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Holidays in Turkey: what is the weather, the water temperature in Belek in early November?

pogoda v Beleke v noyabre

Belek is a small town in Turkey, 30 km from Antalya. He is considered one of the most respected and expensive resorts of the Turkish Mediterranean. Here an unusual nature, where sandy beaches, an amazing combination of pine, eucalyptus and pine groves.

Although the main tourist season is over, the weather in Belek in November allows you to organize a great, diverse and meaningful holiday.

What is the weather and water temperature in November in Belek?

pogodnyj i temperaturnyj rezhim pozdnej osenu

The average temperature of air for the month - +20°C day 10°C night. The sea water is warmer, on average, +23°C.

In early November, the air warms up in the afternoon to +23°C and even up to +25°C,
at about +10-12°C.

Gradually the daytime temperature is reduced to +21-23°C by the middle of November and 17-19°C in the last days. The night temperature is changed respectively to +10°C and +9°C.

Water temperature in the Mediterranean sea is almost constant, that is, in the beginning of November she +24°C, and at the end of +21°C.

Starts the rainy season, if you can call 7 days for the entire month, when precipitation falls. The total amount of precipitation up to 130 mm, but in previous months they are much smaller.

Daylight lasts 11 hours, with 8 hours of sunshine. The winds aremostly weak, with an average speed of 2.7 m/sec.

Vacation in Turkey in autumn

tureckij otpusk v osennij period

The infrastructure of Belek is well developed, the level of service meets the highest international standards.

Should I go?

Like many southern resorts with end of the swimming season dramatically reduced the number of tourists. A similar situation can be observed in Belek.

In the beginning of the month the tourists to enjoy swimming in the sea and tanning under the warm, not scorching sun.

In November come here:

  • those who want to wait out the Northern rainy season in a comfortable weather conditions;
  • they are joined by opponents of the sweltering Mediterranean summer heat;
  • and even those, who committed good save on the cost of flights and hotel.

est li smysl ehat?

Gradually, the air becomes cooler, the desire to enter the water decreases. But it remains possible:

  1. to enjoy nature;
  2. to breathe in healing sea air;
  3. visit SPA treatments;
  4. choose a hotel with an indoor pool and swim there;
  5. to sunbathing on the beach;
  6. to go on interesting excursions.

All of this can be attributed to the advantage of the November holiday in Belek for those who like such entertainment.

The disadvantages are the same in that many hotels in this period closed, much weaker tourist infrastructure. Well, bathing is also not that summer.

How to dress better?

In connection with the changing over of the month the weather conditions need to grab clothing for all occasions:

  • shorts and t-shirts;
  • hoodies and sweaters;
  • coats and warm jackets;
  • comfortable shoes.

What to do at this time?

In Belek is the national Golf club, is one of the centres of a well-known game that is known all over the world.

Here also love to spend time relaxing famous football teams from different countries, as the resort has excellent football field.

Is it possible to swim?

vozmozhnosti dlya kupaniya

In the first week of November is still quite a high temperaturethe air and water remains warm throughout the month.

Swim in early Nov can all the campers. Further, when the air is colder than the water, and out of the sea less comfortable doing this only the brave and (or) seasoned travelers.

To the other pools with heated water in the hotels.

Entertainment and excursions

Autumn in Belek offers an active, health and cognitive rest, which includes:

  1. a walk in pine and eucalyptus groves, where healthful sea air mixed with the odors of trees and promotes good health;
  2. a well-equipped SPA centres, where there are hamams (Turkish baths), saunas, where you can spend time with benefits for health and beauty;
  3. learning to play Golf under the guidance of experienced instructors;
  4. the Aqua Park Troy, the main composition of which is a Trojan horse, according to the authors, made in natural size.

Although Belek is still quite a young city (the resort has existed since 1984), it is surrounded by many attractions. Group tours in November are not, but you can order an individual tour or rent a car to see interesting sights:

  • the protected natural area of the Koprulu canyon, where you can try your hand at the role of the climber;
  • the ancient theatre (about 20 minutes);
  • ancient arena (15 minutes drive);
  • the Oluk bridge, built in the II century.

ekskursii v kanon

Active rest also includes:

  1. Quad Safari;
  2. rafting, which should at least watch if not participate;
  3. fascinating fishing;
  4. playing sports in specially equipped areas and more.

A varied menu to attract cafes and restaurants in Belek and the surrounding towns.

Just 30 km away is Antalya, where you can also find entertainment or spend time shopping. All prices are lower than in season.

Unfortunately, there are no holidays and festivals in Turkey in November, no, but you can always visit a variety of exhibitions in local galleries and museums.

The November holiday in Belek will leave a lasting impression on those who visit here at this time. It's the perfect time and place, including for families with children.

More interesting information about Belek in this video: