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Weather in Greece in November - the temperature of the air and water, stay in Thessaloniki

Greece – a unique area that attracts travelers at any time of the year, regardless of whether the temperature for swimming in the sea and relaxing on unspoilt coastline. Once is enough to visit the country, to want to come back here again.

The temperature of the air and water within a month

Osen v Grecii

A visit to Greece in late autumn, in November, perfect for those who are not ready to let go of warm days and wants a little more to enjoy the passing of a warm autumn. During this period, clear days are interspersed with overcast weather. November the climate is not ideal for the beach seasonbecause the water on the coast is not suitable for swimming and boating, but it is perfect for travelers with historical monuments, architectural landmarks and natural beauty.

With the proper planning of the rest of the Greek climate will allow a good rest even in November, but going to go on a journey to Greece, it is necessary to read the weather, to choose a suitable place for tourism.

In November only getting colder in the Northern part of Greece, where the main tourist centres:

  • Thessaloniki;
  • Halkidiki;
  • Paralia;
  • Katerini;
  • Cstore.

In the first half of the month on the territory of these resorts is moderately clear, but cool weather without any precipitation. The day temperature does not exceed +13 and +17°C, but nights can drop to +10°C.

Beach season is closed early in the month as the temperature of the water becomes unsuitable for bathing – +17°C. This fact does not prevent tourists to get acquainted closer with the rich cultural heritage of Greece, located in this part of the country, and also to indulge in shopping.


The warmest November weather is observed in the southern part of Greece in Islands such as Crete or Rhodes, as well as at the resorts of Lindos, Zakynthos, Heraklion and Athens. In the afternoon the air temperature is from +17 to +20°C, and at night drops to +13°C.

The sea water remains warm, +20°C, but not suitable for swimming. But the proximity of the various attractions of these Greek resorts allows you to quickly get to them and have a great time in the fresh air. The rest of the time you can walk for hours on deserted beaches and enjoy the special atmospherecreated by nature.

Features holiday in Greece at this time

Such interesting and diverse Greece is beautiful at any time of the year and, despite the unappealing weather, always delight their guests with the perfect service and the Greek hospitalitythat is present throughout the country regardless of the season.

The main advantage of a holiday in Greece in November, which motivates the travelers on a fascinating trip – reduced cost for accommodation and meals in hotels, free admission to many museums as well as incredible discounts and salesthat of year to attract buyers to this wonderful country.


Evenings in Greece when warm weather gives way to autumn coolness, travelers prefer familiarity with a unique, incredibly healthy and hearty Greek food, cosy warm room of the restaurant.

Tourists attentive to their health, planning a trip to Greece in November to rest in sanatoriums the most famous health resorts of this country – Loutraki and the Peninsula of the Peloponnese, as therapeutic and Wellness tourism, there are considerable discounts.

The most popular form of recreation in this part of Greece is:

  • improvement of seafood;
  • thalassotherapy;
  • different types of body wraps;
  • mud and mineral baths.

Such an effective and enjoyable therapy for the rest allowsto get rid of from many diseases by being surrounded by wonderful nature, curative sea air and the inviting beaches.

What clothes to bring?

The first half of November is warmer than the second, but nevertheless it does not have to wear light clothes, t-shirts and shorts. During excursions or longer stay in the fresh air it is advisable to stock up on must equipment highly suitable for the fall season.

Rains in the Northern part of Greece is a frequent phenomenon, therefore, going on a journey through this part of the resort, it is advisable to stock up on thingsdesigned for movement in the rain – umbrella, rain cover.

Kak odetsya?

In the daytime, perfect light sweater, comfortable and waterproof shoes, and an evening stroll through the streets of the resort suggest a coat or jacketas the air cools down considerably, showing a mark at 6 degrees.

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Attractions popular resorts

Since November, Greece attending in educational or health purposes, travellers aim to stay there, where has comfortable climate, and you can also visit century-old buildings, inspection of which takes you to the epicenter of antiquity.


Second in size and popularity , the town of Greece is perfect for exploring the country's culture, since this part is a lot of museumscovering almost all the layers of history and mankind's activities. Such a rest has not exactly attractive weather, constantly changing cloudy days and downpours. Also the tour program, conducted from Thessaloniki, diverse in content and geographic areas.

The main attractions, without which it is difficult to imagine visiting Greece are:

  1. The Acropolis Of Athens;
  2. the town of Delphi;
  3. mount Olympus.


Planning a trip to Greece in November, it is worth considering the journey to the island of Rhodes, Crete or KOs, where warm weather favors long stay and enjoy the warm days.

In addition, you should visit the monasteries of Meteora, located on a giant steep rocks and numerous historic temples and ancient churches.

The Island Of Zakynthos

In the first half of November, thanks to a pleasant climate, interesting enough to relax on the island of Zakynthos, where you can admire the icons and exquisite murals, to meet with museums, and stroll through the lovely beaches.

The most popular among travelers is considered:

  • The Byzantine Museum;
  • Museum of the history of occupation and resistance;
  • The Museum Of Solomos.

Close proximity of Zakynthos is an incredibly exciting place – the village of kampi, Maries and Strategy, as well as many natural attractions (caves and grottos) and the water Park in Sarakiniko.


What else could you do on vacation?

Hardly a beach vacation in Greece in November will be able to please the tourist as the temperature of the sea water is not designed for being in it, and sunlight is not enough sun. Some tourists who have decided to spend November holidays on Crete, can still enjoy the sea bathing, but those who went to rest in the area with children, you should not let them get in the water.

November weather in Greece is far from ideal, but it is well suited for studies of the Park and admiring nature.

But a large selection of interesting excursions will not make bored even for a minute, and attractive walks will provide an opportunity to learn quite a lot of fascinating factsthat usually tourists do not have enough daylight time.

Greek holidays


To see the real Greek festivals and colorful ceremonies during another holiday – the day of Michael and Gabriel. All events are held close to churches, named in honor of revered saints – on the islandSimi.

The most important holiday for Greeks in November – Athens marathon, where a few thousand athletes are competing, trying to overcome a distance of 42 kilometers, starting from the town of Marathon and along the coast to the stadium Panathinaikos.

Finally, bad weather and a cool climate in November does not prevent to arrange the Greeks festivals that take place in Thessaloniki. Among such measures should especially highlight the festival of "Demetrios", which are the creative teams, show their work of genius photographers and is a fascinating shadow theatre.

Other interesting facts about Greece you will learn from the following video: