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Jerusalem in November: weather, temperature and how to dress at the end of the month?

pogoda v Ierusalime v noyabre

There are few people in the world who has not heard about this amazing city. For more than 6,000 years of history it has experienced many important for the history of humanity event, it was owned by different people.

Currently, Jerusalem is a Holy city for the main world religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Weather in Jerusalem in November, perhaps the most comfortable to visit the city.

What is the weather and temperature at the beginning and the end of November in Jerusalem?

pogodnye i temperaturnye usloviya v nachale i konce poslednego osennego mesyaca

The average temperature of the air in November +21,5°C during the day, +16,9°C at night. The average water temperature (and Jerusalem is situated on the watershed between the Mediterranean and Dead sea) - +25,7°C.

In early November, with temperatures around +23°C day and 19°C night, to the end of the month it is reduced to +18°C day and 15°C at night.

The water for months "cools down" from +28°to +24°C.

In November in Jerusalem, a lot of sun, and daylight lasts more than 10 hours. Only 6 days are cloudy, and 2 days, on average, the rain really rains may be more often. The amount of precipitation does not exceed 27 mm. the Average wind speed is 2.7 m/sec.

All indicators November in Jerusalem with a calm and pleasant month of the year.

The activities in this period

otpusk v eto vremya

For many centuries, any time of the year here, thousands of pilgrims, and in recent decades, and tourists.

Should I go?

In November, the rest in Jerusalem has a lot of advantages:

  • comfortable weather;
  • beach season is already closed, so travelers are much less;
  • large Christian holidays, when the number of pilgrims is increasing significantly, still did not come;
  • during this period , reduced prices on airline tickets, hotels and excursions.

Israel is a small country so stopped to rest in Jerusalem, you can afford to take a dip in the Mediterranean, Dead, Red sea and lake Kinneret.

The water temperature at this time all bodies of water even higher than the air temperature.

How to dress?

kakuu odezhdu brat?

The evenings are already getting chilly, it might rain, so need to bring the following clothes:

  1. waterproof jacket;
  2. warm sweater or jacket;
  3. not interfere with the umbrella.

Comfortable shoes will come in handy during tours and explore the amazing city of Jerusalem and other interesting places in Israel, which are of great variety.

What to do this month?

Stay in Jerusalem in November may prove to be more interesting and meaningful than at other times.

Where to go?

Aside from beaches, the weather and the relatively small number of tourists and pilgrims allow:

  • without interference to see local attractions, immerse yourself in antiquity, to visit the places described in the old and New Testament of the Bible;
  • to see Jerusalem as the city of three religions;
  • to visit the garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus prayed before his arrest;
  • kneeling in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre;
  • make a wish at the Wailing Wall;
  • to see the unique excavation of the Roman Empire.

chto posetit?

There in Jerusalem, and secular entertainment and attractions:

  1. the time Elevatorwhere you can get acquainted with the history of Israel;
  2. the miniature Park "Mini Israel" on the highway leading to tel Aviv;
  3. biblical zoo and more.

Particularly noteworthy are the old city tour andthe tunnels of the Wailing Wall.

And there are interesting trips to tel Aviv, Caesarea, Galilee, Haifa, and other unique historical and natural perspective of this amazing country.

Holidays and festivals

Israel is a religious stateand the main religious holidays are determined by lunar calendar and the dates shift from year to year. In this regard, it is difficult to determine in advance which of the autumn holidays will be in November.

But at this time pass and interesting social events, for example:

  • jazz festival "jazz-Globus" in Jerusalem.
  • festival "UDA"is the name of the national instrument, and the music is too national, and the performers come from different countries, also in Jerusalem.
  • international film festival in the desert Arawa;
  • festival of gymnasts and artists of the Grand Prix in Eilat;
  • marathon in the desert in Eilat.

Israel is an amazing country, staying here can be recreational, educational, strengthening, anything but will always be unforgettable.

In this video you can see not only the unique architecture of Jerusalem, but weather conditions in November: