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Rest in Anapa with pictures: what the weather, temperature and what to do in November?

pogoda v noyabre v Anape

Anapa is one of the most popular summer resorts on the territory of which is dominated by picturesque nature, magnificent beaches and infrastructure. Even the beach season here lasts a long time – in spite of the late autumn, in November, you can catch warm days.

What is the weather like in November in Anapa?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v gorode v konce oseni?

The trip to Anapa in November is a great opportunity to escape to the sea, forgetting for a while about the chilly autumn weather.

Even despite the fact that the month of November is not much spoils the warmth of the vacation can be rich and interesting.

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The average temperature of air and water

Weather in Anapa in November are changeable. "The velvet season" ended in October, and in November the temperature will depend on where the wind blows. If the wind is blowing from the sea, the weather promises to be warm and humid, but if it changes the direction and it blows from the North, it is getting much colder. At one point clear days with abnormally warm temperatures can give way to cloudy weather with rainfall and cold wind.

On clear days, the air warms up to a comfortable 20 degrees, and the water temperature to +17°C. Under the action of sunlight Black sea is warming up good enough in order to be able to dive into it, but not too long, and after swimming should immediately get dressed. At night the air cools to 8 degrees, and outside is pretty cool.

On cloudy days the temperature barely gets warm to the level of 11 to 14 degrees, and at night drops to +4°C. however, sea water does not have time to cool down. Its daytime temperature is +16 degrees. In those days a great alternative to a beach holiday will be the indoor pools, which are offered in many hotels.

The rains come in November to last week of the month, and the number of cloudy days does not exceed nine. Sometimes it snows, but during this period it is wet and melts very quickly forming mud.

The particular weather conditions

Weather in Anapa in November steadily approaching winter. During this period, a little rainy and cloudy days, but high humidity even on a warm day creates a feeling of coolness. Overall, the resort is the weather, typical of September in the Central region.

November vacation - photos

noyabrskij otpusk - foto

In Anapa can be very good and fun to relax not even in season. All that is required is to pick the right closet, and to define the purpose of the trip.

How to dress?

Before I go in November at a resort in Anapa, you should carefully prepare for the trip in advance, reviewing your wardrobe.

In a warm and clear day on the street without fear to walk around in shorts and t-shirt, and pool suit swimsuit.

To feel comfortable on the street in cloudy days and cool nights, you should definitely pack a suitcase in a warm jacket, waterproof and comfortable shoes, and umbrella and a sweater. This outfit will allow you to stay warm and not get sick, walking along the coast or going on tours attractions.

If the trip is planned for the end of November, it is best to bring a hat and gloves. These attributes will help to keep you warm on the coldest days.

The pros and cons

In November, the beaches, cafes and attractions in Anapa closed, and opens only in may. But in this season of here come those who love to fish. This can be done directly from the shore – in any case, a big catch is provided.

No heat and the opportunity to sunbathe or swim does not prevent tourists to go on vacation in Anapa in November. This month will not be sweltering heat, and most of the attractions still available.

Especially it should be noted that in November, fresh ionized sea air is good for health. Regular walking strengthenimmunity, but for the best effect you can go on a Wellness holiday at one of the local resorts.

The main advantage is the low cost of vouchers for resort and accommodation in the hotel rooms, but first it is necessary to clarify whether the heating.

What to do this month?

CHem zanyatsya v etom mesyace?

Anapa is rich in entertainment, not even in a cool time. If you're lucky with the weather, there always is the opportunity to go on exciting excursions or participate in various activities.

Where to go and what to see?

Anapa and the surrounding area of this city is incredibly interesting in terms of tourism. Wonderful nature and many ancient monuments of history will not get bored on vacation. To explore the city independently or go sightseeing in a group.

In November you can visit:

  • Taman Peninsula;
  • The remains of ancient cities;
  • Places of Cossack forces;
  • Megalithic structures;
  • Dolphinarium in Outrage;
  • Monuments of nature.

Special attention deserves a visit to Abrau-Durso village, which produces some of the best champagnes and wines. During the tour, tourists are introduced to the features that how to make drinks, and show storage locations located in the cellar and then taste the finished product.

Holidays and festivals

In November in Anapa is a holiday of young winemade of grapes "Isabella". During this event, tourists have the opportunity to try the best products at local fairs.

November 4 at Theater square, the main square of the city residents gather to celebrate the Day of National Unity. On this day you can visit the fair, where they sell local products and to walk on concerts and dancing.

Autumn is especially good in the resorts of the Black sea, Anapa is no exception.

Even in November, here great, and the variety of opportunities for an unforgettable vacation will make it interesting.

But it's also important not to forget about the rain and cool weatherthat accompanies this month.

Watch a video about the weather in Anapa on the sea in November. Here you will see what kind of sport you can do at this time: