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Turkey: what is the weather, water temperature, holidays in early November in Antalya?

pogoda v Antalii v noyabre

For Russians, Turkey is the most available foreign resort, where you can go not only in summer but also in cold seasons.

Weather in Antalya in November is quite cool and rainy. Despite this, many residents and tourists continue to swim and sunbathe.

What's the weather in Antalya for November?

kakoj prognoz na konec oseni?

For November in Antalya characteristic changeability of the weather – rainy and cool morning can easily be replaced by a warm and Sunny day.

The temperature of the air and water at the beginning and the end of the month

Despite the end of autumn and the approach to the winter, November in Antalya continues to make its high temperatures.

In the first half of the month the daytime temperature is equal to +20-21 degrees Celsius. By night this figure is equal to 12-16 degrees.

By the end of the month the temperature begins to steadily drop. At the end of November in the afternoon the air warms up to +16-18 degrees, at night – up to +10-12 degrees.

Water temperature of the Mediterranean sea in November varies from +20 to +24 degrees. The water is warmer in the first half of the month, then it becomes cooler and cooler.

Other weather conditions

inye klimaticheskie usloviya

In November in Antalya falls 8-10 rainy, or as they are called, wet days out of 30. For a month is more than 100 mm of precipitation. Humidity in November is around 60-70%.

Change in atmospheric pressure causes strong winds on the coast and frequent changing weather. In the morning there are fogs and cloudy weather.

The November holiday in Turkey

November in Antalya is not as warm as the summer months, but nevertheless, the weather remains warm and comfortable for a vacationthat is not comparable with the Russian slush and cold.

Vacation in Antalya in November has its own characteristics, which is suitable not for every tourist.

Should I go?

nuzhno li priezzhat?

To decide whether to go at this time of the year to Antalya, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of such a choice.

The advantages of rest are:

  • low cost tour and services (10-15% lower than in October and less than half than in the autumn season);
  • the opportunity to try fresh fruits and berries – in the period of fruit harvest just catches its ripeness and maturity;
  • quiet, relaxed atmosphere on the coast without the crowds and loud parties;
  • the ideal time for sightseeing and excursions in the surrounding area;
  • in November pass sales of various goods, including, and clothing.

Disadvantages of rest are as follows:

  1. changeable and often cold weather, which prevents to enjoy a dip in the sea wave;
  2. the difficulty in visiting some sites in November most of the tourist companies are closed and to find a guide is almost impossible;
  3. a palpable coolness in the evening hours.

The most suitable group of people to visit Antalya in November is pensioners and couples with children.

How to dress?

While vacationing in Antalya in November, it is better to stock a variety of wardrobe, which includes warm and light things. In the daytime tourists will need light summer clothes and swimwear, and night time sweaters, light jackets and closed shoes.

It should also be borne in mindthat at the end of Novemberneed more warm clothes than at the beginning of the month.

What to do in this period?

chem zanyatsya?

November holidays in Antalya more connected with sightseeing and gastronomy program than a fun pastime on the beach. Despite the fact that the tourist season in Turkey is over, the curious traveler will still find a lot of interesting and useful activities.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

Beach lovers will be disappointed in November in Antalya it is difficult to enjoy this particular pastime. But, as the water temperature in the beginning of the month still holds at the level of 23-24°C, some tourists are bathing.

Cloudy weather and strong winds even in warm water temperatures discourage any person desire to splash in the sea.

Besides, in November, there are frequent storms and strong waves, in which bathing is simply forbidden. But the revenues always come quality pools located in the territory of each hotel.

Excursions and entertainment

In November, tourist in Antalya to himself – with the help of regional transport, he may visit all the nearby attractions and places of interest. Antalya itself is rich with many ancient historical artifacts:

  • mosque minaret;
  • the ancient Hadrian's gate;
  • clock tower Saat Kulesi , and others.

You can also visit historical and archaeological museums of the city.

November is also perfect for the boardwalk and admiring the natural landscapes. Also in November pass sales of clothing and other goods, so that the tourists can make an interesting purchase.

Holidays and festivals

In November in Antalya is an international festival of piano and jazz music, which stretched on for three weeks. This festival is among the five most grandiose festivals in the world.

Also in November is television festival-competitionin which can participate all interested persons. In some years, November has one of the Muslim holidays, which the Turks celebrate with family and close friends.

See also in this video, what is the weather on the coast Antalya in November: