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Weather in Sri Lanka by months: the temperature of the air and water at the resorts

pogoda na SHri-Lanke v raznye mesyacy

Sri Lanka called Paradise on Earth, but even here, the month to month is not necessary. Adjustments bring rain, heat, too turbulent ocean. The tourist before the trip, it is necessary to consider the travel time and the place of "home".

The small island of Sri Lanka for people here, is synonymous with an earthly Paradise. Pearly white beaches, blue sea, the opportunity to engage in water sports. Many cultural and historical attractions, not very high by European standards prices.

One of the main issues for potential tourists is weather: what time of year it is advisable to choose to visit the island that no one day was not marred by rain or storm wind.

The climate

klimat ostrova

The climate on this island is heterogeneous: on the West and South it is Equatorial, the rest of the territory is sub – Equatorial, that is dominated by tropical monsoons.

Temperature smooth, without any sharp deviations in one direction or another. Just hotter in April, it is colder in December. But the temperature difference is not large – two or three degrees.

In Sri Lanka, in any month, you can do without warm clothes, with the exception of mountainous areas.

In them, at an altitude of over a mile above sea level, daytime temperatures can range from 19 to 21 degrees. And at the local "pole of cold", in the town of Nuwara Eliya, the average annual temperature is 18 degrees, and at night sometimes drops to ten.

The seasons differ from each other not on the basis of "warm – cold", and the number of precipitation. The rainiest time in Sri Lanka – summer. However, the rains seemed to follow convenient schedules – go at night.

The average annual temperature of air and water

The average annual temperature in the resort areas of the island, on the coast, is from 28 to 32 degrees by day, the figure is 24 – 26. In the center of the country the numbers below: day – 20, night to 14 degrees.

The water in the ocean (average per year) up to 27 – 29, and in April to 30 degrees. August 2, according to the calculations of meteorologists, water in the beach areas the cold, but this figure is 27 degrees – of course, will not frighten the tourists, it is almost perfect.

The tourist season

In Sri Lanka for tourists are always in season. The geography of the island is such that at any time of the year you can choose a place less susceptible to rain, winds or grueling heat. The water in the ocean is always warm enough. In addition, the island has many rivers, too, with very warm water.

If you have the flexibility in choosing vacation time, it is better to stay on the interval November – March, it is considered the best for tourists.

temperatura vozduha i vody na SHri-Lanke


The rainy season captures the period from may via October. Light rainfall can occur three or four times a day and showers in the night.

Nevertheless, even in cloudy weather, campers are not left without a tan, and continue to swim (if the water becomes turbid due to the abundance of precipitation).

The rainy season is "economic" advantage – hotels cut prices, and the rest can cost much cheaper than in the peak tourist season.

The resorts on the island all year round

Tourists traveling to Sri Lanka (the most popular resorts of Bentota, Beruwela, Wadduwa / Kalutara, Jaffna, Negombo, Mirissa), it is important to know the details: what the weather in what month you can count on.

pogoda na kurortah SHri-Lanki


January the travelers need to first think about what area of the country you wish to visit.

Perfect for travel West and South. Daytime temperatures averaged 31 degrees, at night – 24. The water is heated to 28 degrees. Rains a bit, but they are supplemented by thunderstorms, is also quite rare.

In the center of the island weather is not sostable, but the North and East can upset heavy rains and strong winds. Cloudy days is a bit too much for the tourist, where every day counts.


This month is most rainy of the year. The water in the ocean, such as the January and the temperature is one degree higher during the day and one degree lower at night. Winds subside, the monsoon is no longer plagued by the island. The sea is calm.

January rains made flowing waterfalls, of which there are many and they are very beautiful.

For those who would like to admire this impressive sight , it is undesirable to postpone the trip – in March, the picture will be much more modest.


pogoda na kurortah v marte

Day 31 night 24, the water near the beaches – 29.

Very comfortable performance, although about the local March and say that he is hot and stuffy.

Experts estimate the number of hours of sunshine – nine of them, a surplus of heat and sun could be tiring, but sometimes in the evening starts the rain storm and gives rest after a day of stuffiness.

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On the island is consistently hot (up to 34 degrees). Hours of sunshine – eight. Precipitation becomes more and more, especially in the second half of the month. The humidity is extremely high (95 – 99 percent).

April is ideal for swimming are the beaches, convenient bays, located in the Eastern and North-Eastern parts of Sri Lanka.

This month should be more cautious to choose the beaches for swimming. For example, in the South and the West, the restless ocean, and waves can "lick" your feet Slippers (there were such cases), and the careless vacationers to bring down a wave and carry along. In the North the ocean was stormy, which means that the swim is unsafe.

temperatura vozduha i vody v mae


The heat this month covers the entire island (30 degrees during the day and 26 at night). Tropical showers are more likely to be molested by the South-West, most of them suffer resort of Galle. Powerful winds, sometimes moving in a tsunami.

About bathing and can be no question, not only because of the huge waves, but due to the fact that the water gets too dirty.

To rest from the raging elements on the East and North-East. There's a bit rainy, but very Sunny. A lagoon with crystal clear water protected from the harsh ocean coral reefs.


In June, in Sri Lanka there is rain. The heat (31 degrees), spiced with generous moisture, creates a false impression: it seems that the thermometer 37 degrees. Not everyone is comfortable with such conditions of rest.

But if you chose June, go to the North-East. There drier than in other parts of the island, and more Sunny.

kurorty SHri-Lanki v iune

The South is teeming with rain. If you are an active tourist , and I think that the rain is not a hindrance to you in your travels to local attractions, do not expectthat he would get to the most remote parts of the country: rural roads are often because of heavy rains impassable.

But if you love vacation in the mountains, Nuwara Eliya (the local "cold pole") offers clear weather and a temperature of 20 degrees.


Rains in this month's frequent but short (quarter hour or half hour). Comfortable tourists in the North and East. But the wind is still quite strong (up to seven meters per second). In most areas hot: from 28 degrees in the South to 34 – in its Central part.


A great time for vacationers. The rains taper off, if happen occasionally slight and short. Lovers of water sports popular in the resorts of the North and North-East, because the ocean there is calm, allows to engage in snorkeling (snorkeling), and fishing.

The water temperature is 28 degrees. The wind of four to five meters per second, humidity is less than 80 percent.

Traditionally called August the best month for holiday in Sri Lanka. And it's not just in perfect weather conditions.

In August, the country celebrates the holiday on an important relic – the Tooth of Buddha.

So the impressions from the beach and added a bright, memorable events associated with the history of the country, which is more than two thousand years.

kurorty SHri-Lanki v avguste


Weather Sep unstable: rain can go once a week or more often. Accompanied by strong thunderstorms. The average air temperature – 28 degrees during the day, at night to three degrees below.

This time of yeartourists are advised the North-Eastern parts of the coast. There and rains less, the ocean is calm.

Good conditions in the South, but in the South-West are frequent stormy weather. The water temperature everywhere is kept within 28 degrees.


In October, the water near the beaches is reduced by about a degree compared to September. Rain is becoming more and humidity in some parts of the country reaches one hundred percent.

In such circumstances, it is particularly important to make the right choice of place to stay, then to not be "excruciatingly sad".

East, North-East, South – that's where you can sunbathe, swim, snorkeling, exploring the beautiful underwater world of coral reefs. The ocean is calm and the temperature at 27 degrees – a real pleasure. In the afternoon the air temperature is – 29, night 23.

otdyh v noyabre na kurortah SHri-Lanki


A lot of rain, and they protracted. The practical temperature is the same as in October. Water 29 degrees. If you select an area, protected from the weather the mountains you can relax very well. However, the real tourist season of Sri Lanka will open by the end of the month.


This month is the coldest in Sri Lanka, but for tourists it is perfect. Almost no rainfall. The day temperature is 30 degrees, at night – 21. The water is 27 degrees. Humidity is low, so comfort is almost guaranteed.

Sunny daylight hours approaching the number "8" and that is enough to their hearts content to lie on the beach, not forgetting the precautions – protective cream and drinking water (need to drink more when you spend a long time under the sun).

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