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Where to go fishing in November - Moscow, the Black sea, Finland

rybalka v Podmoskove v noyabre

Each season has its own peculiarities. If a person goes on a fishing trip in November, he must be aware of possible difficulties. Requested to study the methods of fishing, the most suitable tackle and bait. Thorough preparation for fishing will bring a big catch, people will not make mistakes.

Fishing in Moscow in November

rybolovstvo pod Moskvoj osenu

Before you go fishing, you need to familiarize yourself with a map of water bodies, with the features of weather conditions in November.

The features of this season

Fishing in November is not quite easy. This is explained by the weather conditions. The last month of autumn is pretty cool, there are pressure drops, rain, strong wind.

Fishermen are advised to dress very warmly, in order not to freeze. You need to bring rain gear, warm gloves or mittens.

At the end of the month are observed frosts, often falls a small amount of snow. The temperature in November day equals to four degrees below zero, at night it can drop another five degrees.

What fish caught?

It is best at this time to fish for the following species:

  • ASP;
  • Burbot;
  • Ruff;
  • Guster;
  • Perch;
  • Pike.

The above fish are caught best in the late fall. A little less likely to catch carp, bream, carp, catfish, walleye.

In what places to go?

You should go fishing in the reservoir, which is located near Moscow:

  1. Klyazma. Within Khimki, Mytishchi district. In this place you can catch roach, perch, ruff, bream;
  2. Istra. Located not far from Moscow. In these waters are home to bream, tench, silver bream;
  3. Pirogov. There are base fishing and recreation. Among fish are the perch, ruff, roach.

It is also recommended to fish on the river Oka. It is huge, filled with many fish. According to experts, are best caught near the village Lamishino.

Even in November, fish in the area observed, a fisherman is unlikely to go home without a catch.

Where to go fishing in the Black sea in the autumn?

kuda poehat porybachit na CHernomorskoe poberezhe?

Fish in the Black sea desirable not only in summer but also at other times of the year. November may surprise fishermen. The main thing to know in advance what difficulties you may encounter.

The benefits of sea fishing

Sea water is cleaner than river. This suggests that marine species are characterized by high activity, aggressiveness, catch the fish difficult. The senses of the fish greatly aggravated. However, there is this advantage: the bait fish can detect at a far distance.

Even in late autumn the sea is plenty of fish, so November could surprise people a great catch. Bait is almost never used. The water in the sea is getting colder, the wind increases, but this does not deter the inhabitants.

Catch marine life

Catch the following fish:

  • Redfin;
  • Ruff;
  • Sea bass;
  • Flounder;
  • Sprat;
  • Tuna.

Will fail in late autumn to catch mackerel, Croaker, sturgeon, mullet. These fish swim away to warmer waters in the middle of autumnwhen the first cold.

Fishing methods

metody lovli

First of all a fisherman needs to know what the tackle has to be:

  1. Sustainable, able to endure frequent and strong gusts of wind;
  2. Strong, powerful;
  3. Easily throw long distances;
  4. Withstand powerful vibrationssea water.

At this time popular: spinning, bottom tackle, float rods, the tyrants.

It is recommended to use a specialized spinning with the test of 0.5-3.5 g. It allows you to catch different types of fish, is resistant to weather conditions of the sea in November.

Twisters and simulation crustaceans shall be made of edible materials.

The best baits in November are:

  • Small fish. It will attract larger, predatory animals;
  • Marine worms. They are found in the soil near the shore;
  • Twisters;
  • Vibrohvosta.

The main rule for bait - it should be fresh, then the fish will find her, feel from afar.

Good places

To catch the most fish in November will be:

  1. In The Crimea. Most likely to catch bluefish, mackerel, mullet;
  2. In Balaklava Bay. Located near Sevastopol. In the waters of this place you can catch bluefish, redfish, billfish, mackerel;
  3. In the district of Adler. Inhabits bluefish, grouper, Croaker, horse mackerel;
  4. In a place called Loo, which is a half hour drive from the city of Sochi , you can not only catch sea bass, flounder, mackerel, and trout;
  5. Near the Abkhaz-Georgian coast rare sea perch, mullet, mackerel. Sometimes the fish in these waters all year round, even in late November.

Autumn fishing in Finland

osennij lov ryby v Finlyandii

Finland attracts not only with its cultural and historical attractions. On its territory many lakes, ponds, and rivers. For the fisherman this is an excellent place.

Popular bodies of water

You need to go fishing in the following waters:

  • Island Tonurture. Washed on all sides by the sea, fish is in this place all year round. You can catch salmon, perch, trout;
  • The Area Of Kuusamo. The North-Eastern part of Lapland. These waters are pike, trout, salmon, ruff, burbot, perch;
  • The River Tornio. Even in November where you can catch a Finnish Atlantic salmon;
  • Lake Inari. The fish here is all year round;
  • It attracts fishermen from different countries, because it is an incredibly beautiful place that brings a real pleasure fishing a memorable one, without a catch, no one remains.

  • Lake Saimaa. You can catch pike, perch, trout and salmon;
  • The Isle Of Wimp. In bordering waters are home to salmon, perch, walleye, brown trout, burbot.

Tackle and bait

Best baits for the waters of Finland are:

  1. White and yellow worm with a length of ten centimeters;
  2. Lures in length from 9 to 13 inches;
  3. Spoon lures;
  4. Small fish.

You should pay attention to the following tackle:

  • Spinning rods. Rods casting up to 32.
  • Winter fishing rod;
  • Braided fishing line;
  • Float fishing rod.

Even in November, the fishing can be fun, a big catch. The basic rule - a thorough study of the area before fishing, acquaintance with the inhabitants, lures and tackle.

Select for fishing is recommended windless daywhen the water is calm and the fish swims away into the depths. Increased attention to training will bring excellent results. If you approach the process seriously and responsibly - the fish will be able to catch even in cold weather.

We recommend you to see the video of the November fishing in Yegoryevsk district of the Moscow region: