this is the best time for exploring coconut groves and parks. Temperature is +28C degrees during the day and 24C° in the night, the water is not above 21 degrees.
  2. July is the driest month. Wind blowing from the South-East and almost does not bear the humidity, but the ocean is still not calm. High waves at this time is ideal for surfing. Humidity is very low, but the temperature is the same as in may. Therefore, all the tourists feel comfortable.

    In July sharply reduced the flow of tourists. Prices stay significantly reduced. Although no change in temperatures has not occurred, and the humidity was quite low, to 25.5%.

  3. August on the Islands - it's a lazy beach holiday near the ocean, which at this time has calmed down. Excursions and water sports make the stay interesting.
  4. The temperature in August does not change, but slowly increase the humidity gradually and reaches 41%.


It's the offseason. There are some weather changes. The wind changed from Southeast to Northwest. The day is about 31 degrees, the night drops a bit - up to +27C°. The water temperature is +26 to 29 degrees.

osennij otdyh

In September it rains, though infrequently. Humidity have not had time to rise. The water in the ocean, as always, warm. Tourists love this month. And most importantly - begin to migrate birds – huge flocks of birds over the Islands is a truly fantastic spectacle. The temperature is the same as in August, but the humidity is 48%.

October - a month of Paradise for tourists. Winter has passed and summer has not yet come. The ocean is calm, the water crystal clear, the temperature comfortable, besides, day and night are almost the same. Humidity 64%.

November is the beginning of the wet season. The rains are coming almost every day, begin and end suddenly. Humidity rises to 90%. But even light breezes easing the heat.

Water and air are the same temperature. And swim between the showers you can be happy.

When is the best time to relax?

Relax in the Seychelles can always. It all depends on the preferences of the traveler, purpose with which he arrives on the island, and his health. And entertainment are not so much dependent on season, how much of a particular month with its weather characteristics.

All that is offered to tourists apart from the beaches, is available almost all year round. But any kind of holiday is better suited to the dry or rainy season.

High season for holidays

The dry season or winter, since it is a southern hemisphere and here all the way around on the island comes in June – early Oct. And flock here hundreds of tourists. At this time there is not so hot, but comfortable enough for lounging by the ocean. The average day temperature is 28 degrees, at night it can be a little break from the heat because the thermometer shows +24C°. Precipitation is rare, the ocean is quiet and smells fresh.

Classes for travelers at this time abound:

  • Bird watching - the Islands are home to birds and endemic species: a singing magpie, Paradise Flycatcher, black parrot. The best place to do this – the cousin island is a nature reserve of rare birds and turtles and Bird island, where several colonies of birds. It is best to have observations from may to September;
  • suhoj sezon

  • Windsurfing – for it is perfect weather in may-October;
  • Travel on boat with glass bottom – great opportunity to explore the underwater world of the Indian ocean;
  • This is almost the entire year, but in the dry season they do better.

  • On the island of Mahé bred Arab horses and ponies, here you can learn horse riding and to enjoy leisurely horseback riding along jungle and plantations of cinnamon;
  • For walks on the Islands of Praslin and La Digue canrent a bike;
  • Guided tours through the nature reserve Valle de Mahé (the Islands of cousin, Curieuse, Saint-Pierre), visit of three Islands with endemic vegetation: wild vanilla, the Seychelles water lilies, Gardenia Wright, a palm tree Coco de Mer with its 20 pound coconut. Tours are conducted any time of the year except the months when too much rain;
  • Inquisitive tourists are offered excursions to Curieuse islandwhere the marine national Park or the Royal spice garden. These tours are held year-round, but the rainiest months walking here is not very nice.

Rainy season

The period from November to may is considered the rainy time. Humidity reaches 83% and the temperature to 31 degrees. Are often torrential rains. The water near the coast is always warm, from +30 to +26 degrees.

Even in the period of the Doges in the Seychelles things to do:

  1. Surfing is one of the most popular sports in the Seychelles, the best time for it November-April;
  2. Fishing - here you can buy tour packages for fishing, which includes fishing gear. You can catch tuna, Marlin, Dorado, and on the Islands of Alphonse, Desroches and Denis hold a contest for the best catch. It's practically a year-round activity, except June-July, when the ocean is not calm;
  3. There are many diving centreswhere you can get advice on the dive. The best place for diving – the island of Desroches, where the most colorful coral reefs, caves, which descend only to experienced divers. To get all year but the best month for this April, and the worst June-Jul, over the troubled ocean;
  4. Local school divers offers to increase the level or training and receive a PADI certificate.

  5. Seychelles - a Paradise for boaters. There are perfect conditions for sailing, you can rent a yacht at any time with or without skipper, but it is better not to plunge into the ocean in June and July due to strong waves.

We recommend you to watch a video about the amazing nature and weather of Seychelles: