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Weather and temperature in Portugal (Lisbon) in November

Pogoda v Portugalii v noyabre

Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe, attracting every year hundreds of thousands of tourists. Bordering on sultry Spain, the country with the West by the waters of the Atlantic ocean.

Located in seclusion, Portugal managed to preserve its identity and a quiet, reserved beauty.

Serene provincialism, set by the European purebred, it gives the country a lovely charm that leaves a lasting impression.


Lisbon (capital of Portugal) has in its history of more than twenty centuries. He is among the ten most expensive capitals in the world. The city's population exceeded 2.5 million people.

To the surprise of tourists, Lisbon is presented exactly the way it draws the imagination – paved narrow streets, winding away to the old town, cozy small restaurants and hotels, inviting, family-style hospitality.

Quiet time is adjacent to the crazy city rhythm, pulsing in a multi-storey shopping malls and entertainment complexes.

Urban gardens, magnificent palaces give the capital the perfection, so rare in a noisy stream of life.

Weather in Portugal (Lisbon) in November

November in Portugal will welcome you with a minor cold compared to the previous month. The fact of the matter is creeps autumn clouds bring frequent rains, spreading the fresh scent of green, densely covering the local land.

The temperature in Portugal (Lisbon) in November varies from +11ºC to +18ºC in the evening the air cools by approximately ten degrees. Noticeably warmer in the nation's capital, where still feel the breath of summer, the air warms up to +22ºC.

Maximum values of water temperature in early November is not more than +20ºC, to the end of the month felt a gradual cooling.

Swimming November climatic conditions in the Northern areas are not too comfortable, but for those who like to lie on the beach under the soft rays of sun at the time.

The southern coast, inviting Golden beaches and clear bottle green water.

Pogoda v Portugalii (Lissabone) v noyabre

What to visit?

And the whole vacation is not enough to assess the merits of Lisbon. It is the luxury hotels scattered throughout the country; it is the oldest historical monuments that survived change of several eras; modern art museums and annual exhibitions.

Portugal is impossible not to appreciate, don't remember.

In The Heart Of Lisbon

A resort vacation in Portugal in November – only a small part of what attracts the traveller to this country.

One of the first places attracting tourists is the Torre de belém, representing the UNESCO world heritage site.

This monument is one of the few surviving from the time of discovery. Tower is an awesome sight and is a symbol of the capital.

It offers a stunning view of the preserved ruins of the Church called the Karma of the Renaissance.

St. George's castle, proudly standing on a high hill, left a legacy from the Moors, survived the centuries and maintained its unbroken greatness, inviting tourists.

The Jerónimos monastery – an example of Gothic architecture of great religious value. Its walls are decorated with fanciful images of sea life and underwater creatures.

Each element of the structure is unique and vividly tells the history of the state.

Lisbon Cathedral, whose construction began in the late seventeenth century and, after numerous restorations, combines a lot of eras, is located in the center of the capital and its towers can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.

The Pena national Palace in 2015 topped the list of most fascinating places in Europe. Indescribable structure of the romantic era surrounded by a Park that literally takes in the middle ages.

Caves, fountains, fanciful gazebos scattered around its extensive grounds.

Dostoprimechatelnosti Lissabona


What to do?


The Lisbon Oceanarium is one of the best in Europe. Every year on the tour arrives at least 1 million people.

In the aquarium presents 8000 species of organisms. Individual rooms represent different climate zones and inhabitants living in this environment.

You may need more spirit tour of the Carriage Museum and Museum of Ceramic tile. Plan to attend these unique historical monuments and you will not regret it.

Excursion to the Park of Nations can take you seriously. In one place the rarest sights of the capital, steeped in culture. Why should only the bridge Vasco da Gama, one of a kind.

Military Museum and Navy Museum found its admirers among tourists. Located near the city center, the museums included in the program a large number of excursions.

Maybe you will like to visit the Museum of wine? On the tour you will not only get acquainted with the production process, but also will be invited to taste.

And a bottle of the vending you can even buy and bring a souvenir home.

CHem zanyatsya?

Festivals and celebrations

Portugal is a hospitable country, able to celebrate national holidays in a big way. In the many festive events which bring together tourists, lured by the actions of this magnitude.

In Portugal, every year it hosts bullfights, different from Spanish that in the process not killing anyone.

In autumn the city hosts a Wine festival. To participate in the production of the national drink of the Portuguese – port can be anyone.

Like most European countries, November 1st Portugal celebrates all saints Day. The occasion is not very clear to the Russians for the locals one of the most popular and is celebrated in a big way in the main squares of the city.

The eleventh of November is St. Martin's Day, signifying the end of the period of agricultural work.

Those interested can visit the fair of Horses. This is one of the most exciting national events. Its program includes competition in dressage and the exhibition of the most valuable copies.

The fair takes place from 7 to 16 November and attracts huge number of tourists.

The ninth of November, the Chestnut Festivalthat gathers every year thousands of spectators. Your service will open up hundreds of street stalls, selling all kinds of dishes from chestnuts.

Sweets, chicken with chestnut, and even baked the fish will surprise you with its original taste. The festival is accompanied by songs and dances in national costumes.

Festivali i prazdniki

Beach vacation

In November, beach lovers "warms" the southern coast of the country. The ideal option would be to go on the island of Madeira or the Azores, where you will be enchanted by beautiful sandy beaches with fine sand brought from Morocco.

Warm current creates quite favourable conditions for a quiet holiday. On the coast remained wild, pristine condition, allowing you to get away from the city bustle and be alone with beautiful nature.

Beaches has the necessary equipment for admirers of active rest. The Azores has long been popular with fans of scuba diving to explore the rich underwater world.

Surfing, Windsurfing, diving, kite surfing – active tourists will always find entertainment for the soul.

November marks the end of the tourist season in Portugal. But do not rush to postpone the trip. Right now hotels a Portuguese hotels only half-filled, and, therefore, you can expect significant discounts.

Prices on shows and tours you will be pleased with. And on the southern coast the warm will make you forget about the gloomy autumn sun.

Don't miss your chance to relax in the ancient state of Europe!

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