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Where it is warm to relax and what is better in November: Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh?

Hurgada ili SHarm-el-SHejh - gde luchshe v noyabre?

Hurghada is the oldest town on the Red sea, a popular resort and a heavenly place. Sharm El Sheikh is a small town on the Sinai Peninsula with gorgeous views and luxury hotels. To determine what place you prefer, it is necessary to know the characteristics of resorts and their climate in a specific time of the year.

So Hurghada or Sharm El-Sheikh - where the best in November?

Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh?

sharm ili hurgadskoe poberezhe?

Choosing the right resort, your gaze falls upon the Red sea, and you see two familiar names - Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. The soul is torn, because these two tourist destinations are both good.

Climatic conditions during the year

The gentle climate of Hurghada and Sharm-El-Sheikh allows you to relax and there, and there almost all year round, so all the seasons no end of tourists.

In addition to climatic conditions, the water here will amaze you with its transparent and clean nice beaches create comfortable conditions for rest.

The climate of Hurghada is divided into high and low seasons. Low season is summer, when air temperature is highest (up to 43 degrees in the afternoon), as the temperature of sea water (up to 28 degrees Celsius). This season is the second half of winter, with the comfortable air temperature is 21 degrees and about the same water temperature that swimming is pretty cool.

klimat po mesyacam

In these places the climate is tropical desert. Therefore, in the hottest time in summer, tourists are much less. The name "low" season comes from the drop in the influx of tourists. But in high season - on the contrary. High season is autumn and spring - early summer, when temperatures are most comfortable and there is an increase in the flow coming to rest. Day maximum autumn temperature 28 degrees, water 25 degrees.

The most favorable month to visit the resort of Hurghada believe - November. It is the autumn season, ideal for those who suffer from heat in the summer and would not stand the cool water in late winter.

It is hard to imagine that one of the best resorts of Egypt, Sharm El-Sheikh, was once a nondescript little town, if not village. A velvet climate, could not remain without attention and so, the small town boasted a resort of world size, which so love to visit the Russians and the Europeans.

The climate here feels warmerthan in Hurghada. This is due to the presence of mountain ranges around the resort, preventing the passage of wind. The best time for vacation in Sharm El-Sheikh, or high season starts in mid-spring and ends in June. At this time, the temperature is too hot, but very comfortable +30 in the air and 25 degrees in the water.

The second is the same quality period lasts from October until the end of November, approaching the same temperature as in April - June. Those who decided to celebrate Christmas holidays in Egypt and does not know what resort to choose, you should know that in Sharm El-Sheikh, temperature in winter is slightly higher.

pogodnye usloviya na protyazhenii goda

Where it is warm in November?

In Sharm El Sheikh, temperature in November in comparison with Hurghada above 1-2 degrees. It's not much, but for tourists significantly. A day in Sharm the average observed temperature of +28 degrees, and in Hurghada - +26-27.

But in the evening after sunset in Hurghada will be not so comfortable, even temperature drops to +18 degrees, so it makes sense to bring a thin windbreaker. In Sharm El-Sheikh, respectively, in the evening +21-22.

On how the wind blows at these resorts will become clear that in Sharm El-Sheikh, a bit more comfortable. There will not be so windy, because of the locationcity in the Bay among the mountains.

Where better to relax?

In some regions of Russia already in November winter comes, so many seek to warmer climes. Choose resort of Egypt will be easy, after examining certain nuances.

Beach vacation

plyazhi kurortov

Sunbathing on a sun lounger and a long swim in the clear sparkling in the sun the water, both cities are equally good. The beaches are clean, pleasant, beautiful. But the water temperature in Sharm El-Sheikh is still warmer. It would seem that only a couple of degrees, and as it becomes noticeable when bathing. Affects the location of the city on the Sinai Peninsula - Sharm El-Sheikh is surrounded by coral reefs, so not all beaches are suitable for swimming.


The pyramids which are the main attraction of Egypt is not the only place for excursions.


  • Interesting and famous walk tour in Hurghada is a dive at 20 meters depth in a submarine, no, not Jacques Cousteau, and the so-called "Sindbad". After this "walk" you'll know all about the underwater flora and fauna of the red sea;
  • To see the real "Egyptian Venice" it is near Hurghada, a cozy place with embankments and canals, called El Gouna;
  • ekskursii po El-Gune

  • Remember the fairy tale "1001 nights"? If you forget, you will have the ability to remember, enjoying the atmosphere of the oldest district of Sakkala and after seeing the play based on it in the same Palace of the city;
  • Interesting and inspiring tour can be a visit of the temples near the city. This monastery of St. Anthony and the Christian Coptic Church and the Monastery of St. Paul.

Sharm El Sheikh:

  • A very popular tourist excursion is a trip to mount Sinai, where you can drink water from the spring of Moses and admire the monastery of St. Catherine;
  • The pride of the Charm and aesthetic pleasure for delicate half of the tourists is the scenic nature reserve "RAS Muhammad";
  • "RAS Muhammad" the oldest is famous for its unique corals, their age is 2 billion years old.

  • To reach Sharm El-El-Sheikh to Israel is a clear advantage over the Hurghada. For those who are willing to spend a little more time on the road for the sake of impressions will be presented with a gift in the form of walking through Jerusalem. And even the Dead sea on the way will not leave you indifferent;
  • Also in Sharm El-Sheikh is also the possibility to get to the boat excursionlike in Hurghada.
  • ekskursionnyj Ras Muhammed

Youth sports

Extreme sports like the youth in Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are plenty of them:

  1. The month of November, when Egypt began a period of winds. Especially in Hurghada to be a surfing and kite surfing. Sharm El Sheikh can boast in November fairly good wind, suitable for surfing;
  2. Fans of scuba diving the weather does not contradict, so it's safe to go on an adventure to the bottom of the sea. In Sharm El Sheikh surfers will be upset, but the divers, on the contrary, will be amazed by the beauty of the seabed, which is here more varied and more beautiful;
  3. Thrill seekers may want to visit in Hurghada waterparks “Makadi Water World” or “Sindbad”. The Charm of a very large water Park "Aqua Park Albatros" accept all comers to ride on water slides.

And, of course, everyone respecting their journey a tourist can't miss the famous fun as the trip through the desert on Quad bikes. It will be an unforgettable adventure!

Sharm El Sheikh is famous for its facilities for a night stay. So the most active tourists can go to one of the famous nightclub “Le Pasha” or “Hard Rock Café” to dance. Also, the city is the resort "El Fanar Beach Resort" where you throw a party for young people.

Vacation with children

otdyh s malyshami

No matter what city you're going to rest if you're going on holiday with children, pick a hotel carefully.

It is better to choose a hotel equipped with children's entertainment, taking into account the preferences of your child.

Where to go with kids in Hurghada:

  • If you do not want to sit in a hotel, Hurghada can offer other entertainment for children. This amusement parks on the waterfront and the same water Park Sinbad. Trampolines, slides, rides and all thatthere are within the city;
  • v akvapark s detmi

  • In shopping malls , parents will be able to go shopping while their children play on the grounds and are under the supervision of teachers;
  • To go to the cinema with children, there is also a possibility. But if you're going on an outing in El Gouna, between walks along the waterfront, you can visit the outdoor cinema, which is so like all kids;
  • For the overall development costs to visit Luxor and the valley of the kings. The most resourceful parents can make trips to such places a whole story adventure for your child;
  • The Egyptian antiquities Museum will also appeal to baby - adventurers. Miniatures Egyptian palaces and castles in this Museum is always very surprise.

In Sharm El Sheikh as well quite a few children's entertainment:

  • Most curious to enjoy a tour on a boat with transparent bottom. Alternative to diving, which the children have to go without before;
  • A large water Park "Albatross Jangle" hospitable to everyone. There is a sufficient number of slides for children and adults - nobody will be bored;
  • A fascinating attraction the Ghibli Raceway will give the opportunity to ride with your child in a racing car. Considerate and caring instructors will teach the children to drive a race car and tell a fascinating history;
  • A popular entertainment among children in Sharm El-Sheikh has become stable "Mangroovy Horses"where you can see, touch horses ponies and ride them.

In Sharm El Sheikh entertainment more than in Hurghada. But even if you decided to go to Hurghada, boring your child will not be there, believe me.

v konushnu s rebenkom

The financial component

Of course, most importantly, how much it will cost stay at a particular resort of Egypt.

Where more expensive than the rest?

Sharm El-Sheikh - the city is more expensive in comparison with Hurghada. But the prices wound not just. Resort it was not so long ago, so there is more new and modern.

If you want to relax, but your on a budget or planning a little to save, then Hurghada is the option that's right for you. Significant differences in the rest you will not notice, and a lot of money you will save.

Where better hotels?

In the newness of the hotel there are differences due to the fact that Sharm El Sheikh was appointed as a resort, just 10 years ago. Coral reefs are protected by law, does not create a very convenient approach to the sea from the hotels. For the hotels built near the reefs bridge, which formed a cozy promenade with cafes, pavilions, restaurants. There are hotels that have easy access to the beach. Tourists say that the quality of service in the Charm a little higher, but not significantly.

sravnenie otelej

From five-star hotels Sharm El Sheikh are:

  1. Hilton Waterfalls;
  2. Baron Resort;
  3. Royal Albatros Moderna;
  4. Rehana Royal Beach & Spa , and many others.

Feature of Hurghada and its advantage is a large number of hotelswith direct access to the sea.

Hotels on the second line of Hurghada is much smaller and when viewed from satellite, clearly shows that the majority are clearly along the coast.

Hotel Hurghada 5* include:

  1. Baron Palace Sahl Hasheesh;
  2. Golden Five Diamond Resort;
  3. Jaz Bluemarine;
  4. Iberotel Makadi Beach.

Most of the hotels of Hurghada and Sharm-El-Sheikh even with low stars, often very comfortable and cozy. And in both resorts there are expensive hotels with a gorgeous apartment.

So, if you want to enjoy the sun and swim in the clear water with the family for a reasonably small amount of money, you are definitely in Hurghada. Stay for the sophisticated who want to relax nice and expensive, awaits you in Sharm El-Sheikh.

Before you gather in holiday, thoroughly explore the resort, its features, climate, see hotels and read reviews. This will allow you to be aware and avoid problems and surprises.

Be sure to see the expert advice on choosing the Egyptian resort in this video: