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Holidays in Portugal: weather and temperature in Madeira in November

pogoda na Madejre v noyabre

Madeira island is a touristic pearl of Portugal. Holidays in Madeira can not be called cheap, but this trip will forever remain in memory. Weather in November in Madeira, though a little inferior to the summer heat, but remains warm and pleasant.

The weather and temperatures in November in Madeira

noyabrskie klimaticheskie usloviya na ostrove

Even in the last month of autumn Madeira amazes tourists with its mild climate and warm weather. Although rainy days do happen, but they did not overshadow the rest.

The average daily temperature in Madeira in November is equal to +20-22 degrees Celsius.

In the afternoon the air temperature can warm up to +23-25 degrees, and at night the figure drops to +10-15 degrees. By the end of November, the temperature a couple of degrees will decrease.

Temperature of ocean water is equal to +20-22 degrees.

Rains in November, there are one or two times a week, and the total number appearing precipitation is about 42 mm. In the morning often have the fogs, and General humidity of the air increases.

November Madeira is also considered the month of the wind – wind speeds here can reach 7.5 m/s.

Holidays in the late fall on the island

otpusk pozdnej osenu

November is one of the most comfortable months to visit the Portuguese island of Madeira.

During this period, prices for tours and accommodation is significantly reduced, and afford such a vacation can the average person.

Is there a chance to relax?

Like any other November holidays in Madeira has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of a November holiday on the island:

  • reduced prices on tours, accommodation and tickets through tour operators you can get much cheap tickets;
  • the exotic nature and the abundance of attractions;
  • wonderful service in hotels;
  • suitable for a wide range of people with different interests and views on life and leisure.

mozhno li otdohnut?

Of the disadvantages of vacation in Madeira, we note that despite the low price, for many this cost continues to be unavailable, and that the island was not designed for a beach holiday.

Madeira is a beautiful exotic island, after which visiting any tourist will remain a pleasant memory. You should go to the island or not – to resolve this issue will have to everyone.

How to dress?

Except summer, the light of things in the suitcase still worth putting a couple of jackets and closed-toe shoes in the night time on the island can be cool.

What to do this month?

Madeira any tourist can find something for your taste, regardless of age or interests.

The island is really welcoming, friendly and open to anyone who wants to look into his heart.

Beach vacation

The island has no beaches as such in the usual European tourists – around Madeira is surrounded by rocks. Of course, there is the opportunity to swim in the ocean, but lie on a sandy beach – no.

If you still want to get a nice tan, it can be done at the pool (every hotel), or take the ferry to the neighbouring island of Porto Santo, where the coastline stretches for 9 km.

What to see?

chto stoit uvidet?

A trip to Madeira offers many educational activities and excursions:

  1. you can visit the volcanic baths;
  2. a ride on the funicular to the mountain top;
  3. to try thisMadeira;
  4. ride on asphalt sled on the streets and so on.

Madeira opens before the traveler a lot of different ways to spend time.

In the city of Funchal is a large number of sites, including monasteries and palaces, garden of orchids and volcanic baths.

Holidays and festivals

In the village, Nuns Valley in November is the Festival of chestnuts, during which everyone can taste the dishes of this product.

In the beginning of the month in Portugal is celebrated on All Saints Day – on this day children go from house to house and collect candy, and in return, tell rhymes and fairy tales.

Look at the November Madeira you can in this video: