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Vacation in the Dominican Republic in November: weather, temperature, fruits, where better to relax?

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The Dominican Republic is one of the most exotic resorts in Latin America.

Nestled on the Caribbean coast, this exotic country is ready to accept all who yearn for true Paradise vacation on the white sandy beach with the soothing sounds of the surf.

What is the weather expected by travellers in the last month of autumn? Where to relax, what kind of fruit to try? We will understand!

Climate and temperature Dominican Republic in November

November is considered the final month of the rainy season, the weather is still capricious and unpredictable. The rains this month, a sudden but short-lived.

A few minutes of heavy rain and the Dominican Republic are once again ready to delight You with its sun and comfortable temperature.

All those days in November will be typed no more than a dozen, so count on full relaxation this month is quite reasonable.

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Weather at popular resorts

Punta Cana located on the Eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. This area is considered one of the most popular resorts in the country, primarily because there is not observed sudden temperature changes, and the rainy season shorter.

Usually in this region in November is already fully abate the threat of hurricanes. The day maximum temperature can stay around 30°C, night falls below 20°C. the Average water temperature of 28°C.

Puerto Plata, or as it is called, "jantarnij Bereg", one of the favorite resorts of tourists who like to combine active rest with beach relaxation.

Comfortable average temperature in November is around 26-29°C, will allow not only to enjoy a beach holiday, but also contribute to local attractionssuch as the Amber Museum or a rum factory.

The water temperature reflects the average temperature of the air that is also in the 26-29°C.

Juan Dolio pleases tourists for its tropical temperature almost year-round. At high humidity the temperature of Juan Dolio in November does not fall below the level of 25°C during the day.

The average rate of daytime temperatures of 25°C, the temperature of the water heated to 32°C.

Bayahibe, a pleasant and comfortable resort for families with children. The season of storms almost non-existent in this Paradise, so the November holiday in this place is unlikely to disappoint You.

The average temperature is kept around 25°C, the water is heated to 29°C.

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The main feature of the vacation in the Dominican Republic in November is the instability of the climatic conditions. A tropical downpour can catch You at any moment, and predict it in advance is impossible.

Fortunately, heavy rains in buckets, the rains are short and are unlikely to spoil your beach vacation even with a travel bias.

On vacation in the Dominican Republic in November, except for a beach summer t-shirts and shorts, don't forget to take warm clothing. This month already felt the approach of a tropical winter.

Therefore, light jackets and jeans will not be superfluous, it is desirable to have at hand a raincoat, in order to escape from a sudden heavy rain.

If You plan on Hiking trips on hills, and especially in caves, make sure there woolen clothes, because the temperature in this place is far below comfortable.

Most fruits which are famous in the Dominican Republic, grow year-round. Dominican Republic real banana Paradise. This familiar fruit is You in a large quantity will be met in this country at any time of the year.

More exotic such as passion fruit, mango, Teresa (or West Indian cherry), papaya, mamoncillo also do not have significant binding to seasonality.

But if you're a fan of mango, then a trip to the Dominican Republic in November will be pleasantly surprised with the fact that this month starts on the seasonal harvest of this luscious fruit vitamin.

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Things to do tourist?

The Dominican Republic is pleased will please fans of the tour guests variety and exotic programs.

Sightseeing tour of Santo Domingo will immerse You in the time of its Foundation, and it is 1492.About this time Columbus and discovered the island of Haiti.

Saona island is an extraordinarily beautiful piece of Paradise - will resonate in the hearts of creative people. Founded by artists the city of Altos De chavón to be met with on its shores, the stars of world culture.

There are musical evenings, concerts, workshops.

In addition to the excursions, each resort Dominican Republic offers fishing, active jeep tours, horseback riding, swimming with dolphins, helicopter flights and much more.

November not a good month for travel to Dominican Republic, if You dream of holidays and carnivals.

The most ambitious of them, like the Carnival in Santo Domingo, held in February. Foundation day of Santo Domingo takes place in August, and in October the "Festival of Puerto Plata".

But do not think that without large-scale entertainment You will be bored from the beach. Dominicans are very active and cheerful people.

If you wish, You can have fun at a beach party that are so popular on the coast.