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Vacation in Thailand: weather, temperature of water, fruits and festivals in November

pogoda v noyabre v Tajlande

Thailand lures thousands of travelers exotic beaches, excellent service. But mistake the one tourist who believes that the Kingdom can come at any time of the year. Almost nine hours of flight and here it is, a Paradise on earth.

Tai different offers for vacationers, meeting their rainy season, severe heat or gentle warmth.

It is important to choose a month to travel to distant tai remembering the climate in different parts of the country vary widely. If Russia November associated with mud, waiting for winter, in Thailand the weather is completely different.

Temperature air and water - how many degrees from the beginning to the end of the month?

temperatura vody v Tajlande v noyabre

November is a good time to travel to Thailand. After heavy rains the sky gradually clear, the Peninsula offers tourist season, which runs until April, after which comes the enduring heat.

While the air warms up to + 28 + 32 C, night temperature does not drop below 21 degrees. By local standards it is cool for tourists opposite as comfortable as possible. The weather is great for the beach, the water warms up to + 28 +29 degrees.

It is important to remember that the monsoons do not disappear by themselves, they gradually disappear, therefore, the weather in Thailand at the beginning and the end of November, varies widely.

The first half of the month still quite rainy, the sky is often piled clouds, the rains are intense, short-lived. And the Islands to the South of the country fills more than the Northern districts and the centre. If in Bangkok an average of 6 rainy days in November, then to Koh Samui 20.

At sea the situation is also volatile in the beginning of the month frequently calm gives way to a storm warning. The monsoons change direction towards the end of November, losing its intensity, the sea surface calms down, it is dry and Sunny weather.

Features a beach holiday in this time

November – a time of grace for a beach holiday. You can endlessly admire the transparent, azure water basking under the warm rays of the Thai sun, plenty to sunbathe and swim. For those who want to have fun is usually offered many activities: yachting, kite, Windsurfing, diving.

Weather on the Central beach of Thailand, Hua hin, Nov 2015:


Locals believe in the legend that the king ordered the rains to go only at night and it really is, most showers occur at night, by morning all dries up. On the Peninsula in late autumn is more dry than in the southern Islands. Protected by the mountains of Bangkok "fills" at the beginning of November.

dozhdi v eto vremya

What to take with you?

On the question of what clothes to bringbecause the weather is so changeable, seasoned travelers suggest to optimize your Luggage. Umbrellas, waterproof jackets hardly useful. Lightweight jacket, windbreaker may be needed for those who are going to go to the Northern parts of the Kingdom.

Mainly focus to make summer clothes from natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen.

Be sure to bring sunglasses, cream and a hat (cap, hat, Panama). Lightweight Luggage will allow you on the way back to bring more Souvenirs and exotic fruits.

Seasonal fruit

Fruit in Thailand in November represented a wide variety. Fruit in abundance sold in the markets, you can buy them from street vendors.

Tip: choose whole, nenalezeny products. If you take them as a souvenir, bring home, prefer slightly unripe fruit.

frukty Tailanda v noyabre

On the shelves in abundance familiar to us bananas, pineapples (very juicy after the rainy season), pomelo. Also, coconuts, guava, carambola, dragon fruit. Seekers of gastronomic surprises are worth paying attention to:

  • the Sapodilla fruit, resembling a small overripe mangoes;
  • pink Applegrowingmostly in Tae;
  • a huge durian cheese with a nutty taste and a horrible smell;
  • the carambola fruit, ripening just at this time (October to December), in section it resembles a star, use it for salad dressings, jewellery, local its juice is used as stain remover.

Please note that in November is not the season for fruit such as lychee and rambutan.

Where better to go?

The main resorts of Thailand are: Phuket, Pattaya, Samui and Krabi on climate indicators in November about the same.

Moderate heat just above 30 degrees, at night +23 ° C, well-heated water is attractive for those wishing to extend their summer.

Remember that the first half of the month is more rainy.

The choice of place of stay depends on personal preferences:

  • Phuket (+30 degrees) in the South-Eastern part of the country gives a lot of opportunities for fun (on Patong beach) and a quiet family holiday (Bang Tao). In November is set to Sunny weather with a minimum of rainy days.
  • in Pattaya, on the South coast slightly hotter (by one degree), the beaches are dirtier than in Phuket. But there is nearly no rain. This is the place chosen by lovers of night discos, noisy fun, urban life. Paradise beaches with white sand and blue sea will find in the neighborhood (for example, on the island of Koh LAN).
  • kuda poehat - pogoda na kurortah Tajlanda

  • the province of Krabi with the same climate like in Phuket, choose supporters family, beach, relaxing holiday, those who seek to improve their health in the Spa complexes. By the way, in these places they filmed the movie "the Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role.
  • Samui is the hottest beach destination in Tae (in November +32 degrees), the archipelago includes dozens of Islands that are attractive natural diversity. Flock here for diving, Spa treatments and beach holidays. But in November the weather is the most inhospitable, because of the monsoon increases the likelihood of floods, winds.

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Things to do on vacation: tours, holidays, festivals

Lying on the beach sooner or later may become boring to everyone. Will not be bored. By the beginning of the tourist season, Thai people usually renew a tourist program:

  1. excursions are divided into two areas: the sights (palaces, Buddhist temples, mainly in Bangkok, the ancient capital of Ayutthaya) and the national parks.

    In November, it reserves a special farm (Park elephants, monkeys, crocodile farm in Pattaya snake farm in Bangage, a butterfly garden, a farm on cultivation of pearls in Phuket), the Orchid garden is included in the compulsory program of visits.

    After the "wet" season, nature is blooming, bursting with greenery, surprises with its diversity. Please note the Park of Khao Yai with waterfalls and beautiful views of the Park Sirinath (Phuket) with beautiful coral reefs, but it often rains in November, windy, marine Park Khao Sam ROI Yot.

  2. ekskursii v noyabre

  3. a number of spectacular festivals, holidays is in November.

    On the first day of the month in Phuket open high season, usually confined to this tourist fair and carnival in Patong, it includes a beauty pageant, various shows and competitions.

    In the beginning of the month, approximately 7.11 for 11.11 in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima is the Phimai festival is the oldest, which introduces the ancient culture of the Kingdom, dancing race held on the boat. Colorful theatrical performances with a fireworks finale worthy of attention.

    On the third weekend of the last winter month in Thailand unfolds the Grand act: the Festival of elephants in Surin. These wonderful animals, just over a century, participate in the parade with the elephants, in theatrical productions, sports competitions. The tourists can ride elephants through the jungle.

    25 November in lop Buri arrange a holiday for the monkeys. For them, the walls of the ancient temple organize a hearty meal, eaten to satiety, the monkey usually start to throw food and drinks to tourists.

    Such permissiveness is associated with the belief of the Thais that primates bring luck, and even with the worship of the deity of Hanuman is like a monkey.

    prazdniki v noyabre v Tailande

    The full moon is the festival of light (Loy Krathong). It dedicate to the completion of the harvest season. The locals under the full moon launch boats with lit candles into the water. Particularly spectacular and romantic action turns in large cities, the most spectacular in Sukhothai. Sometimes a boat put a coin zagadyvaya desire. Is it considered leaving the problems and sorrows.

    Another festival takes place in Kanchanaburi's famous bridge on the river Kwai. Inhere throughout the week lively, performances and racing of vintage steam locomotives. The celebration ends with the traditional fireworks.

    If there is no desire to go to distant excursions, entertainment is provided on the beaches,sports competitions and discos. The mass, comparable with a passionate Ibiza when the moon is full lights on the island of Koh Phangan. Party FoolMoonParty gathers young people from all over Europe.

So, to recap. Thailand in November, welcomes tourists, generously sharing warm days, sometimes washing by rain. This month opens the season, but the influx of tourists yet. It begins with the second half of November, the price gradually grows, hotels are less. About the armor better to think in advance.

Warm clothes will be required. Sunglasses, hat and comfortable shoes will be most welcome. A beach vacation can be well combined with excursions, visiting festivals. Nature in November, brings a riot of colors, the Thais do not skimp on spectacular holidays. Everything has to a good rest.