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Recreation, weather and temperature in Malta in November

pogoda na Malte v noyabre

If you want to go on vacation on the Mediterranean sea, but traditional resorts bored, try to go to Malta in November. Late autumn is a wonderful time to unwind from the daily grind of everyday work and to become acquainted with the nature and culture of this small island nation.

What is the weather like in November in Malta?

kakie temperaturnye usloviya v konce oseni?

The climate of the archipelago is significantly different from ours, so the weather in the last winter month you can expect a variety of surprises. Although it is believed that the peak tourist season is March-October, the Mediterranean climate allows you to plan on staying here in November.

The average temperature of air and water

In November in Malta, the thermometer rises to approximately +20-21°C, but nights have become quite cold: the average temperature of the air is not more than +14°C.

The number of Sunny and rainy days divided almost equally, so the island is very beautiful: blooming hibiscus and bougainvillea, ripe pomegranates, olives and pumpkin.

On rainy days the temperature can drop below +20°C, and night is falling early enough.

The average water temperature of the Mediterranean sea is +21°C, so the locals have closed the swimming season, but many vacationers are still at risk of sea bathing.

The particular weather conditions

The average number of rainy days in the archipelago this month is approximately equal to 10. Despite the ongoing "Indian summer", a blow strong enough winds with a speed of 4.5 m/s, and the sea can be regularly observed small storms. Sometimes possible heavy showers of rain, forcing tourists to remain in hotel.

specifika pogodnogo rezhima

The average number falling in the November precipitation is 102 mm. Humidity, typical of Islands, increase and the day is 71%, and in the night increased to 83%.

In Malta this time of year it gets dark early: the day length is 7 hours.

The November holiday

If you want to visit this small island nation deep in the fall, you should know what to prepare for during the trip.

How to dress and what to bring?

The summer heat is already gone, so the clothes of the camper must be close to autumn. A should take:

  • Sweater;
  • Jacket;
  • Warm jacket or vest;
  • Waterproof and windproof jacket;
  • Rubber boots;
  • Jeans or pants.

Since the sun in November in Malta Peeps, you can bring a t-shirt with sandals, but be prepared that most of these things will be collecting dust in the hotel room.

But an umbrella or a good raincoat in your Luggage will be most welcome. Sunscreen you just do not need the sun at this period is never hot.

Where better to relax this month?

gde otdohnut v etot period?

Although some guests of Malta like exactly what here you can relax away from civilization on the tiny islets of Filtrete and Cominotto and visit virtually uninhabited island of Comino, Filfla and St. Paul, in late autumn you should give preference to the more homely of the Islands of Malta and Gozo. There are many hotels where you can always shelter from the weather.

Features of stay on the main Islands of the archipelago are:

  1. Gozo. Here there are a lot of beaches, but mostly near small villages, with the exception of two: Xlendi and Marsalforn.

    As public transport on the island is little developed, the vacationers it's better to rentcars.

    In November, a preferable beaches with developed infrastructure, where you can shelter from the rain: Marsalforn Bay (artificial sand beach), Bijar Bay (the beach is rocky type, ideal for scuba diving), as well as Ramla Bay in the vicinity of the Balls – it tourists with a warm red sand and water that has not had time to cool down in the summer.

    Gozo has as a budget three-star to luxury five-star hotels, mainly concentrated in the area of popular recreation areas: the bays of Marsalforn and Xlendi. However, if you think the water in November is too cold for bathing, it is preferable to stay in hotels near local attractions in the Ball, San Lawrence or Sannat;

  2. Malta. If you are a fan of beach holidays, this island is a great place to visit in November.

    On the island you will find not only hotels for every taste, but also the many attractions located mainly in the capital Valletta or the ancient capital of Mdina archipelago. In addition, it is here mainly for Nightclubs, fine dining restaurants and other establishments which will brighten up the boredom of rainy days.

What to do in the late fall?

Many tourists think that a quality vacation in the late autumn is only possible in hot countries. In this respect, Malta dispels stereotypes: on the Islands there is always something to do.


Tours of Malta at this time of year is a great opportunity to have a great time and learn more about the history of the country. Tourists can visit the following attractions:

  • The Grand master's Palace in Valletta, the architecture of which wonderfully combines the features of a medieval fortress and Palace;
  • ekskursii po dvorcu velikogo magistra

  • The cave of Ghar dalam, located in the southern part of the island. It was found perfectly preserved remains of animals that lived here before the ice age;
  • Cathedral. John, which from the outside looks like a Fort, but inside – as the Italian Cathedral of the Renaissance;
  • Pretty scary place - the Museum of torture in Mdina, evoke the horror of the very real torture instruments;
  • Paceville , the nightlife centre of Malta, with numerous clubs and bars;
  • The underground tombs of Rabat with tables carved out of the rock, which dates back to IV century BC.
  • Megalithic temples with huge stone altars and terrifying stone idols;
  • Maritime Museum, located just South of the capital of the Islands. Here are two old barges of the Grand masters.

Beach vacation

The inhabitants of the archipelago in November, prefer to abandon the sea bathing and institutions related to the infrastructure of beaches, gradually closed. However, visitors to the Islands can swim in Sunny days, if they are not afraid of cool water. But because of possible sudden changes of weather with you should bring something warm and an umbrella. It is advised not to sit or lie on the sand or shingle beaches: after all, she's not warming up as good as in the summer.


At this time in Malta usually have a fancy dress parade of knights, everyone be dressed in apparel famous of the knights, long remained rulers of the island. Parade participants are engaged in shooting, fencing, firing of cannons and muskets, but in the end orderly March through the streets of the towns of Vittoriosa and Birgu.

From 3 to 6 November on the island runs the international festival of choral art, and from 20 to 27 the number of Maltese international marathon.

November 20 is usually spectacular military show, simulating the battle of the French and Maltese troops.

Malta is a wonderful option to brighten up a dull November days, so be sure to go here even during the cold season.

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