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Holidays Bali weather in November

pogoda v noyabre na Bali

If you want to discover the most picturesque and exotic places of the world, is to think about travel in Indonesia, namely the island of Bali is one of the largest and most beautiful Islands of the Malay archipelago.

Most often in such places I want to go on a rainy cold autumn again to regain a piece of the summer, because the weather in November in Bali is just perfect.

Climate forecast: what's the weather like in November in Bali?

temperaturnye usloviya v konce oseni

In our latitudes in November is already slushy and uncomfortable, so feel free to pack your bags and go on a warm Sunny island, so before the long winter again to relax on the beach.

The average temperature of water and air

Bali is typical tropical climate, so it's hot all year round.

Seasonal temperature fluctuations are not too significant, but even a slight increase markedly affects the weather.

The average temperature in November in Bali reaches 32-33°C (in the interior of the island, the figure may be a couple of degrees below). At night, you won't be needing warm blankets: the thermometer column will fall to +23°C. to Swim in the ocean you can feel the water temperature in the Indian ocean and the Bali sea is an average of +29°C.

The particular weather conditions

specifika pogodnogo rezhima

Nov in Bali is border month between the dry season and the rainy season when the dry monsoon from South-East gives way to more humid North-Western winds. The latter brings to the island is not only the flow of hot moist air, which is sometimes hard to breathe, but at times, and thunderstorms.

The amount of precipitation in November increased almost 3 times, but the rains tend to last a short time – from 5 minutes to 1.5 hours and are mostly at night. Morning and day to use the rain cover you have is extremely rare and, most likely, already after few minutes again the sun will Shine.

The average number of rainy days is 8 days in a month, and the number of hours of sunshine per day on average is nine. The humidity level is very high and often rises to 80%.

In most parts of the island it can rain up to 200 mm of rain, and only in the center the weather remains dry enough.

Holidays in the late fall

A trip to Bali in November will be an unforgettable memory, even though this holiday has its advantages and disadvantages.

The pros and cons

preimushestva i nedostatki

To the pluses of the November trip to the island include:

  • Reduction of prices on tickets and apartments in hotels in the beginning of the rainy season;
  • The lack of crowds on the beaches;
  • It rains every dayfor a long time, often at night, so you will have time to enjoy a beach holiday;
  • Very warm waterwhere you can swim for a very long time.

But have holiday in Bali in November and significant disadvantage: it's very hot and humid weather. Therefore, people suffering from serious diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine and respiratory systems, are better at this time to cancel the trip.

Also if it rains quite frequently, the sea or the ocean becomes turbid and transparent to see the bottom with floating small fishes you will not succeed.

What to wear?

As you travel to the tropics, it is logical to bring a swimsuit and summer clothes: shorts, t-shirts, shirts, light dresses, pants and skirts. However, the rain becomes slightly cool, so in closet recreation should include a sweater, jacket, slim jeans, sneakers, a light jacket or a windbreaker.

What to do at this time?

The weather on the island thismonth offers not only tanning or swimming in the sea, but also to active recreation and excursions.

Beach vacation

Although rainfall in Bali in November is still a relatively rare guests periodically during rainstorms will have to leave the beach. Beginners to sailing should be particularly careful at this time of the year possible occurrence of big waves. On the island there are special dive sites where you can safely go scuba diving or surfing.

plyazhnyj kurort

Entertainment and excursions

If a Bank is too hot and you want a shady coolness, embark on a tour of the jungle in the middle of the island or in the mountains. You sure to impress the sacred "monkey Forest"where a lot of the tailed primates. Also, try to explore such attractionsas Rice terraces, where it is always fresh and nice and local temples, the most famous of which is Tanah Lot.

Holidays and festivals

This month in Kuta is an interesting jazz festival, which lasts 3 days and is arranged in a "Hard Rock Cafe". This theme is different every year, and the musicians often play on the beaches and streets of the city.

For tourists is often carried out an hour and a half "Devdas Show", where tourists more familiar with the culture and traditions of Bali.

See this video, what are the conditions for surfing in Bali in November: