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Weather and temperature in Kaliningrad in November

Pogoda v Kaliningrade v noyabre

Kaliningrad has absorbed much: and all the charm of the Baltic countries, and the reticence of Germany, and the flavor inherent in all coastal cities.

The town is popular among Russian tourists: there are many hotels, Inns and guest houses of different levels, restaurants and cafes with European cuisine, beaches, monuments and museums.

Here the mild climate generated by the Baltic sea, around the city's natural reserves and beautiful places to relax in privacy and with friends.

What is the weather like in November?

In November in Kaliningrad, autumn is in full swing: the trees have many green leaves, but under the feet rustles yellow autumn carpet.

Weather in Kaliningrad in early November: the thermometer stubbornly kept at +8, drops only rarely, and then only to +6. And at night there is no frost, the night temperature often differs little from the day, remaining in the range of 4 to 6 degrees.

But hard rain, the air seems to be saturated with moisture, even the plaster on the walls of the old German houses wet, darkened and greyed out, if they are given a few days without rain, the clouds still tightly covered the sky.

And only very rarely, like a precious gift, suddenly opens up the wind, Shine bright sun and will stand all day in the sky.

But in the second half of the month becomes much colder, the thermometer is already lowered to 4, and up to 2 degrees, and if not to 0. But suddenly again become warm, and will return the usual +8.

At night already there are small frosts to -4, and puddles on the pavement flecked dawn thin ice. But issued and warm nights, when the morning holds +4.

The water in the Baltic sea in the beginning of the month has not yet completely to cool, a thermometer immersed in the water, shows +11, then slowly over months and starts to fall to the first of December comes to +8.

Kakaya pogoda v noyabre?

Where to spend time?

In Kaliningrad a lot of placeswhere you can have fun with friends and family.


Kaliningrad — a city of museums. Most of them are modern, original, unusual. Diversify your vacation in November, the sightseeing of the most remarkable!

The amber Museum. In the tower of the fortress, on the shores of picturesque lake superior, this Museum tells the amazing stone — amber.

On its three floors opened on 28 halls, telling about the origin of amber, its properties and processing history. Exhibits and decoration of this stone, they began to manufacture in the Neolithic.

The Museum presents a unique collection of products made of amber, given to Kremlin Armory.

Baltic branch of the national centre for contemporary art. The Museum is known for its irregular meetings and exhibitions of avant-garde artists, sound artists, and performances of Russian and foreign musicians-experimenters.

The Kaliningrad art gallery. Visit the gallery will pleasantly surprise even the most experienced traveler uniqueness in the approach to exhibiting paintings and selection of exhibits.

It is a young Museum, opened only in 1988. In the gallery a large collection of interesting works of Kaliningrad artists, where in addition to paintings there are posters, watercolors, sculpture.

The largest section of the exhibition — graphics, here are the works Kukryniksov, Robert Falk, known to many Western charts, including Piranesi and Vasarely.

In the section devoted to traditional crafts, the products from Khokhloma, Gzhel, Palekh and other places. The most interesting section of the exhibition — art and culture of East Prussia.

Gde provesti vremya?

Kaliningrad regional Museum of history and art. Given the unique history of these places, we should not be surprised that there is a huge number of interesting items in the Neolithic weapons of the Teutonic order, furniture from different eras, there is a large section on the history of the world wars.

Museum "Dugout". In a former bomb shelter recreates the atmosphere of the German headquarters at the time of the signing of the surrender when the Soviet offensive.

The bunker is well preserved because it was not taken by assault. In addition to the recreated post of interiors there are several Museum exhibits dedicated to military history of Koenigsberg.

Museum complex "the Cathedral". The Catholic Cathedral was destroyed during the war andrecently restored. In the Church Museum interesting collection of coins.

Near the temple is the grave of Immanuel Kant. Around the large well-kept Park. Many people come to Kaliningrad on the grave of the famous philosopher.

What to do?


The tour routes in the Kaliningrad area and its environs many.

Botanical garden. In the city Botanical garden is a large collection of trees and herbaceous plants. In November, there are still spikes rare grasses, the trees are no leaves, there are few visitors and you can slowly stroll through its alleys.

The ethnographic complex "fishing village". A small quarter of houses in the style of a typical German provincial building.

There is an observation deck and a pier for pleasure craft. A lot of sculptural compositions: the landlady, Baron Munchausen, Sea wolf and others. It's a cross between the real Germany and the Grimm brothers.

CHem zanyatsya?

The sculpture Park. Located on the island of Kant, the Park opened in 1984, put here 23 sculptures, including images of Tchaikovsky, Gagarin, Block.

The beachfront promenade. Long decking of larch along the sea, convenient for pedestrians, it is a beautiful place for a stroll. It offers a great view of the sea, in good weather you can watch the fishermen of amber.

Park "Youth". Well maintained large Park located on the picturesque shore of the lake, with many attractions, the main of which is "upside down house" and the Ferris wheel, with a magnificent panoramic view of the city.

In the Park you can eat at a small cafe.

The Castle Of Waldau. In the vicinity of Kaliningrad, many old castles. There is a special guided tour of the castles of the Kaliningrad region.

Waldau are well preserved from the times of the Teutonic order, it was Peter, when he went to Europe with the Grand Embassy. There is a small interesting Museum telling the history of the building and the people attending it.

See the following videoas picturesque Kaliningrad in autumn:

Relax on the beach

The first beaches on these shores began to build the German colonists in the 19th century. They are unique and due to the fact that there are almost all the reserves of amber on the planet, and due to the fact that the water contains mineral salts and sea salt are much smaller, and the fact that there are virtually no tides and tides.

In November it is good to stroll along the beach on many of them, you can rent a boat and go fishing in the sea. And healthy air rich in ions and rich pine aromas of the pine forest, in November continues to spreads around the coast.

Kusska braid. Huge, stretching for 100 km, wild beach for lovers to relax in nature with friends. It is located within the national Park, so you can meet the hare, and ROE deer.

The sand is clean, white, slightly pinkish. Its only drawback is the winds that blow quite often. There are no usual beach facilities.

Beach Zelenograd. Convenient because it is located almost in the city. The beach is sandy, large, and in the season people are going mostly in the evening.

Citizens come to relax after work. Nearby is the amber quarry — a kind of local landmark.

Baltiyskaya Kosa. Wild sandy beach with comfortable entrance to the sea. The infrastructure is not developed. But around the beautiful protected nature, which attracts walkers to late autumn.

Otdyh na plyazhe

The Beach Of Svetlogorsk. Pay a sandy beach with a well-developed infrastructure.

Amber. On the sand of this beach you can find small pieces of amber, right on the beach and many artificial lakes that remains in place of amber extraction. There the fish is. On this beach a lot of walking even in winter.

Kaliningrad is a city with a special flair. Founded by the crusaders, he has kept the subtle flavor of the past in the streets and houses, the surrounding hills and tall pines with amber stems.

The city is good at any time of the year. And autumn, in November, in a rare Sunny days, a nice walk along the shore of the Baltic sea, to breathe the fresh salty air, and the rain, slowly, to wander the halls of the Museum.

Hence it is necessary to bring something back from amber. And on a cold winter night when the wind is blowing outside the endless snow, to take up the warm, Sunny amber and to remember Kaliningrad.