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The weather in Cyprus in November: where it is warm and that should bring?

pogoda v noyabre na Kipre

November to Cyprus is a tourist, the main flow of travelers gradually subsided in September and early October, the city and the resorts were empty, many of the discos stopped working on the beaches is much more spacious. However, this has certain advantages and a certain joy for visiting the island. November Cyprus many attractive in terms of weather it is quite acceptable to the guests.

Temperature dynamics of air and water from the beginning to the end of the month

The fickle monthwhich gives at times not a very pleasant surprise - it's November, but forecasters can reassure travellers wishing to visit Cyprus at this time of year. The last month of autumn on the island indulge in the warmth and bright sun: day temperature may rise to +21...+23°C and at night it is expected +13...+15°C, seawater is cooled to 21°C. This temperature regime is kept in almost all major resorts in Cyprus.

dinamika temperatury vozduha i vody

The locals of Cyprus has learned to understand the intricacies of the weather of their homeland, so I say that if October was rainy in November, the better to avoid swimming in the sea and think about the comfortable and warm pools. Well, if October was pleased with the warmth, you will have the opportunity to plunge into the sea water.

Though, tourists still aren't worth very much to hope for prolonged water treatment, it is better to pay attention to the sun and bask in its rays, regularly using sunscreen to avoid skin problems.

With the end of the month comes the real autumn weather, which is rain and wind. It is worth considering the nuance and care of appropriate clothing and accessories. This is especially true for those who love walking in the mountains, where temperatures at this time will not rise above +13 °C.

Especially the November holiday

osobennosti otdyha v noyabre

Is it possible to swim and sunbathe?

If you are a fan of beach rest, we can indulge in a November trip to Cyprus. Although some caution should be used, as each year has its own characteristics. Sometimes November can be issued rainy, which is swimming in the sea is almost inaccessible, and sunbathe you will be able in the intervals between rains.

On the other hand, with good weather, the joy of a beach holiday do not differ from the summer period. Considering the weather of the Cypriot winter, which for Northern Europeans is more reminiscent of a warm autumn, the Cyprus autumn (may and November) in General, such a normal European summer. Water in the range of 20-25 degrees is quite pleasant to dive, or swim (depending on the degree of heating) the air can walk in light clothing and enjoy the light and warmth.

Where is the warmest place?

In order to arrive tanned, after the November holiday in Cyprus not observed anything strange, but better prudent to choose a resort warmly. In particular, you should advise such popular options as:

  • Larnaca;
  • Agia NAPA;
  • Limassol.
  • gde teplee na Kipre v noyabre

    Whether to go and what to take with you?

    November can also be a month of travel, this is the optimal time when the summer heat is behind us and there was a nice warm autumn days.

    For tourist trips is a normal period, but it is better to choose a warm resort, to make the program fun and watch the weather forecast.

    Often the second half of the month guarantees a considerable amount of cold rain, so those who decided to do without an umbrella and outerwear, is unlikely to be comfortable. Do not interfere, and waterproof shoes. Even if the second half of the month will not fill up with rain, this shoes will not be superfluous, because the evening will be sharply colder. 13 degrees on the thermometer in the evening the picture is quite normal, because walking in the mountains definitely need warm clothes: hoodies and sweaters.

    Where better to relax at this time: in Cyprus or in Turkey?

    In Turkey, the swimming season ends, usually around October. Since the beginning of November in the Turkish coasts bathing is almost impossible. Of course, if you are confident the walrus, the water temperature less than 20 degrees Celsius you don't mind, but others prefer the water warmer.

    Cyprus, as previously mentioned, may well provide a beach holiday in November. Of course, in the second half of the water may a little cool, but not always, and not much less than twenty degrees.

    In the beginning of November in Cyprus for the most part it's always warm Turkey and air temperature and water temperature.

    de teplee: na Kipre ili v Turcii

    Top most popular resorts

    • Paphos to match the name of the resort is the most luxurious;
    • Limassol is a popular Russian holiday resort;
    • Nicosia – the opportunity to combine beach holiday and cultural programme;
    • Larnaca is one of the cleanest beaches on the island;
    • Protaras is a relatively new resort, with beautiful bays and beaches, great sea caves and the aquarium;
    • Ayia NAPA is a popular resort with excellent and spacious beaches.

    In fact, the weather there is minor different, because the island is relatively small.

    In the afternoon the air at the resorts warms up to 20-25 degrees at night is reduced to about 13 degrees. The water has a temperature of 21 degrees and above.

    kurorty Kipra

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    What are the benefits and what to do in the fall on the island?

    November is unlikely to appeal to the tourist who likes to visit a noisy party and see there are a lot of people because of such entertainment subside around the end of September. Now the city that summer was noisy day and night, become very cozy and quiet. It is ideal for lovers walk on foot, to enjoy the beautiful nature.

    For travelers who prefer an active holiday or those wishing to retire, November will be the right choice. For outdoor enthusiasts need to choose the first half of the month.

    This is the time when there is practically no rain, but the heat was asleep. In General, we have the perfect time for Biking, for Hiking or car trips. The beauty here is enough, therefore, to find something pleasing to the eye it will be very interesting.

    Children will be very interesting and useful to observe objects that represent a historical value. The newlyweds also enjoy the solitude amid this bewitching nature.

    chem zanyatsya na otdyhe v noyabre

    Advantages of a holiday in November:

    1. Shopping. Prices at this time of year is quite low - those who came to shop, enjoy the low prices and numerous discounts and sales. Students that economical journey can't be a good choice.
    2. Sightseeingor walking along the beach or in the parks, enjoying the fresh sea air and views of the autumn parks and gardens of Cyprus. Weather this has had in this autumn month, however, don't forget to stock up on warmer clothes (you can bring a jacket or sweater).

    In General, the cost of holidays in November significantly reduced and many excursions are offered at a more affordable cost. For example, you can visit the Troodos mountains and magnificent vineyards of this region, to go fishing there. It is convenient to go to Limassol visit ancient Kourion.

    Given the smaller number of tourists in November there is always an opportunity to save money on different entertainment options and obtain more affordable service. Good weather and the opportunity to visit attractions are the advantages of Cyprus.

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