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Holland, and Amsterdam in early November: photos, weather, and whether or not to go?

pogoda v Amsterdame v noyabre

Weather in Amsterdam in November rarely pleases bezoblachnoe and warmth. This time fit for traveling for those who are attracted to the fresh, cool, affordable prices and a visit to the cultural attractions of the capital.

November in the Netherlands

osennij period v strane

In November the weather is very unpredictable and sometimes changes several times a day.

Sometimes they happen even freezing, so before you start you should carefully study the weather forecast.

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The overall Outlook in the country

The average temperature of the air, compared to October, down is 6 degrees Celsius. Day the thermometer rises to 10 degrees. At the end of the day the temperature drops a few degrees and is not more than 5 degrees.

In the provinces of Holland weather is not fundamentally different:

  • in the southwest, in cities such as the Hague and Rotterdam, the daytime temperature is kept at around +7 degrees, and night figures are around +5;
  • in the North, in Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland day to 9 degrees, at night not above +6.

What is the air temperature in Amsterdam in the beginning and the end of the month?

kakie temperaturnye pokazateli v konce oseni?

If at the beginning of November in the city you can still catch the Sunny days, the closer to the end of the month Amsterdam are completely immersed in a haze of mist.

In the first decade of November, the weather is kept at around +10-12 degrees. Occasionally weather gives tourists and residents a clear days. In the second decade the temperature falls to 4 degrees and is already higher than +8, remaining unchanged until the end of the month.

Other weather conditions

Precipitation in November in the form of night showers or drizzling rain during the day – are not uncommon.

At the end of autumn usually falls between about 80 mm of rainfall, while the humidity reaches 90%.

The average force of the wind is 9 m/s. The water temperature is not more than +7 degrees and the day length is 9 hours.

Autumn vacation in the capital - photos

foto noyabrskogo otdyha

Despite the weather conditions Nov, sights and types of Amsterdam will impress any guest.

Should I go?

Vacation in November will be a big plus for those who:

  1. likes romantic "St. Petersburg" weather and is not afraid to get wet;
  2. want to significantly save in November in Amsterdam low season, involving a substantial discount;
  3. doesn't want to stand in queues when you visit attractions;
  4. wants to visit the most interesting cultural festivals.

Don't go to Amsterdam in November for those who prefer to soak up the sun and do not tolerate high humidity, preferring cloudy days to stay home. Weather leaves much to be desired and can ruin a travel experience.

How to dress?

Be sure to bring warm clothes – sweaters, sweatshirts, pullovers, windproof jacket with a hood, tight closed shoes, and raincoats. For fun on the water, take a hat, scarf and gloves. But the umbrella, especially luxury brands, it is better not to take – it is unlikely he will survive the November wind.

Think carefully about your wardrobe, not to depend on the weather and feel comfortable with any surprise.

What to do this month?

Cultural program in Amsterdam are saturated throughout the year: visits to museums,architectural attractions, exhibitions and festivals give a lot of vivid impressions.

What to see and do?

kuda shodit?

Amsterdam is famous for its many museums. Among them stands out:

  • the house-Museum of Rembrandt,
  • memorial Museum Anne Frank, in memory of the victims of the Holocaust
  • the Museum van Gogh.

Of special interest is the national Museum, rich in collections of Rembrandt, Hals, Vermeer, and other representatives of the Dutch school of painting. In addition, it presents the whole history of the Dutch Kingdom in sculptures and paintings.

Trip through the canals of Amsterdam – the opportunity to enjoy the incredible architecture of this city. Fans of shopping should visit the famous markets of Amsterdam – Waterlooplein and albert Kaufmarkt that sells antique objects and Souvenirs.

One of the most original attractions is the Red light district, the district representatives of the oldest profession, and many institutions from the category of "adult", by the way is perfectly safe. It is especially spectacular after dark. A vivid history of the quarter's better to learn from the guide.

Interesting to visit the old Church of Amsterdam, such as the Nieuwe Kerk, Westerkerk. The latter, erected in the Renaissance style, considered one of the most beautiful in the city.

After dark, be sure to visit the Leidseplein. Here is concentrated the nightlife of Amsterdam: an incredible number of cafes, shops, theatres and vibrant performances of street artists, which continues until the morning.

Holidays and festivals

  1. Every year, in early November, a local "Night of museums". On this day all the museums are open until two in the morning.
  2. The program of the festival includes musical performances, delicious food and festivities.

  3. In mid-November is the IDFA – international documentary film festival, whose program involved local filmmakers and real world stars.
  4. Every year, the Netherlands celebrates the arrival of Sinterklaas – the Dutch Santa Claus. He travels to different cities across the country, stopping in the squares, talking with their admirers.
  5. At the end of November in Amsterdam, the annual fair of vintage Antiques, which presents rare works of art, books and treasures for every taste.

See in this videowhat the weather can be in Amsterdam in November: