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Egypt holidays: weather and water temperature in early November in Hurghada

pogoda v noyabre v Hurgade

Hurghada is one of the oldest and most popular resorts in Egypt. Due to the proximity to the sea, a wonderful climate and large choice of entertainment, as well as an abundance of different places to stay, to come here seeking tourists from all over the world. And in November in Hurghada the weather is just perfect for a comfortable stay.

Forecast weather in November in Hurghada

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Autumn in Hurghada is a velvet season, and November is no exception. This month is not so hot as the previous, but the weather conditions of the resort allows you to enjoy a variety of activities.

The average temperature of air and water

The biggest influx of tourists in November is observed in the beginning of the month, when the beach resort is the most attractive weather. In the first two weeks the day temperature is very comfortable – +27-30 degrees. The sea water is also great for swimming, as its temperature is 25 degrees, it's no wonder the Red sea is the warmest.

The absence of strong wind and cloudy days makes the rest at the beginning and the middle of November a memorable one.

In the second half of the month , the flow of tourists decreases. During this period, replaced by a warm and clear days comes cooler weather, but we cannot say that the resort cold. In the daytime the thermometer rises to +23-25 degrees, and at night drops to +15°C. the temperature of the water remains the same, and beach vacation on the coast of the spoils amplified wind.

However, even when the temperature drops in Hurghada, you can stay until the beginning of December. In late autumn, rainfall is a rarity and so it goes until winter.

The particular weather conditions

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Overall, in November in Hurghada continues the velvet season. This period is great for those who can't stand the heat, but want to relax on the coast of the legendary Egyptian resort. Even if one day the sky will be gloomy, it's time to relax in the hotel pool. The rains are very rare, and last no longer than 10 minutes.

Despite the fact that this period seems not as hot as in previous months, we should not forget about the scorching rays of the sun. Should definitely bring sunscreen, otherwise can be burnt in 1 hour.

The November holiday

Hurghada is not just attracted the attention of many tourists who prefer to stay in the finest conditions.

At this resort there are all conditions in order to trip in November was a memorable one.

Advantages and disadvantages

plusy i minusy

Stay in Hurghada in November has a lot of advantages. This period is ideal for family holidays and trips with childrenand for those who have because of the heat, there are health problems.

Favorable temperature and water allows to diversify vacation, going to beaches, swimming or going on trips.

The advantages of a holiday in Hurghada in November should include:

  • Great choice of different hotels;
  • Low prices for tours and booking of tickets;
  • A lot of festivals and shows;
  • A great choice of entertainment (diving, snorkeling, kite surfing).

Hurghada is appreciated for the fact that the resort best places for diving, and in November of pure water at sea allows you to see the beautiful underwater world.

Of the disadvantagesguests should note only that the strong and cool wind in the second half of the month can ruin a trip. And many are wondering how much it darkens in Hurghada this month. The moment that starts to get dark very early – at 16:00-17:00 hours, also can not much like tourists. After the sun sets over the horizon, the air quickly cooled.

How to dress?

If the trip will take place in the first half of November, it is enough to take with you warm clothes for relaxation. This case will perfectly fit clothing made of natural fabrics with long sleeves and light shoes and a swimsuit.

In the second half of November, the evening is cool enough. To feel comfortable on vacation, have to bring warm and windproof, but also waterproof shoes.

What fruits grow in this month?

frukty Egipta

In the autumn, especially in November, in Egypt ripens a lot of fruit. In the markets there is a large variety of juicy strawberries, oranges, lime, grapefruits, as well as delicious Egyptian bananas which differ from any other varieties. But especially noteworthy is the abundance of strawberries.

This month begins the harvest, so you can try the most fresh and juicy berries.

In addition, in November is certainly worth a try:

  1. Physalis;
  2. Guava;
  3. Figs.

In November last harvested a crop of fragrant pomegranate and exotic fruit training course of IDO or "ice Apple". Its fruits are distinguished by the presence of a large amount of vitamins, and you can find it on the shelves or in a cafe. From the pulp, make desserts, cocktails, sorbet and added to various sauces, fillings for biscuits and cakes.

What to do in this period?

As Hurghada is still a lovely weather, ideal for a variety of entertainment, don't spend all holiday on the beach. A sea of new impressions you can get and away from the coast.

What to do and what to see?

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Every hotel in Hurghada tries maximally to entertain their clients. For this purpose they organize marine activities such as diving and snorkeling, yacht and boat glass bottom and fishing.

The rich underwater world of the red sea is one of the best because the water here is incredibly clear, and the number of endemics is high.

In November, popular shopping, which takes place in the famous "1001 nights". It is a complex of shops with perfume, jewelry, aromatic spices and other goods typical of Egypt.

Very attractive trip to the attractions of Hurghada:

  • Central mosque;
  • The Bedouin village;
  • The Island Of Utopia;
  • Dahar.

Fans along the coast to have a great vacation on the beaches at the hotels.

Holidays and festivals

A number of festive events in November are not particularly extensively. According to tradition, every night here doing a theatrical show "1001 nights", which tells some episodes from the history of Egypt. Also this month is held the festival "Green oasis", which are performances of children's collectives.

No natural phenomenon can not be spoiled by a stay in Hurghada in November and the beautiful weather, and plenty of activities will contribute to the great journey.

See this video, what is the weather in Egypt in November: