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Holidays in Montenegro in November: what the weather, temperature, what to see?

pogoda v noyabre v CHernogorii

Montenegro is a small European country on the Balkan Peninsula, bordering the Adriatic sea. Thanks to the natural resources, abundance of attractions and favorable climate, is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Europe.


Klimat CHernogorii

The North of the country is characterized by moderate continental, and subtropical seaside climate. In Central areas the weather is cooler than at the coast, because the subalpine environment.

The average temperature in winter is around 5 degrees, but light frosts are not excluded - the temperature falls to -15 degrees. The mountain is distinguished by the cold and heavy snowfalls. Daytime temperatures in the highlands 0 - 3 degrees, at night - 6 – 9 degrees below zero.

Warm spring in Montenegro begins in March. The air temperature in this month is about +15. In may, the air warms up +18 - +22 degrees.

Summer in Montenegro is hot: the temperature never drops below 26 – 29 degrees, and sometimes rises up to +39. At night the thermometer column does not fall below 21.

Autumn is warm until October of the temperature +20-+25 degrees during the day and about 18 in the night.

Weather in November

November in Montenegro rainy, but quite warm and perfect for those who appreciate a comfortable coolness.

The average daytime temperature on the coast and Central areas in early November - 17 degrees by day and 10 degrees at night.

In mid-November the average temperature is +14 degrees, in the end 10 degrees.

As to the temperature of the water, then along the coast are cold currents, the water cools slowly and averages 16 degrees. This temperature is not suitable for swimming, so in late autumn , beach season is traditionally closed. And in the mountains the temperature often falls to below zero.

The climate in Montenegro is diverse: the sea is much warmer than in the Central areas and the mountains.

November's weather is characterized by heavy rains and strong gusts of wind. In the mountain regions since early November snowfall is not excluded, at the end of the month opens the ski season.

The advantages of visiting this time

In November, Montenegro officially closed the beach season. Reduced influx of tourists: you can enjoy the beauty of local attractions. In addition, the journey to November is more profitable: the price of living is extremely low.

Montenegrin natural monuments in the autumn revealed in a new light and shines in splendor and Majesty. Opening in late November, the ski season will be another plus for the visit to Montenegro in November, if you are a lover of active rest.

What clothes should I take with me?

Kakuu odezhdu brat na otdyh?

For a comfortable stay are recommended to bring in vacation warm clothes: a sweater and a warm windproof jacket. In November in Montenegro is established typical European autumn, so it is advisable to bring a raincoat or umbrella.

Montenegrin November is not stable: for example, in 2015, the air temperature on the coast was 24 degrees Celsius. So, don't forget about the easy stuff – they also come in handy. By evening, colder – so without warm sweaters will not do.

Weather conditions for popular resorts

  • Budva - the tourist center of Montenegro, along the Adriatic coast. According to the Metrology, the highest daily temperature in November there were 22 degrees above zero. Low night temperature is +4 degrees. The average daily temperature in Budva was 17 degrees, at night – 11 degrees of heat.

    Temperaturewater in the sea was 20 degrees.

  • In November 2015 dropped 123 mm of rainfall, which confirms the reputation of November as the rainy months in Montenegro.

  • Cozy town Kotor is situated on the shores of the Gulf of the Adriatic sea. For several years the highest daily temperature in November was about 21 degrees above zero. The minimum temperature is +1 degree. The average temperature of the air 16 degrees, and at night – about eight with a plus sign. Precipitation was 118 mm.

    The average water temperature in November was 20 degrees above zero.

What to see and do?

Montenegro is famous for its amazing natural diversity, the beauty of old cities, the grandeur of cultural and religious monuments.


dostoprimechatelnost - Kafedralnyj sobor

The most narrow-minded interest are the old towns of Montenegro, especially the city of Kotor and Budva.

Old Kotor is the soul of Montenegro, called "Little Venice". The city is surrounded by a fortified wall with entrance, known as the "Sea gate", which has preserved a medieval bas-reliefs.

In the centre of Kotor is the oldest Cathedral of Saint Tryphon the middle of the XII century and the Church of St. Luke, with two altars, the Catholic and the Orthodox.

The main attractions of Budva are concentrated in the old district.

With massive fortress walls offers beautiful views of the Old town with its large number of churches. Including St. John's Church, which houses a revered Montenegrins Barskaya icon of virgin Mary, according to tradition written by the Holy Apostle Luke.

Budva old town immerses each visitor in the atmosphere of the past, enjoying the views of Montenegrin nature.

Montenegro is known for its large number of old fortresses. For example, in the city of Herceg Novi from the water rises the massive Forte Mare.

In addition, the Balkan country is famous for ancient palaces:

  • Palace of the XV century Grobania in Kotor, which has preserved its appearance to the present day;
  • The king Nikola's Palace of the XIX century in the city of Bar, with well-preserved collection of yachts of the king. Now here Museum;
  • The Pima Palace of the XVII century in Kotor, combining architectural styles of Baroque and Renaissance.

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Natural monuments

Montenegro is represented by the monuments that you must see:

  • Boka Bay in the West of the country, stretching for 30 km and creating spectacular landscapes;
  • Mountain Biogradska, 17 km from the town of Kolasin, washed by the rivers lim and Tara, the oldest national Park of Montenegro, known pure glacial lake and virgin forests;
  • Skadar lake is 5 km from the capital, the largest reserve in the Balkans, populated by a large number of birds and rare fish species;
  • Prirodnyj zaliv

    In November the swimming season in Montenegro is already closed. The sea is cold, swimming is not recommended, but you can always admire the beautiful nature, fall asleep with the sea and the picturesque landscapes of deserted beaches.

  • The Tara river canyon, a total length of 82 km, is one of the deepest canyons in Europe;
  • Durmitor – national Park pass Crkvine, with a huge number of glacial lakes and springs.


Pilgrims from around the world gather in the Holy matsah the following:

  1. 15 km from the town of Danilovgrad is founded by St Basil of Ostrog Monastery Ostrog, carved into the rock high in the mountains.
  2. The Cathedral of Saint Tryphon is a historical monument and the main temple of the city of Kotor, a place of pilgrimage for Christians from around the world. In the Gothic Cathedral the relics of St. Tryphon – the patron Saint of the city.
  3. Cetinje monastery is located in the town of Cetinje, where monks carefully preserve local relics: the relics of St. Peter Zainskogo, the right hand of John the Baptist, particle of the Holy cross of the Lord, the stole of the great Balkan of the Saint - St. Sava Serbian.


In Montenegro many different museums that are better to visit with an experienced guide. Tours are conducted in all languages, including Russian.

  • National Museum of Montenegro, combining historical, ethnographic, and art museums, the Museum of king Nikola, Museum of Njegos, and the Museum of Billiards, which is a relief map of Montenegro;
  • Maritime Museum in Kotor introduces visitors to the history of navigation;
  • Cetinje Museum of art, representing the exposure of Serbian artists, as well as suchthe world's great painters;
  • Museum of Skadar lake, showing layouts of local animals and birds.

Holidays and festivals


In November in the city of Bar is a traditional holiday of children's creativity "Meetings under the old olive"on the theme of kindness and love.

In Mikova is an annual film festival, and November 30, all of Montenegro celebrates the first harvest – Maslinica.

On this day tourists can buy fruits of the harvest – honey, wine, vegetables, olives, or ready meals. On stage are popular musical groups. It is a day of mass celebration across the country.

Active holidays with children

Family vacation in November is quite comfortable. Weather in November is not hot and will allow you to see the sights with the kids. In addition, November is a storehouse of useful fresh fruit, which you will be able to treat the child.

November is a suitable month for lovers of active rest.

At the end of the month in Kolasin open the ski season. The length of the trails is 15 km.

Lovers of Hiking can explore the Tara canyon in the town of Mojkovac and its rapid waters suitable for rafting.

In Budva and Kotor for lovers of yachting located yacht marinas.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the ski resort of Kolasin – all tracks are equipped with lifts for children and in the resort centre pour ice-skating.


To improve your health will help you motels in Montenegro:

  • The town of Herceg Novi known as the Botanical garden of the whole country. Services to local health centers, coupled with the air of the Mediterranean and the clear water of the Adriatic will improve your health for many years to come;
  • The pearl of Montenegro, Igalo sanatorium is 45 km from Kotor and 7 km from Herceg-Novi and offers Wellness and beach holidays, as well as plenty of festivals for every taste. Here is a famous Institute of physiotherapy and rehabilitation named. Dr. Milosevic.
  • The hallmark of Montenegro for over half a century is a city-hotel San Stefano. Winner of prestigious international awards, with its enchanting magnificence of tourists from around the world, this Paradise island is 9 km from Budva will open my heart to you!

Find out what the weather in Budva in November, from this video: