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Weather and temperature in Barcelona in November

Pogoda v Barselone v noyabre

Barcelona is the modern Spanish city with a mild Mediterranean climate, cultural delights and natural beauty.

Tourists come to Barcelona for a beach holiday, nightlife, Hiking and sightseeing.

No wonder that the Catalan capital has become a year-round tourist destination.

What is the weather like in November?

In November in Barcelona a pleasant temperature – not too hot compared to previous months. The average daytime temperature usually ranges between 17°C and sometimes the air warms up to +20°C.

Because of the mild climate and absence of cold winds and rain weather in Barcelona in November, favors long walks, not a beach holiday.

Water temperatures early in the month cool (17°C), and by the end of November and all drops to +14°C. This is too cold compared to the summer months.

Despite occasional thunderstorms, the weather in Barcelona in early and late November is a perfect time to see the city, and the warm summer evening is one of the best pleasures in the North of Spain.

Kakaya pogoda v noyabre?

Where to spend time?

The streets of Barcelona is home to many architectural works of art from the Gothic churches to surreal houses of Antoni gaudí.

Vacation in Barcelona in November is impossible without mandatory sightseeing. Most of them can be seen free of charge.


Capital of Catalonia, full of history, architecture and art, and the main representative of Catalan architecture Antoni gaudí is the author of several iconic attractions of Barcelona.

The Sagrada Familia is the famous unfinished Cathedral. The Sagrada Familia is amazing and fantastic synthesis of various architectural styles from Gothic to Baroque.

This is a very unusual structure is the best known and most visited tourist destination. Typically, the crowded Cathedral, but in the fall to get inside much easier.

Park Guell – a Park with architectural elements on the hill of El Carmel. This unusual place is also a creation of Gaudi.

The spectacular architecture of the Park – viaducts, grottoes, hall of columns, spiral staircases, benches scattered throughout the space, and whimsical decor fascinates tourists. Throughout the Park there are many places to enjoy the atmosphere.

Gde provesti vremya?

Casa Mila – the surreal house reveals the talent of gaudí as a brilliant engineer. Avant-garde abode is more like a work of art than a functional building.

Each wall with rounded Windows and balconies curved like plants. Even the roof has a wave-like shape, complemented by the ornate chimneys.

Casa batlló – another amazing creation of Gaudi. This building looks like a fairytale castle of surreal tales.

Throughout the city, especially in the Eixample district, you can find easily recognizable architectural memorial buildings of the talented architect.

La Rambla is another amazing place. Popular tourist street begins at Plaza Catalunya and ends at the Columbus monument in port Vell. Day and night the street is full of life.

By day, La Rambla is a traditional markets, souvenir shops and cute old houses, and at night along an endless Boulevard opened dozens of modern clubs.

The old town is one of the most charming areas of Barcelona. This neighborhood with a rich history hides a of interesting sights, including the Gothic mansions, old churches, narrow winding streets, bars, restaurants and much more.

In the centre of the Old town are the famous Plaza del Rey is the place where king Ferdinand and Queen Isabella welcomed Christopher Columbus after his voyage to America.

For 2,000 years the Gothic quarter was the spiritual and secular center of the city. He grew up around the old Roman town of Barcino, which is the oldest part of Barcelona.

The Gothic part of the city hides many beautiful churches, squares, markets and museums.

The old town is one of the most beautiful areas of Barcelona, but if you want to see the "real" city, rather to explore the surrounding areas such as Gracia, Poble Sec and Poblenou.

The city has long inspired artists, including Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro, whose work is immortalized in museums.

In the best museums of Barcelona every Sunday the entrance is free:

  • the Picasso Museum;
  • the history Museum of Barcelona;
  • national art Museum of Catalonia.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Barselony

Holidays and festivals

The annual festival celebrated by local residents – all Saints Day. This state holiday is celebrated with reverence and is considered a holiday; relatives and friends lay flowers on the graves of the dead.

In the evening, on the eve of the holiday, some bars hold a familiar Halloween.

Throughout November, Barcelona hosts the jazz Festival. World stars of jazz traditionally perform in concert halls, and in the evening heard of the many bars with live music.


In the second half of November, the city hosts an exhibition of electric vehicles. This event brings together producers from Europe, Asia and North America.

In addition, in November in Barcelona will be held several exhibitions dedicated to Picasso's life.

Barcelona. Tibidabo mountain through the eyes of tourists.

What to do?

A trip to Barcelona in advance to carefully plan. This plan will help determine the route of the world famous attractions of Barcelona.


Tours of Barcelona – mandatory fun for any tourist. The city can be explored on foot, by bike, by Segway or pre-book a bus tour.

In addition, modern metro runs through the city, so easy access to underground transport to any significant places will be easy.

The most popular tour "Barcelona in one day" – convenient because you do not have to stand in line to get into museums, especially when it comes to the Sagrada Familia.

Equally popular excursions in the surroundings of Barcelona, which attract tourists with charming medieval towns, fishing villages, monasteries and nature.

Just a few minutes ' drive from the city can get in another world:

  • visit the legendary monastery Sitges, the Montserrat mountain;
  • stroll through the medieval castle in Castelldefels;
  • to be in the medieval town of Vic in a quiet location along the banks of the Meder river.

Most areas integrate cultural and natural attractions.

CHem zanyatsya: ekskursii

Relax on the beach

In November, a little chilly to sunbathe on the beaches, however, Sunny and warm days in the first half of month is quite suitable for beach activities.

Many beach bars are also open during this month and do not close until November 20.

Barceloneta is the most popular beach in town, where there are many restaurants, bars, cafes and Nightclubs. The beach offers a number of amenities including public toilets, changing rooms, sports facilities and even Wi-Fi!

Sant Sebastian is another popular beach located close to the city centre. Given the perfect location, the beach is popular among tourists and locals, so it is always crowded when the weather is warm.

Bogatell beach is designed for more relaxed environment. This stunning place is located close to the Olympic port and the promenade.

Attractions for children and adults

Tibidabo / amusement Park there are more than 100 years. Among the main attractions are both ancient and contemporary attractions (one of the oldest dates back to 1921).

The traditional Tibidabo amusement:

  • classic haunted house;
  • hall of mirrors;
  • witches and wizards;
  • observation tower;
  • roller coaster with turns of 360°;
  • 4D cinema.

In all there are 25 rides and attractions, such as street theatres, restaurants and shops.

Attrakciony dlya detej i vzroslyh

In Barcelona, tourists discovering the magical world of modernity and the middle ages, a delightful maze of narrow cobbled streets and atmospheric parks.

This town with its quaint little shops, restaurants, museums, terrific shopping and the Gothic quarter is impressive always.