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Germany - Hamburg: what is the weather, temperature and what to see in November?

pogoda v Germanii v noyabre

Most of the tourists believes that autumn vacation in Europe is largely inferior to the summer. But the climate of many countries contributes to a pleasant pastime, even in this capricious time of year.

But the weather in Germany in November can be not quite favourable for visiting the country, it all depends on the preferences of the tourists.

What is the weather in Germany in November?

pogodnyj rezhim v Germanii v konce oseni

As Germany – the country is small, temperature in the whole country do not differ much.

With the exception of mountain areas where the temperature is much higher than in the lowlands (due to the influence of southerly winds).

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The temperature of the air and water

In early November, air temperatures range from +10 to +13°C, but at night the thermometer drops to zero. The air temperature gradually decreases and at the end of the month, rarely exceeds the mark of +5-6°C.

Despite the fact that the ponds still frozen at this time of year, the water temperature is already quite low.

A month is quite unpredictableand often cloudy days give way to Sunny and clear. Often with precipitation. Most days of month in Germany is damp and cool.

Weather conditions for popular resorts

klimaticheskie usloviya v populyarnyh gorodah

To have a clearer idea of the weather in the country, consider the situation in several selected cities:

  • Baden-Baden. The average daily temperature is 9.6 degrees, the night temperature is 4.2 degrees. Equally happen clear, cloudy and rainy days.

    The amount of precipitation in Baden-Baden in November, less than year and is about 60 mm.

    The average wind speed is 2.7 m/s, which is stable throughout the year. The average number of Sunny hours per day is 4.7 h – one of the lowest figures for the year.

  • Berlin. The average daytime temperature is +5-6 degrees, the ambient temperature at night - +3 degrees Celsius. Also at night the temperature can drop slightly below zero. The number of Sunny days is about 75%.

    The average rainfall is 44 mm. high and the Humidity is about 85%. Average wind speed - 4 m/s, which is within the normal range. The average number of Sunny hours per day to 4.6 hours

  • sinopticheskie osobennosti na turisticheskih kurortah

  • Hamburg. The average day temperature - +7, +2 degrees Celsius. The number of days when tourists are pleased with the Sunny weather, is 60%. The remaining 40% are cloudy or rainy weather. In November in Hamburg falls to 59 mm of precipitation, accounting for 8% of the annual norm.

    Average wind speed – 4 m/s, but there are gusts up to 8 m/sec. the Average number of Sunny hours and 4.2 hours per day.

Features of rest in late autumn

Despite the low temperatures and often rainy days, stay in Germany in November can still work out well.

Whether to go to the country at this time?

Autumn weather in Germany is quite capricious, but this does not mean that because of the lower temperatures you need to cancel a visit to the country.

There are many attractions "under the roof", which is possible in any weather.

The climate of Germany is relatively soft, and with proper selection of the city can be quite a long time to enjoy the autumn walks. For example, in Hamburg November is the driest month of the year, and the influx of tourists during this periodminor. This creates the conditions for a comfortable stay.

What things are best to bring?

For the end of autumn are characteristic of cooling and increase in precipitation, so it is recommended to take an umbrella, warm sweater, jeans or pants, a hat and a jacket. Of course, it is likely that during the holidays will be no rainy day, but better to be ready for anything.

What to do at this time?

chto delat v etot period?

The country abounds in various sights, excursions, tours and extreme entertainment. It is because of such an extensive entertainment program go here all year round.

What to see?

In Germany there are many museums, the most famous of which are "Topography of terror" in Berlin, Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, the "Green vaults" of Dresden , etc. in Addition, there are placesthat could not be avoided by any self-respecting tourist:

  1. The Berlin wall. This wall is the epitome of the "iron curtain" in a particular country. At the moment it is one of the most important historical monuments of the country, and recalls the most difficult period during the existence of the state;
  2. The Dresden state Opera. This Opera is justly considered one of the best in the world and is one of the cultural centers of the country. Here come some of the most famous teams from around the world;
  3. Cologne Cathedral. The greatness of this Cathedral is rightly regarded as the lovers of architecture, and conventional tourists. The Cathedral is a classic monument of Gothic architecture, and its observation deck offers a picturesque view of the city;
  4. The Lake Constance. One of the most beautiful natural sights in the country. The lake is located on the border of Switzerland, Germany and Austria.
  5. Tourists come here because of the large number of Hiking and mountain trails, as well as access to many extreme sports.

kakie mesta posetit?

In addition to the standard attractions, many tourists are attracted to sales, which begin in November. Basically this month discounts are the privilege of the budget stores, but for owners of discount cards can enter on private sales from fashion brands.

Holidays and festivals

Because the Germans are very fond of various celebrations and festivals in November, you can also find some significant for Germany events:

  • St. Martin's Day. This day (the holiday falls on 11 November) in the evening you can meet a procession of people holding paper lanterns in the shape of a warrior, the sight looks charming. Then throughout Germany bonfires and children go trick-or-treating;
  • The Berlin jazz festival. As you can tell by name, this festival attracts jazz bands from around the world. The event is considered one of the key European jazz festivals;
  • Talmud. This festival is held annually in Munich and is an important artistic event not only for Germany but for Europe as a whole;
  • Installations, many of the art facilities, a variety of shows and performances in the amount of a lot of fun make this festival one of the most anticipated events of the year.

  • Opening of the carnival season in Cologne. Traditionally, the opening of the season on the 11th of November and starts at 11 am 11 minutes that day on the streets of the city can be found first the clowns, but the main festivities in store for the next months.

    The Cologne carnival is rightly put on a par with events of Venice and Rio de Janeiro, so visit at its opening – the dream of every fan festivals.

In addition to all these holidays, each city in Germany has its own "red dates" on the calendar. November is replete with carnivals of different subjects and scale. All you need to do to the tourist to decide on the most appropriate for a festival.

In this video you can see how beautiful nature in Germany in November: