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Weather and temperature in India (Goa) in November

Pogoda v Indii v noyabre

Every year India is visited by about 7 million tourists from around the globe. Rightly , this country is ranked 6th in the world in attractiveness for travelers.

India is a recognized cultural and ideological center, where you not only experience the exotic environment and architecture, but also be able to take in a completely new and unfamiliar culture and taste a new way of life and thinking.

The country is rich in recognized spiritual heritage, diverse in its geography and architecture. Anyone who has ever visit India, forever penetrated her.

After all, before the wonders of stone (Taj Mahal, Lotus temple, many Buddhist and Hindu temples), the wonders of cooking and the extraordinary art it is impossible to resist.

Of course, the main reason why India tops the list of most desirable countries for tourists - it is not the appearance of this warm country, and her inner world.

It is the tradition and ancient culture, based on Hinduism that make India a place where you can not only relax the body but to find inner peace and balance.

What is the weather like in November?

India is located in subequatorial and tropical climatic zone of the globe. Summer heat and humidity can interfere with you to enjoy the ancient culture.

Autumn is the best time to travel. After all this time the climate is more similar to moderate and the weather becomes warm and dry. November in India is considered the beginning of winter.

Also in India there is a region with a distinct climate. The Himalayas a vast mountain system in the North prevents the movement of cold air masses, so in India in November is usually warmer than other countries at similar latitudes.

Until the end of October in India there is monsoon climate and high rainfall. November is considered the beginning of winter and at the same time postmuseum season.

This means that the monsoons are moving in the opposite direction, slowly retreating from the North-East. Starts lowering the temperature. The air becomes much drier, which is characterized by warm and clear weather.

But some States (Tamil Nadu and East coast) even in November, exposed to significant fallout.

The most optimal for a vacation in India in November will be Central, and southern regions. The average temperature at this time is a little less than 30 degrees. Starts the best period for holidays in Goa and Kerala.

It was in late November set the climate for which tourists from around the world come to India.

Turquoise sea happy the scenery, the beaches are shining white under the bright, but not so scorching sun and the whole tropical nature is fragrant with freshness and pleasing to the eye and exotic herbs.

Experienced travelers are advised not to visit the state of Gujarat in November, it is at this time exposed to storm surges and hurricane winds that can prevent you from enjoying the vacation.

Kakaya pogoda v noyabre?

The temperature of the sea

November in India is uniquely suited for those who love to bask on the beach. The sea temperature is suitable for a holiday on the coast.

It November is considered the Golden time for relaxation by the sea. Because at this time the water temperature is kept around 28 degrees and precipitation is minimal.

Vegetation will delight you with the diversity - after a season of heavy rains nature will bloom in its green splendor.

For Goa - November, the beginning of beach season. Temperatures around 32 degrees. The water will appreciate the level of 27-28 degrees.

By the end of November the final set of dry and warm weather. The climate is most comfortable for relaxing by the sea. Lost heat, and the sun still gladdens with its rays.

In early November the sea can be muddy and dirty due to the last monsoon season. Possible showers, but much less prolonged than in the previous season.

By the end of the month the sea will be such as on the cover of tourist brochures - clear and bright turquoise. However, fans of open access to the sea will have to wait. In November still blowing pretty strong wind.

Temperatura morya

Where to spend time?


The fall of India is filled with abundance of colors and shimmers all colors of the rainbow. After finally ceased to go in the showers, behind the wall which are not visible neither fine architecture nor nature.

But after the rains all the plantsfilled with energy and bright green leaves help tourists to hide from the sun.

It was in November - the best time for sightseeing and Hiking. You can not worry about the possible rainfall and heat stroke.

Mandatory program if you for the first time in India, will be visiting the attractions.

Taj Mahal (the world famous mausoleum of white marble, built by order of Shah was Gahala, as an eternal sign of love for his wife). This monument is located 200 kilometers of the capital of India.

The Caves Of Ajanta. Now the caves are a masterpiece of Buddhist art. If you are interested in the spirituality of India, these religious reminders required to attend.

The caves were used by the ancient monks and preserved in its bosom many symbols, frescoes and statues.

Gde provesti vremya?

Lagoons Of Kerala. Especially for lovers of natural architecture. If you want to immerse yourself in the exotic countryside and enjoy the beauty of the coast of the Arabian sea, you will be an interesting ride on a special boat for lagoons and Kerala backwaters.

Long natural channels will fascinate you with its beauty and diversity of strange animals and plants.

The Palolem Beach. The most beautiful place in Goa. It will definitely attract fans to luxuriate on the white sand and admire one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Also known for its cultural program and combines freely-minded people from all over the world. Night-life lovers must visit this place which is famous for its beautiful views and relaxed vacationers.

The Holy city of Varanasi. Located on the banks of the river Ganges. One of the few religious sites recognized by Buddhists and Hindus.

The city is the oldest in the world, which has been continuously inhabited throughout its existence. A fascinating spectacle for you will be ablution of pilgrims from all over the world in the waters of the Ganges and the fascinating sunrise on the background of centuries-old temples.

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Holidays and festivals

India is a multicultural and polirelihiynyy country, so various holidays and festivals there are many.

For those who want to take in the cultural flavor of this exotic country, especially interesting are the religious holidays. They are recognized at the national level and relate to Hinduism (more than 80% of the population acknowledge their religion Hinduism).

The most important festival in India is considered to be Diwali (festival of lights). This holiday occurs at the end of October - beginning of November. Analogue approx can be considered our harvest festival.

For Indians, the festival is the symbolic victory of good over evil. Everywhere lit a lot of lights and bulbs. Flashlights and glow jewelry is decorated with statues of sacred animals and various gods.

In modern India , Diwali is considered as celebration of the new year. It is customary to give gifts, prayers to the goddess Lakshmi, responsible for the fertility and well-being). Popular launches of fireworks and fire performances.

Unusual and therefore very interesting for us will be a festival like Bhai-Dooge. This festival, held in early November and symbolizing the love of the sisters.

In India, as you know, family ties are respected. In this festival sisters treat their brothers favorite dishes, and pray for their long and happy life. Brothers and sisters with reverence exchange gifts.

Kartik-Purnima - a festival celebrated on the full moon day of the month. According to legend, it was at this time Shiva won their Grand victory over the demon.

On this day people commemorate the dead relatives and taking ablutions in the sacred waters.

Also in November are the festivals such as Karwa-Chauth (festival of married women) and the feast of the Bhagavad Gita (it is believed that on the 11th day of the month according to the Indian calendar was spoken "Song of God").

Prazdniki i festivali

Autumn is a wonderful time to visit such an amazing and unusual country like India. If your vacation is in November, then a wonderful solution is a trip to India.

At this time of the year it will delight you with gorgeous weather, lack of rain and warm sea.

Whether you like active recreation and various excursions or just like to bask on the beach, this tropical country will amaze you with its hospitality, natural splendour and colours.