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Stay in the Philippines: weather and where better to relax in November to Boracay

pogoda na Filippinah v noyabre

Philippines is a country in the Pacific ocean, occupying an area of over seven thousand Islands. This place is perfect for a varied holiday: white sand beaches, lush greenery, volcanoes, and comfortable hotels, diving, surfing, a variety of tours - holiday here for every taste.

The end of autumn opens the high season, the weather in the Philippines in November allows you to fully relax without fear of unpleasant surprises in the form of typhoons. Rains occur, but they are long.

Where better to relax: the weather on the popular Islands in November

kakie ostrova luchshe vybrat dlya otdyha v konce oseni?

  • Boracay. The day temperature reaches +31°C, 27°C above zero, cloudy with a chance of 36%, 6 days of rain, rainfall - 134,7 mm, water - 28,5°C.
  • Boracay island is ideal for beach lovers and surfing.

  • Cebu city – it gives you the opportunity to combine shopping, beach and entertainment. +31,5°C day +26,5°C at night, cloud - 35,9%, water +29°C, 8 days of rain, 139,8 mm of precipitation.
  • Panglao. Daytime temperature reaches +31,8°C at Night drops to +27,5°C, overcast - 33.5%, and 10 rainy days, rainfall is 173 mm, sea happy temperature of 28.8°C heat.
  • Bohol - offers beautiful beaches and developed infrastructure. In the afternoon the temperature reaches +30,9°C +night - 26,2°C, cloud cover is slightly higher than the values for other Islands of 40.3%, sea - +30°C, 8 days of rain, 142,5 mm of precipitation.
  • Palawan attracts those who prefer a secluded stay and eco-tourism. +To 31.6°C during the day +26,6°C at night, cloud - 32,7%, 13 rainy days with rainfall of 157 mm, the water temperature is +29°C.
  • Luzon, the largest island of the Philippines. It is the capital – Manila and four international airport. The temperature rises to 31°C above zero at night, about +20,7°C, partly cloudy - 20%, 2 rainy days for the month, rainfall is 32.5 mm, water - +28°C.
  • Mindoro. Ideal for diving enthusiasts. The daytime temperature rises to +32°C at night to 26°C, overcast - 26,8%, it rains for 4 days, rainfall is 92 mm, sea temperature is +29°C.

Although the wet season is coming to an end, the South China sea at this time, the troubled, the waves washed ashore seaweed, the beaches are blurred. The humidity is high, can reach 100%.

Stay in the Philippines

filippinskie kanikuly

Autumn holiday on the Islands of the Philippines may not be suitable for everyone, but a number of significant advantages attracts tourists there at this time of year.

Should I go at this time?

The main advantage of the rest of November is a low price. Already in December, closer to Christmas, the price reached its peak.

The best option for a stay in November – the second half of the month. Rain is becoming less humidity decreases.

If most of the beaches not suitable for swimming, you can always choose the beach inside the archipelago where almost no waves and debris.

By shortcomings can be attributed to frequent rains and cloudy weather. Besides, most excursions will not be available.

What clothes to bring?

neobhodimye v poezdke veshi

The climate in the Philippines Equatorial and sub-Equatorial, so it is preferable to summer clothes made from natural materials. Useful sandals and hats.

If you plan to tour in mountainous areas, where it is much cooler (up to 17 degrees), not too much in the suitcase will be jeans, Hiking boots and clothing with long sleeves. You should bring a raincoat.

November leisure

Despite the sometimes rainy weather, to do in the Philippines have something. The abundance of beautiful beaches, interesting excursions and exciting holidays will not get bored anyone.

Beach vacation

The sea is a comfortable temperature, waves andbreeze allow you to engage in active beach holiday. For lovers to lie down and swim, you can find many secluded beaches within the archipelago, protected from waves. Among the best beaches in the Philippines are: White, Diniwid, Boracay, Cebu, Malapascua, Bohol, and others.

Attractions & sightseeing

  1. In the capital Manila you can visit the Botanical garden, Old town, national Museum, zoo, Museum of art Metropolitan and Museum of "Santa tomás". In 2008 he opened the aquarium.
  2. The Taal Volcano. Located 70 kilometers South of Manila. Is applicable, is monitored by volcanologists. One of the lowest volcanoes in the world. Trips to it is highly popular.
  3. The Island Of Boracay. The most popular island among tourists. White beach here is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. Excellent opportunities for surfing and diving.
  4. On this island there are many hotels, restaurants and cafes, daily discos.

  5. The Mayon Volcano. The altitude of almost 2500 meters. As Taal, it is also active. The tour takes a couple of days, the necessary tents and guide. Own up is not recommended.
  6. The underground river. In Palawan island you can take a tour on the underground river "in Puerto Princesa" flowing in the cave. This is one of the most amazing places on the planet.
  7. chto posmotret i kuda shodit?

  8. On Cebu island , you can visit the waterfalls located in the jungle. Here you can see the cross erected by Magellan. Worth a look and a Taoist temple, built in 1970 and designed in a Chinese architectural traditions.
  9. The APO Reef. Natural Park, one of the largest reefs on the planet.


  • 1 Nov. Day of the dead or all Saints Day. Residents make a mass pilgrimage to the cemetery.
  • 2 Nov. The day of all souls.
  • 3 Nov. Ramadan.
  • 30 November – Day of national hero Bonifacio, one of the leaders of the Philippine revolution.

In Manila, in November, is the festival of Intramuros. Dedicated tribute to the virgin Mary and the "Golden era". Santiago satisfied with female parade, stylized under the time. At sunset the Church of St. Augustine carrying the virgin Mary statue in rizal Park. They are passed all over the country, some of them can do wonders.

At the end of November on the island of Luzon is the Fiesta of San Clemente. A parade of huge puppets made of papier-mache, a parody of the everyday characters of the country. Symbolizes nature's abundance.

In this video you can see what the weather is in the Philippines in November: