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Holidays in Abkhazia: weather, temperature, fishing and what to buy in November?

pogoda v Abhazii v noyabre

November in Abkhazia has certain climatic peculiarities. Tourists are offered a rich cultural program, so that even in the late fall, travelers will be bored.

What is the weather like in November in Abkhazia?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v noyabre?

Before the trip, experts recommend to get acquainted with the peculiarities of weather in Abkhazia at the end of autumn. You should be ready to different climate phenomena of the area.

The temperature of the air and water within a month

November in Abkhazia quite warm. In the afternoon the air temperature rises to 16 degrees Celsius. At night it reaches 6 degrees. City on the North of the country has warmed a little less: day temperature does not rise above 12 degrees, and at nightfall lowered to 4 degrees Celsius.

If at the beginning and the middle of the month the weather is warm, at the end of the month it gets cool.

The temperature at the end of the month reaches 8 degrees Celsius.

To swim in the sea a tourist is unlikely to succeed. In November the water temperature is 16 degrees Celsius. By the end of November temperatures can drop to 12 degrees. Only the most hardened travelers swim this month in the sea.

The particular weather conditions

In Abkhazia in November, the weather is Sunny. However, the sun is not warm. The air becomes cool. By the end of November rainfall increases. The difference in this month strong winds. Tourists can not do without warm clothes. If on the coast the air is warm, in the mountains, it drops considerably, you can fall a small amount of snow.

In the beginning of the month, the tourist can use a t-shirt and shirt, but the middle and end of the month will force the traveler to wear a jacket. Sunny weather in early November is getting rainy, starting from mid-month. Due to adverse weather conditions cancelled the tour, close the restaurants located in small towns.


noyabrskij otdyh

Trip to Abkhazia in November has its pros and cons. They need to see, before you travel.


The main advantage of rest in Abkhazia in November are:

  • No heat;
  • The cost of travel vouchers is reduced in several times;
  • No queues in the museums, galleries;
  • Matures variety of seasonal fruits.

If the summer in Abkhazia there are many tourists, you have to stand in queues, and in cafes and restaurants, almost all tables are occupied, then in November this will be avoided.

How to dress?

You should be ready to different weather phenomena. To bring need:

  1. T-shirt;
  2. Shirts, blouses;
  3. Sweaters;
  4. Jackets;
  5. Jeans, warm pants;
  6. Shoes, boots.

Precipitation in November is more, so to take necessary umbrella. If you plan an evening walk, can not do without a hat and jacket, because in the evening the air temperature can drop to 8 degrees Celsius.

Where to relax?

To begin the journey is from the city of Sukhum. It is filled with museums, historic attractions. In this city tourists can experience the culture of Abkhazia. In November Sukhum warm enough. In the early months there are many Sunny days.

Be sure to visit Gagra. This place is filled with not only cultural, but also natural attractions. Fascinating landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent. However, in November into the black cold, the wind is getting gusty. Without jackets, the tourist can not do.

One of the most warm places is Pitsunda. This town is situated on the same promontory href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/rossiya/podrobnaya-karta-chernomorskogo-poberezhya-s-kurortami/">the black sea coast. Is a resort on the territory of which there are many guest houses, hotels, Inns. Tourists can visit the various restaurants and cafes. In November, the air temperature equals at the resort is 16 degrees Celsius. Rains are rare.

What to do?

Tourist entertainment in Abkhazia in November, because the country is full of attractionsand events at this time is quite a lot. Each traveler will be able to find fun and exciting.

What to see?

chto posmotret v Gagre?

You need to visit one of the symbols of Abkhazia Colonnade in Gagra. It is a majestic building of incredible beauty. It was opened in 1956. Architectural structure quickly became known. Towers, columns, mountains in the background fascinate everyone. Even in the late autumn of this building is a lot of tourists.

When there is a small amount of snow, the Colonnade looks fantastic, the travelers will have an unforgettable experience.

In Gagra located another, no less famous landmark is the Castle of the Prince of Oldenburg. It's a big building, which is visible from afar. The castle is built at the foot of the mountains. It is becoming more dilapidated every year, but the number of tourists is increasing. The structure features a unique architecture, amazing history. To visit this attraction you need.

Even in November, worth a visit Sukhumi Botanical garden. It's filled with lots of plants. In late autumn, the garden is even more beautiful: the plants become yellow, red and orange shades.


The best places to fish in Abkhazia are of the river:

  • Bzyb;
  • Gumista;
  • Yupshara;
  • Gega;
  • Psou;
  • Lashipse.

In these places not only a lot of fishduring catching, people will be able to admire the beautiful scenery. To get to these places by car and by bus.

Beach vacation

In November, the beach holiday is practically impossible, because the sun warms and the sea is quite cold. However, walking can bring incredible pleasure. In November it is worth going to the following beach resorts:

  1. Gudauta;
  2. Sukhum;
  3. Pitsunda;
  4. New Athos.

Excursions and entertainment

To explore must in a cave in New Athos. This unique natural attraction. There are routes for tourists who will go to the cave. Guides will tell about the cave incredible facts, tourist will visit the amazing atmosphere.

In November, the tour is not held every day so find out the schedule of excursions in advance.

Ekskursiya v Novoafonskuu pesheru

Guided tours almost every day in the Abkhazian state Museum. This place tells a lot about the history and culture of Abkhazia. The Museum is located in the city of Sukhumi. From Museum of the sea very small distance. The Museum will be interesting for both children and adults.

In Abkhazia a lot of waterfalls. Even in November, there are tours for tourists, during which you can visit amazing places. The most famous, breathtaking waterfalls are:

  • Waterfall "Girlish tears";
  • Waterfall Bird;
  • Waterfall Dairy;
  • The Gega waterfall.

Each of the waterfalls are worth visiting tourists. The tour will give incredible pleasure, an unforgettable experience.

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Holidays and festivals

At the beginning of July in Abkhazia is the Day of young wine. It is a holiday that locals celebrate throughout the country. Tourists have a unique opportunity to try delicious wine. You can see an incredible celebration, to participate in festivals. In Abkhazia it is very fun, you can attend performances, go to concerts.

At the end of November in Abkhazia is "Constitution Day". You can visit performances. Festivals are held on the streets of big cities, come musicians. The festive atmosphere will cheer up the tourist.

What to buy?

The most sold product Nov steel tangerines, because in this month the season begins. The largest and sweet are considered Athos.

If you take a trip, it is almost always included visits to the tasting rooms of the wine, where you can not onlyto try the products of local winemakers, but also to buy drinks for yourself or as a gift.

All sightseeing places are scattered small rynecki where you can buy Souvenirs with symbols of Abkhaz, aromatic spices, different sorts of honey from local apiaries, Caucasian sweets, and more.

In Abkhazia you can relax not only in summer but also in autumn. November will bring tourists an unforgettable experience.

The traveler will explore the culture of Abkhazia, its history. Every tourist will find entertainment for the soul.

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