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Weather and temperature in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) in November

Pogoda v Pitere v noyabre

Saint Petersburg – a city of exquisite grandeur, a city where every alley is filled with the spirit of antiquity and vertices of architectural art.

Saint Petersburg is a city of enchanting palaces, museums, drawbridges and, of course, white nights.

Saint Petersburg – a city of peace of mind and tranquility, a city that captivates from the first visit and remains in the heart and memory of a lifetime...!

What is the weather in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) in November?

Any tourist departing on a journey, care of the weather issue.

Everyone wants to guess with the weather conditions and planning time for vacation, not "getting screwed", he found himself in the coveted place in extreme cold or during heavy rains.

Because then you don't get to explore the city and its most interesting places on foot.

The air temperature

As the climate in St. Petersburg is moderate and humid, transitional from sea to continental, and the weather here is moderately reduced from the figure with "+" sign to its opposite value.

So, for example, street thermometers in St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) in early November show +10, in the middle of the month the thermometer tend to zero, and at the end of November , the temperature did become winter, coming down to the "–" mark, which confirms the arrival of winter.

Water temperature

One of the main attractions and beauties of St. Petersburg – the Neva river also loses its warmth, falling from 8 to 4 degrees.

If You prefer to travel in autumn, the best time for You to become the beginning of November, when the temperature in St. Petersburg in autumn fresh and not as cold as in winter.

Kakaya pogoda v Sankt-Peterburge (Pitere) v noyabre?

Where to go in St. Petersburg in November?


As noted earlier, Peter is, what to see, the city is rich in museums, palaces, magnificent architectural ensembles and other attractions.

Of course, in the minds of every person who never was in St. Petersburg, the city is associated only with the image of white nights, white nights but not all of the remarkable Petersburg.

Unconditional first place among St. Petersburg's palaces rightfully belongs to Peterhof. Petergof or Peterhof is world famous for its fountains, the Palace and Park ensemble.

Once there, feel the spirit of the eighteenth century, imbued with the atmosphere of finery and wealth gilded sculptures which abound in the Peterhof.

Museums in the best, undoubtedly, is the Hermitage. The Hermitage is also famous and popular not only in Northern capital, but also far beyond its borders.

Without doubt the Hermitage can be put on a par with such internationally renowned museums as the Louvre, the van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands and the British Museum.

The walls of the Museum keeps paintings by the great masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Raphael, Michelangelo, Rembrandt and many others.

Petersburg is also rich in cathedrals and churches and here the best, in our opinion, is Alexander Nevsky Lavra, located between the rivers Neva Monastery and a Bypass channel, which is famous not only for its external beauty, but also founded here in 1716 Necropolis.

The Necropolis consists of Lazarev and Tikhvin cemetery of Nikolskoye, in the land which the ashes of famous people Chi XX centuries.

In our opinion, are the three attractions that every traveler simply must visit, once in Petersburg. This is the basis, and other, fascinating for its beauty, palaces, museums, cathedrals, churches and squares there is a huge variety.

Kuda pojti v Pitere v noyabre?


Along with maddening with its monumental attractions we also advise you to visit a variety of annual festivals and exhibitionsheld in November, and diversify yourleisure and recreation in St. Petersburg.

If You are an admirer of classical music, the opening and a wonderful pastime for You will be the THIRD annual organ festival, where You will play six famous organists from Britain, Russia, France and the Netherlands.

If You are fond of Asian culture and living "in step with the times", then You will be interested to visit the Festival of contemporary Korean culture "IT".

Well, if You like spending time with a Cup of hot tea and eating various Goodies and treats, then You go to the annual Festival of gingerbread and sweets, "Peace stick", where You will wait for not only a "delicious" experience, as well as gingerbread photo zone, Souvenirs and master classes on making gingerbread.

Saint-Petersburg. Leisure and tourism.

Exhibitions and fairs

From the traditional, annually held exhibitions to mark the gathering collectors "pink treasures", which will be presented gold, silver and copper coins, paper bills of different countries and times, stamps, badges, awards and more that will appeal to, as a beginner collector, and avid fan of numismatics and philately.

From gastronomic exhibitions I want to highlight the 34-th International fair of street food "Peterfood".

And for lovers of modern art is fair "ArtExpoSPb"where you can buy masterpieces of modern paintings, sculptures and graphic art, as well as decorative.

Vystavki i yarmarki

What to do?


If by the will of fate it so happened that none of Your relatives and friends could not keep You company, and You are forced to travel alone, that salvation for You is a different kind of tourwhere an experienced guide will not only show you the sights but also tell about their history and evolution.

Where also, joining a tour group, You will find like-minded people and fellow travelers, and, perhaps, new friends.

Excursions in St. Petersburg are held year-round and daily, therefore the problem with buying tickets in the coveted journey, You will not have.

Of the most famous travelers are advised to go to:

  • sightseeing tour around St. Petersburg with visits to the Hermitage;
  • bus excursion to Peterhof;
  • excursion to Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo with visiting Catherine Palace and Amber room);
  • the tour on Nevsky prospect;
  • evening excursion "Myths and legends of St. Petersburg" on the bus.

Gastronomy Peter: the most fashionable and tasty places

If You're a fan of the gastronomic side of travel and love to discover the new, delicious and creative institutions, here is a list of the three most popular St. Petersburg restaurants to any taste and pocket.

Restaurant Marivanna. Creative restaurant built in the style of old Soviet apartment. The place is pretty secret, and so just will not get there. The name and address of the restaurant is misleading on the phone only to a narrow circle of visitors.

The restaurant lies behind the ordinary, unremarkable door with different kinds of plates. The owners here love to sleep, so the restaurant opens at 12 o'clock, I can not try – will not open!

Once You have found the right door, you ring the bell and the door will be opened for You colorful landlord of the home shirt and the pants.

The food here, like the interior, homemade and very tasty. The prices are moderate and acceptable. The average score 10-15$.

The restaurant is located at the address: 18 Lenin street, a few steps from Matveevsky garden and 550 metres from the metro station "Petrogradskaya".

Gastronomicheskij Piter: samye modnye i vkusnye zavedeniya

The brewery-restaurant "Grad Petrov". For lovers of delicious beer perfect present pub. The beer here is brewed on the conscience, even to those who are not a fan of barley-malt drink local beer you will like.

For a snack serves European and German dishes. The portions here are huge! From local delicacies suggest to try the fried smelt with beer. Average bill here is about 12-15$.

Pub is located at the address: Universitetskaya embankment, 5. The nearest metro station Admiralty is 900 metres from the restaurant.

Russian vodka room №1. If You prefer beverages stronger than beer and love to have fun, then You have to taste the local drink.

The menu here offers 213 varieties of vodka! And for a snack serves Eastern European and Russian cuisine. The food here is also very tasty.

Most notably, the restaurant is a Museum of Russian vodka where you can walk and touch the history of the Russian legendary drink. The prices are more than reasonable. The average score9-12$.

Russian vodka room is located at the address: Konnogvardeisky Boulevard 4. You can get there by bus or minibus to the streets Konnogvardeisky Boulevard (98 m) or street Jakubowicz (198 m), and metro. The next Admiralteyskaya metro station (1 km) and Garden (1.3 km).

Gastronomicheskij Piter: samye modnye i vkusnye zavedeniya

Summarizing all the above, I want to say only one thing: Peter is obliged to visit each. Back in this ancient, spiritual, enchanting with their beauty and splendor of the city, You will return here again and again.

Because, no matter how much You do not have time, in St. Petersburg, You always will not be enough. Even when You feel that you saw all Petersburg will open for You a new facethat was unfathomable.

There is a beautiful city that delight the sight, but empty, devoid of sincerity and spirituality, and there is Peter, a place in which you want to return and discover it again and again!