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Weather and temperature in Georgia (Tbilisi) in November

Pogoda v Gruzii v noyabre

Georgia is a country which is visited in any time of the year, you will be delighted with culture and identity.

It is a country of delicious food and lively nights, country wines and fascinating architecture.

To go to Georgia at any time of the year, every season here is beautiful in its own way.

What is the weather like in November?

November weather very cold and unpleasant - anywhere but in Georgia. Here, the mid-autumn is a great time for exploring the city, exploring the local culture, it's time to dive into the wonderful sights and sounds of Tbilisi and not wanting to leave this place.

In November in Tbilisi is almost no precipitationfor the entire period can fall a maximum of 10 mm.

In the beginning of the month the temperature reaches 19 degrees with the positive mark. Mostly days are in this time Sunny and warm.

In mid-November becomes more cloudy, but precipitation is still very small. The temperature drops to 11-10 degrees Celsius, Tbilisi you can wear a warm coat or jacket with a scarf.

Day in late November in the streets of the capital of Georgia is quite warm — 9-10 degrees. Night may be a slight frost of minus 2-3 degrees.

Here mainly warm wind, and therefore even when the temperature is not very high, still warm.

Kakaya pogoda v noyabre?


Many people prefer to start exploring this beautiful country with restaurants and cafes. And no wonder, because Georgia is known for its stunning and unique kitchen.

Certainly you ever tried khachapuri or khinkali, but after tasting these dishes in their country of origin, will feel a huge difference.

Georgian cuisine is very richin food establishments serve large portions that you can eat plenty. In Tbilisi there are even a few restaurants that spetsializiruyutsya more on the manufacture of hinkaley.

To taste the national cuisine, you can not only in some special institutions is quite diverse Georgian delights served in kebab houses, pizzerias, regular coffee.

These places are open year-round, visiting in November, you will see the tables with tourists, and the true Georgians, overlapping on delicious food.

In order to make it easier to decide where to eat today, we have compiled a list of the most popular and in demand catering establishments in Georgia, where delicious cooked.

Cafe "Ablaze". This cafe can easily assign the status of a national, almost all meals here are traditionally Georgian. In this place you really get a feel for all the features of such food.

"Dzveli Sakhli" cafes from the hotel. This cafe under the open sky. Here you will be able to enjoy eating amazing Georgian dishes, national listening to live music and enjoying the sights and sounds of Tbilisi.

Restaurant "Tamada". This restaurant is often called Ethnography, as it is decorated in a distinctive Georgian style. This place is also on the street, it offers wonderful views of landscapes of Georgia.

The Restaurant "Tsiskvili". "Tsiskvili" is famous for its stunning wine. Here this noble drink is served in a clay jug, it is this supply of wine is traditionally Georgian.

Eat a delicious steak or skewers, parallel to the receiving indescribable pleasure from the small SIPS of the famous Grunsky wine — is this not the perfect night?

Now, we all know that in order to eat lunch, weather matter. In a cool November day even better look in a cozy Georgian café and breathe in the enchanting aroma of Georgian pastries, than in the hot summer weather.

Kuhnya Gruzii

What should you see?

The main attractions of Tbilisi are cathedrals and churches.

The Catholic architecture of the buildings is impressive in its perfection. If you don't profess the Catholic faith, to look at all these unmatched building still stands.

A true master of architectural art created Metekhi Church, Kvashveti and other masterpieces that you can admire. Every detail is carefully thought out there, these buildings can be viewed an infinite amount of time.

One of the incredible pieces of architecture is the Narikala fortress. It was built in the IV century. Originally the building was a military stronghold for the Persians.

The history of this fortress tells of a large number of attacks and destruction of the building but it was restored again andagain. It offers incredibly beautiful views of Tbilisi from this point of the city you can admire the beautiful panorama.

At the foot of Narikala Botanic gardens, where you'll also be able to visit.

Vacation in Georgia (Tbilisi) in November — that's fine, because at this time tourists in the city is much smaller, better feel the atmosphere of Georgia, pleasant stroll the wonderful streets of the city in search of beautiful buildings and interesting institutions.

If you come to Georgia, you must visit bath, of which there are many. In Tbilisi there is even a district in which the majority of sulfur baths district called Abanotubani.

Here you won't see any unusual services and capabilities but can heal the body even during simple procedures such as Spa massages and stay in the bath itself.

CHto stoit uvidet?

Tbilisi is a perfect place for a cultural holiday. Here almost every street is a Museum. Georgia boasts a rich history, this history is embodied in Museum exhibits and elegant architecture, which we have already spoken.

Most museums are open all year round, so coming to Georgia in November, feel free to go to these places. In one of them, namely in the Museum of Sakartvelo, you will see the skull of the extinct fellow Homo sapiens.

Maybe the words is not passed, but when you stand and look at some historical value, you realize how old this or that thing and in whose hands she had been, the perception of all of the objects changes radically.

Going to visit Georgia together with a child? Then you direct road to the dolls Museum.

The largest and most interesting Museum of this country is the ethnic Museum, which is located at Turtle lake, not far from the capital of Georgia. Those who travel to Georgia to tour a tour, will certainly fall in this Museum institution.

It is in the ethnic Museum vividly presents the culture of Georgia in all its manifestations. Here you will see 70 types of houses that ever is or was in Georgia. To consider each of them an incredible aesthetic pleasure.

Also as exhibits in this Museum are presented the results of the work of different crafts, everyone has the opportunity in detail to examine the culture of this incredible country.

In Tbilisi there are numismatic museums, if you are a coin collector or just interested in this side of the historical past of the country, go there. Georgia will find something to surprise and delight every tourist.

Vacation in Georgia. What to see in Georgia for 1-2 weeks?

Where else is to go to Tbilisi?

A wonderful activity to which to devote a considerable part of their time in Georgia, is shopping.

Well, how can you go home without a variety of Souvenirs , how can you not buy yourself a few things from the local markets or stores?!

The largest is considered the store "Souvenir of Georgia", which presents the diversity and charm of the national clothes of this country.

Kuda eshe stoit otpravitsya v Tbilisi?

Here you can buy anything in certain districts of Tbilisi very popular flea markets. There you will find many interesting things, until daggers.

If you want to buy some interesting Souvenirs for family and friends, plenty of gift shops, of which there are quite a lot.

Visiting Georgia in November, you will be able to enjoy wonderful walks and visits to museums, unforgettable excursions and buying Souvenirs for family.