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Holiday in Israel - Eilat: the weather, the water temperature in the sea in early November

Ejlat: pogoda v noyabre

Israeli Eilat many years is one of the most popular seaside resorts among Russians. Draw them here visa-free entry and a huge number of historical attractions.

The best period to visit this resort can be called the end of autumn, when the debilitating heat subsides. In November, the weather in Eilat, set a comfortable and dry, and the water in the Red sea is almost summer.

Forecast: what the weather in the Israeli Las Vegas in November?

klimaticheskij prognoz na nachalo i konec mesyaca

In November in Eilat , the sun shines an average of 28 days for 9-10 hours a day.

The sun shines softer than summer, but still quite active, so do not forget about protective creams.

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The temperature of the air and water at the beginning and the end of the month

The air in the November Eilat day warms up to an average 24°C, some days mark the thermometer reaches +30°C. By the evening noticeably colder – up to 14-15°C, sometimes in the night is all +10°C.

During the month, significantly lowering the temperature. So if in early November the average temperature is around +26°C, at the end of +20°C. In these days, the sea is often warmer than the air.

During this period the water in the Red sea off the coast of Eilat warms up to an average 24°C, with a decrease from +26°C early in the month to +23°C by the end.

Climatic features

pogodnye osobennosti

Compared to more Northern tel Aviv, where in November the rainy season begins, Eilat in this time is different in dry and clear weather. Precipitation sometimes falls here, but this happens only 1-2 times per month. The average number is 3-4 mm.

November in Eilat is considered to be the most windless month – average wind speed only reaches 2-3 meters per second. In this regard, waves this month is also almost never observed.

Overall, the November weather here is reminiscent of the beginning of summer in the Crimea, but the Red sea is much warmer Black.

Autumn vacation in Israel

izrailskie osennie kanikuly

Very comfortable November weather in Eilat attracts families with children and European retirees.

Should I go: pros and cons of the trip

To fly or not in Eilat – everyone decides for himself. Among its main advantages:

  • Local climate in November – its main advantage. It was at this time the weather here is almost perfect. The summer heat subsides, the rains yet, and the sea is warm and calm. Speaking of the summer, the local climate becomes a major nightmare for many tourists: the unbearable heat (up to +50°C) and dust storms coming from the desert, do not stay here very pleasant;
  • Red sea near Eilat, although not characterized by a great diversity of species, but for those who missed the Egypt, can be partially replaced. A small coral reef and hundreds of species of fish perfect for beginners;
  • To get here not very long – 4-5 hours of flight from Moscow;
  • Eilat is in the area of free trade – in the cost of goods here do not include VAT, so the prices in the shops for 16-17% lower than in the whole of Israel;
  • In and around the town there are many interesting attractions, amusement parks, aquarium, night clubs.

The main disadvantage of a holiday in Eilat in November is a pretty high price. It is the last month of autumn is considered to be high season. But, despite the increased costpermits, city beaches are most crowded.

Another disadvantage is the relative distance of Eilat from the major Israeli attractions. Those who wish to combine a beach holiday with a tour of the Holy places is not very convenient to get to from here, for example, in Jerusalem – a city shared by over 250 km.

What clothes to take?

Clothes need not take only light summer clothes, but a few items of clothes warmer. In the evening the air temperature drops to +14-15°C, and sometimes up to +10°C, so at this time will be useful sweater or jacket with long sleeves.

Day do not forget about sunscreens, because the level of UV radiation is still high.

Where better than in this time in Eilat or Netanya?

chem luchshe v gorode Netaniya?

Bank of Israel are washed by two seas – the Mediterranean and the red. Both coasts have long been used for holidays. Probably the most famous resort of the country, is Eilat located on the Red sea.

But the Mediterranean coast is famous for wonderful places to stay, one of which is Netanya.

One or other resort have their fans, both available for vacation in November. Compare the main indicators of successful holidays of interest to tourists:

  1. Climate. Netanya is North, the climate there is much milder, even in the summer is not as hot as in Eilat. But in November it is cooler and more rainfall: the rainfall in this month is 70 mm. In Eilat in November receives only 3-4 mm of rains. The sea temperature in Netanya by about 1 degree lower than on the southern resort;
  2. The sea and the beaches. The red sea is famous for its extremely rich wildlife. Near Eilat there is a small coral reef where you can observe the marine life. The Mediterranean sea is of little interest to divers, but the beach line is much longer, and in the area of Netanya beaches particularly clean and landscaped;
  3. Russian-speaking. Netanya can be called the most "Russian" Israeli city. Almost a third of the population speaks Russian. For some it will be a definite plus, but for others – quite a large disadvantage;
  4. Attractions. Tourists wishing to combine a beach holiday with a tour of the antiquities, you should choose Netanya. It is located much closer to the main attractions of the country (Jerusalem, tel Aviv, Dead sea, etc.) than being on the southern edge of Eilat;
  5. Prices. In November, the cost of staying in Netanya significantly lower than in the summer and early autumn. This is due to begin here in the rainy season. But the prices for tours in Eilat this month, by contrast, are growing.

It is impossible to say what the Israeli resort preferable for vacation in November. Any person on the basis of personal preferences and abilities, can choose one of them to enjoy sun, sea and hospitality of the ancient country.

What to do in this period?

chto delat?

Since November in Eilat is considered high season, and on entertainment this month, the city is not stingy.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

Since the temperature of the red sea off the coast of Eilat in November is an average of +23-24°C and the air is heated to almost the same values, the swimming here at this time is very comfortable.

Besides the strong winds subside, the sea calms down, becoming ideal for children.

In addition to swimming you can do scuba diving or snorkeling – coral and various sea creatures will bring a lot of impressions.

Excursions and entertainment

One of the main must see objects is considered to be Eilat's Dolphin Reef is a small sanctuary where you can not only admire the dolphins, but to swim with these magnificent animals.

turisticheskaya i razvlekatelnaya programma

There is also an interesting visit to the marine Park Underwater Observatory, where the clear water allows you to see marine life at depths of up to 10 meters.

Tired of the sea you can visit the desert. Near Eilat is located as much as 2 sand Kingdom arava and the Negev. Local guides offer excursions by jeeps or bikes on site deserts are located reserves and visitor centres.

Very popular with tourists so-called king Solomon's Mines – national Timna Park, where you can admire the wonderful rock formations of pink Sandstone with the most incredible forms. In biblical times, in these places mined copper ore.

Festive events

  • Every year in November in Eilat is a Festival of underwater photography. Viewers can not only enjoy the stunning images, but also observe the process of filming themselves. They performs underwater fashion – girls-centerfolds spend under water a long time until they are photographed. However, they do not use the scuba equipment and similar equipment.
  • Runners can take part in the annual November Marathon, held in the second half of the month. It starts on the promenade and finishes in the Negev desert. Participants can run the entire distance, and part of it. If you do not want to run, you can just watch this exciting action.

Sunny, dry and windless weather, warm and calm sea make November one of the best months for vacation in Eilat. This is the best time to travel here with children, because at the end of autumn no terrifying heat and strong winds.

See in this video, what is the weather in Eilat in early November: