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Weather and temperature in Guangzhou in November

pogoda v Guanchzhou v noyabre

According to many tourists, the weather in Guangzhou in November is perfect for a trip to China. At this time, in a country ripe exotic fruits. In November, the country is ripening plum — Sapodilla. It is famous for its Golden color and a taste reminiscent of caramel.

What is the weather and temperature in November in Guangzhou?

kakie pogodnye i temperaturnye usloviya v konce oseni?

The last month of autumn is rich in various holidays and festivals. This season Baila and tamarind. Tamarind cooking sauces for meat.

Bailem called wood Apple, which has a very hard shell. To the pulp of the fruit get with a hammer.

In November the sun does not spoil the residents of Guangzhou. Sunny days this month here is always not more than 11, and the rainy 3-4. The rest of the time in Guangzhou overcast. Despite this, the average temperature of the air in November, is held in the afternoon at +25,3°C at night — +19,2°C. the South China sea warms up to +23,8°C.

Duration of daylight in November is 10.8 to 11.3 hours. During this period in Guangzhou is about 56,6 mm of precipitation. The force of the wind can achieve speeds up to 9 m/s In the morning hours the relative humidity is about 75% — 54%.

The prospects for the autumn holiday

shansy na uspeshnyj osennij otdyh

Advantages of a vacation in this period in Guangzhou — low prices on tours to China. Many tourists think that in this period in China is very cold. This is not so.

Guangzhou is in the southern part of the country, it is part of the subtropical zone and is located near the coast of the South China sea.

Should I go?

For the holidays in November such factorsas:

  • warm weather and the opportunity to sunbathe on the beaches;
  • the lack of bustle and hustles when you visit attractions;
  • availability in restaurants and hotels.

Stay at this time allows you to save significant amounts of funds. In contrast to October, in November in the city don't blow the monsoons.

How to dress?

Going to Guangzhou in November in a suitcasedesigned for travel, it is necessary to assume all those things that are in demand in the domestic Black sea resorts during the June holidays. Together with light things can be put in any case, a warm jacket, sweater or windbreaker.

What to do at this time in the city?

kuda shodit v etot period?

In the last calendar month of autumn, the city hosts many different festivals, hosts a variety of excursions.

What to see and do?

Attractions Guangzhou can be divided into several categories: parks, museums, temples. The most famous of them:

  1. Yuexiu Park. One of the biggest parks of the city, which occupies more than 860 thousand square meters. Located on the hills surrounding an artificial lake. Devoted to the history of the city. All the parks begin their work at 6 o'clock in the morning;
  2. The Museum of art. It contains more than 10 thousand works of Chinese masters of different eras;
  3. Temple Guantao. The oldest temple in the city.

In rare Sunny days you can sunbathe on the coast. Many tourists also go to Guangzhou for shopping.

Holidays and festivals

In November in Guangzhou held a large number of exhibitions. One of the most important in the Guangzhou event isThe autumn festival. Also on 11 November, China celebrates the day of the bachelor. On this day in the country, held a massive sale where you can buy branded items and Souvenirs, products, and more.

Take a stroll on the November Guangzhou, you can join the heroes of this video: