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Holiday in China: the weather on Hainan island in November

pogoda na Hajnane v noyabre

Hainan is one of the most attractive resorts of China. It is a southern tropical island, which is available all year round in any kind of tourism, from the beach to the Spa.

But it is a particularly attractive feature of this direction is ecologically clean air and microclimate that allows you to swim regardless of the season, so the weather in Hainan in November comes with no surprises.

Forecast weather in November in Hainan

temperaturnye usloviya v seredine oseni

Weather in November on the island is perfect for leisure because the wet season has receded, and the luxurious resorts of Hainan is ready to accept numerous tourists.

The temperature of the air and water

The island has a sufficiently large area of about 34,000 sq km, so in different regions slight changes in temperature.

The weather is perfect for an unforgettable holiday, thanks to the absence of sweltering heat, constant heat and the sea has warmed up since the morning.

Traditionally, this month is the transition from wet season to dry, but if in early November the rains and high humidity are a little noticeable, it is already the end everything becomes within comfortable norms. The air during the day warms up to the level of 26-28 degrees, and at night the thermometer drops to +20°. In this case, the closeness almost recedes, and its place comes the freshness.

The temperature may vary depending on the resort:

  • Sanya is the most favorable temperature is observed at this resort. He immediately comes to life after the end of the low season, and the temperature is great – up to 28 degrees by day to 23 degrees Celsius at night;
  • Haikou – the air is heated less, to 23 degrees, at night +17°C, for this reason, it is necessary to take a few warm things;
  • Dongfang and Wanning on these resorts are warm enough during the day – up to 25 degrees but at night still cool to 19 degrees.

srednie pokazateli

It is worth noting that the weather in China is ideal for a relaxing beach vacation and exciting tour and Wellness programs. The lack of heat allows you to be outside for a long time.

The only unpleasant moment may become rainfall, but they are characteristic only for the first half of the month.

The water temperature in this month is around +27 degrees. Such indicators are ideal for a family beach holiday. For children this temperature is especially pleasant and safe because it allows you to be on the coast and in the water for a long time enjoying water activities.

The particular weather conditions

Weather in November in the territory of Hainan significantly different from what was typical for the previous month. Daily air and water on the coast is heated to a comfortable temperature during the month, and almost complete lack of rain and strong winds, and high humidity, makes the rest fabulously enjoyable.

If rain goes, it will not last long, and in an hour after graduating from him will be totally gone. At the same time, the number of cloudy days decreases significantly, and by the end of the month they are lost. Overall, forecasters say the complete absence of typhoons and only 5-7 rainy days per month.

The November holiday

osennij otpusk

Due to the onset of the holiday season, coast of the island visibly comes to life – from all corners of the world attracts tourists wishing pleasantly to spend your autumn vacation.

Advantages and disadvantages

The holiday resorts of the island carries a solid advantages. Due to the pleasant weather and the beginning of the holidayseason, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy a beach holiday. While in Europe lyutuyut cold and the sky is constantly covered with clouds, there is a real summer.

Enjoy the magnificent coast of the island early morning, when he leaves the fans of the morning promenade, as well as fans of charge medical qigong.

Unforgettable is the journey to Hainan, not only thanks to its wonderful weather, but also low prices on vacation. In this period the holiday season is just beginning, for this reason prices have not yet had time to fly high, as in the following months. The cost of booking tickets and rooms for 10-15% less compared to December and January.

Finally, the lovely weather in November is perfect for different kinds of Wellness treatmentsthat make this island famous. Tourists come here to improve their health at the mineral springs, Spa resorts and with the help of mud. The lack of strong heat and heavy rains makes this treatment the most favorable to health.

Of the minuses stay in November it should be noted only the sudden rains, but they are not able to spoil the journey. In such moments you can hide in cafes and restaurants, where guests can enjoy local cuisine, or explore the museums.

How to dress and what to bring?

With its pleasant mild weather, the tourist does not have to take a lot of things. Enough to pack in the suitcase bathing suit, a hat and sunscreen. As nights can still be chilly, you should care about things long sleeve. This will allow not to freeze, walking through the night island.

What to do this month?

chem zanyatsya?

November in Hainan is wonderful that this month opens for tourists the most extensive opportunities for a memorable vacation.

Fascinating coastal walks can be combined with a beach and recreational activities, therapeutic procedures, and presence at festivals.

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Beach vacation

Due to the fact that in November, the typhoons fully cease, on the coast of Hainan is becoming quite clean and comfortable. It allows tourists to aspire to the most beautiful beaches of the island, located in Sanya, more precisely on the four main resorts of the region:

  1. Sanya is a resort for family rest and recreation;
  2. The Sanya – the most secluded region;
  3. Yalong Bay is the largest diving centre;
  4. Dadonghai is a Paradise for surfers.

It is worth noting that the beaches of Hainan are ideal for families and for youth recreation. On their site you can find excellent hotels from 3 to 5 stars, as well as restaurants and cafes, shops, clubs and bars.

On the island are incredibly a lot beach entertainmentavailable regardless of the season. Among them the most popular for active water sports such as jetski, water ski, inflatable "banana", kayaking and parasailing.

What to see and how to have fun?

Apart from the beaches on the island are available all sorts of excursions, basically, it walks through nature parks, such as "Tropical Paradise" and other attractions. Also accessible for the tourists and monuments, the Valley of orchids, stone Buddha, the peak of the Dragon and sculptural beauty.

Holidays and festivals

In Hainan every month organize holidays and November is no exception. This month here is a well – known event - singles Day (November 11). This date was chosen not just. According to Chinese tradition it is believed that the number 11 11 is the month to dedicate to all those who have not found their soul mate.

See this video, what is the weather in Hainan in November: