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Holidays in Sicily: what is the weather in Catania in November that you can see?

pogoda na Sicilii v noyabre

All the guidebooks and travel sites say: in the beginning of November, the last month of "dull" for the Russians pores, here just ends the swimming season, the sun does not skimp on heat, and the sky on a cloudless blue.

Potential tourists, of course, interested in how long it can last such a natural grace, what is the weather in Sicily in November (and not only in the beginning but at the end of the month), will I need to travel with an umbrella and a raincoat.

What is the weather like in November in Sicily?

temperaturnyj rezhim v konce oseni

The most objective answer interested in the weather gives a thermometer. In early November, it records the average temperature in the region of +18-20 degrees Celsius by the end of the month the mercury dips to numbers +14-16. Cloudy days become, unfortunately, more.

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The temperature of the air and water in the resorts of the island

In advance by comparing the average temperature of air and water at different resorts in Sicily, you can choose the one you feel more comfortable. The difference is not very big, but still it is:

  • in Agrigento , the air temperature is 19.5 degrees, the water in the Mediterranean sea, is 20.3;
  • in Giardini Naxos , respectively, was 18.9 and 20.2;
  • in Catania is 19.6 and 20.2;
  • in Letoianni was 18.9 and 20.2;
  • in Messina is 19.7 and 20.3;
  • in Palermo is 18.8 and 20.4;
  • in Ragusa and 18.2 and 20.7;
  • in Taormina it is 18.9 and 20.2;
  • in Terrasini is 19.6 and 20.2;
  • in Trapani is 20.5 and 19.9;
  • in Favignana was 20.6 and 19.9;
  • in cefalù is 19.3 and 20.1.

The particular weather conditions

specifika pogodnyh uslovij

Meteorologists claim that in Sicily and neighbouring small Islands, the weather at this time of the year more sun than the mainland, but it is not complete without rain. The most "raw" are the Northern region: Palermo, Messina - 10 rainy days there has to 117 and 119 mm of precipitation. The average clear (no rain) day on the island – 85%.

The relative humidity in November in Sicily is 70 to 79 percent.

The average wind speed is 2.6 m/sec. the periods of calm can rapidly give way to impulses of a squally nature. Feature November of Sicily that come here the Sirocco from North Africa.

They bring a warmth, sometimes heat, but at the same time the hurricane force windsthat raise the sea waves so high that we have to cancel trips, and even a brave local fishermen kept laid up their boats.

Fortunately, these phenomena briefly. Experts klassificeret main local winds as mild (69,4% of all winds), poor (23.9 percent), moderate (6.1 per cent), leaving the share of squally less than one percent.

The November vacation

osennij otdyh

From November to April here occurs a reduction in the flow of tourists, and most importantly – changing priorities: the change of beach holiday comes to the tour.

Should I go?

Tourist, prepared for the fact that most of the time he will spend actively, visiting historic sites, going on excursions and interesting events, for sure, will not experience disappointment. Here is something to see. Take, excursion to the mount Etna – the highest and besides active volcano of Europe.

For many travelers, it is also important that the number of tourists in the last month of autumn is getting smaller and nobody is hurt to admire the local beauty, to find comfortable housing, comfortable, not crowded with visitors the restaurant.

By the way, in NovemberMature famous red Sicilian orangesthat you can buy in local markets at a low price. On the shelves there are other citrus fruits: clementines, mind, tangerines, other fruit – persimmons, kiwi, pears.

All these fruits are grown under the generous Sicilian sun, it is necessary to try mandatory.

For the November tourists and an important economic factor – the trip this month is much cheaper than in the summer.

Of the disadvantages of rest is not the most pleasant weather surprises, but they just need to be ready so plan your time to spend even those days when the window is pouring rain.

How to dress?

In November, the vacationer can not do without shirts and jumpers with long sleeves, trousers and jeans, coats and jackets, closed shoes. If the plans excursion to mount Etna, you will need a warm scarf, hat, gloves, the higher will be your route, the colder the air is and the stronger the winds.

What to do this month?

chto delat v etot period?

This time of year is called the season of tourism. It will be good if before your trip you will make at least a rough plan future excursions. On the island preserved traces of ancient cultures of the Greeks, Moors, Romans, Spaniards, to go everywhere - just not enough time. Besides, it's not all that Sicily may be of interest to their guests in November.

Beach vacation: can I swim?

Three seas washing the shores of Sicily (Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian and Ionian), in November, unfortunately, is cold for swimmers. At best the beach will be able to spend the first 2-3 days of the month.

The swimsuit and swimming trunks will need for those who can swim in the pool at the hotel or go to a thermal Spa (they, by the way, in Sicily a lot, and they work all year round).

Tours and attractions

The special interest of the island is for people who are not indifferent to history. Here's what to see on Sicily:

  1. The valley of the temples in Agrigento – buildings Dating from the VI and V centuries BC, was built to honor the Greek gods;
  2. Villa del Casale is a well – preserved mosaics here the beginning of the IV century BC included in the world heritage list;
  3. Norman Royal Palace – the former fortress transformed into a luxury residence with exquisite Byzantine mosaics, carved Arab ceilings;
  4. Museum "catacombs of the Capuchins" (Palermo) – the place is not for the faint of heart, as there are stored 800 mummified bodies of dead monks;
  5. Museum of archaeology (Syracuse) – offers visitors a journey through various historical eras, specializiruetsya on the Greek artifacts;
  6. Museum of salt (Trapani) – located inside an old mill, where the milled salt pieces;
  7. Puppet Museum (Palermo) – there are three and a half thousands of puppets from all over the world, sometimes organized performances for tourists;
  8. Alcantara gorge – a natural monument formed by emissions of volcanic magma and striking unusual shape of the cliffs;
  9. mount Etna – Sicily's symbol is not well equipped with the tourists here can give rent jackets and warm shoes.

Among the suggested places to visit, interesting in terms of architecture and historical attractions of the city: Modica, Catania, Caltagirone, Taormina, the Sicilian capital of Palermo.

Holidays and festivals

To watch, but if you want to join in the celebration feast, 1 November, is on the island - all Saints ' Day. Feast held fun includes a carnival procession.

November 11 – the Day of young wine, in which tasting, entertainment. A similar festival, but with a "beer" bias awaits guests at the end of November in Catania.

In November opens the Opera season, the audience gathers in one of the largest in Europe, Teatro Massimo in Palermo, famous for its remarkable acoustics.

In the middle of the month fans sports battles for a traditional Marathon of Palermo.

A walk through the November streets of Sicily in this video: