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Beach vacation in Jordan: what is the weather and temperature in November?

pogoda v Iordanii v noyabre

Weather in Jordan in November maximally comfortable for relaxing – not too hot, not too cold, no heavy rains and low temperature at night.

Such conditions are suitable for a wide range of tourists of all ages and social backgrounds, as well as for young couples with children.

What is the weather in Jordan in November?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v konce oseni?

Weather in Jordan in November is warm and comfortable, rather reminiscent of the Russian Indian summerthan late autumn.

Bright sunshine and fresh coolness – that's two satellites of the November weather in Jordan.

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The temperature of water and air

Temperature in Jordan varies from +20 to +27 degrees Celsius.

  • In the North and in the capital a little cooler – where the air temperature equals to +19 degrees in the afternoon and about +8-10 degrees sometimes at night.
  • In the Central part of the air is heated to +22 degrees during the day and 7-9 at night.
  • On the shore of the red sea enjoying the hot summer here the temperature rises to +28-30 degrees during the day and 16-20 degrees at night. The water is heated to 25-26 degrees.
  • The water temperature near the shore of the Dead sea is equal to 27-28 degrees Celsius.

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

November in Jordan, is considered the rainy season due to the large amount of precipitation. But rainfall is uneven, and in some places remains dry and hot weather (especially in the South).

Most precipitation falls in the northwestern part of the country, a little less in the deserts West of the area and very little in the East.

For this time of year, characterized by powerful underwater currents and light wind from the sea, carrying the coolness on a hot day.

Vacation in late autumn

November is the best time to visit Jordan. Due to the pleasant weather conditions in Jordan in November is suitable for travelers of all ages and interests.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the November holiday is a comfortable temperature, suitable both for children and for the elderly. Such weather is suitable for any kind of relaxation: swimming in the sea and stay on the beach, for visiting the sites and enjoying the exotic landscape, to heal the body and much more.

plusy i minusy

Another advantage of visiting the country at this time of year becomes a low-level of prices. November cannot be considered as the "velvet season", so prices for housing and other services is much lower summer. Besides, November is the perfect time of recreation for families with children.

The disadvantage of visiting Jordan in November, can be considered abundant precipitation in the Northern part of the country, which, fortunately, is not considered a tourist.

How to dress?

In November in Jordan quite warm by day and cool at night, so the closet needs to find suitable. In a suitcase will certainly need to put summer clothes (swimsuit, dresses, t-shirts, shorts and so on) and at least one warm sweater or jacket needed in the evening hours.

What to do at this time?

Each tourist can choose the rest of them in the Jordan of your liking, whether it be recreational activities or swimming in the sea, excursions or tasting of national dishes.

Beach vacation

Water and href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/krasnoe-more-gde-nahoditsya/">the Redand the Dead sea warms up quite a comfortable temperature, so many tourists come to Jordan only to swim in the sea water and lie on the sand to enjoy the sun.

plyazhnaya zona

It should be noted that the beaches specially equipped for staying in their children.

In addition, water and clayextracted from the seabed, have a positive impact on human health. November is particularly favourable for the treatment of skin diseases, bronchitis and asthma at the Dead sea.

Excursions and entertainment

Tour in Jordan you can visit many interesting objects, for example:

  1. the city of a thousand pillars;
  2. mosaic city Madabu;
  3. the burial place of prophet Moses.

Pilgrims should visit the site of Christ's baptism in the Jordan river and ascend to the mountain of St. Elijah the Prophet in Petra.

Jordan is a country of sweets, here you can try famous Oriental sweets and stock up on vitamins in the winter, consuming dried fruits. Such products are perfect as Souvenirs. In the restaurant you can enjoy all the delights of the national cuisine is one of the best in the middle East.

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Holidays and festivals

In the first of the month is held annually the festival "Night lights of the Dead sea", which is a fireworks spectacular lights at night.

Also at the beginning of the month marks the Islamic New year is a holiday to RAS as-Sana. He is actively venerated by many believers who profess the Muslim religion.

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