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Holidays in Italy: what is the weather and how to dress in November?

pogoda v noyabre v Italii

Italy is a European state, causing the delight of many tourists, thanks to the many exciting opportunities that this country gives. It is interesting to relax whatever the time of year. Spring and summer come here on tour in the fall to see the festivals, and in winter to ski on the snowy slopes.

What is the weather in November in Italy?

Kakaya pogoda v strane?

In autumn tourists prefer Italy, because in this period the weather is good enough for a good rest.

The temperature of the air and water

November weather in Italy is great for travelers, despite the fact that Sunny days here will be much less. In the last month of autumn in the country is still observed warm days and cool is felt only at night.

In the beginning of the month the climate is quite warm, but gradually the temperature begins to drop.

As the country is strongly stretched from North to South and has a very diverse landscape, the daytime temperature may vary depending on the region of the Peninsula.

In the mountainous regions and the North of the country the temperature is much lower than in Central and southern Italy. While high humidity is observed in the center, in the North and in coastal areas. Here precipitation falls as often as in any other month of the year.

The range of temperatures in November in Italy:

  1. North Is +10-15°C;
  2. The Center Is +16-21°C;
  3. South – +18-21°C.

In General, the climatic conditions are comfortable enough to stay in the country. In the afternoon on the mainland is clear, and the thermometer shows +18-21°C. the Amount of precipitation increases up to 11 days, but Sunny weather is still dominated. At night the thermometer drops to +13°C, and in the South to 4 degrees.

By the end of the month the temperature in Italy is lowered by 2-3 degrees and is around 16-18°C. the nights are getting quite cold by the standards of this country. After sunset the column shows about +9°C, and in some regions of 1-4°C. in addition, in the country in this period, the blowing North wind "Tramuntana", forcing travelers to wrap up in warm clothes.

The seathat washes Italy, in November it is not suitable for swimming. This month the water of the Tyrrhenian, Ligurian and Adriatic seas strongly cooled. If in the beginning of the month, the thermometer shows 18°C by the end of the month the temperature is about 12 degrees.

Beach season in the country closes at the end of September, but the pleasant temperature on the coast still allows you to be down here, not freezing.

We should also mention the mountainous areas. In early November, on the slopes of the Alps occurs below freezing. By the end of the month, the mountains are covered with snow, but ski season will have to wait a while. In these regions the afternoon the air temperature is 0-+3°C, and at night -5°C.

Weather mode on cities

Temperaturnyj rezhim v gorodah

In November in different tourist towns of Italy is a completely different weather. While in the South the tourists still nice to be on the coast, and clear weather is stable, in the Northern part of felt in all European wet autumn, which is quite typical constant rains.

  • In the capital of Italy in Rome is very clear. Daily temperature pleasing performance at +16-18°C, but in Sunny weather felt +21°C. This climate is ideal for Hiking, because the rains in this region are not typical.
  • In Milan, located in the North of the country, pretty cool. In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +13°C, and at night cooled to +7°C. at the same time in at least 15 rainy days, which greatly complicates the possibility to go on excursions.
  • In Venice the weather is not too conducive to Hiking as it's getting incredibly cold due to the proximityto the water. Though the afternoon air warms up to 12 degrees, but in the second half of the day becomes very chilly. The thermometer drops to +4 degrees. However, due to high humidity, the cold is felt even stronger.
  • In the famous resort of Val Gardena , all indicate the approach of winter. The snow is still not enough to open trails, but by the end of the month, some ski resorts are already starting to open. The air temperature in the area during the day is around +1°C and at night drops to -4°C.
  • On the island of Sicily, located in the southern part of Italy, is the most pleasant weather for walking and recreation. In the afternoon the air at the resort warms up to +19-21°C and at night drops to +16°C. however, rainy days here not more than two, but clear weather is present almost throughout the month.
  • The temperature of the water in Sicily 20 degrees, but because of the constantly blowing winds Sirocco, be it not very comfortable.

  • Pretty cool in November in Verona. In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +15°C, which is very acceptable for a sightseeing holiday. In rare cases, the temperature drops to 10°C, but due to the lack of winds even the weather will seem comfortable. In the evening, the thermometer shows 4 degrees. Precipitation in November in the region – a rare case, but despite this, a large number of days the sky will be overcast.
  • In the last month of autumn the weather is good observed in Palermo. Here in the afternoon the air pleases indicators +21-24°C at night and +16°C. Sicilian resort pleases tourists with the warm sunshine and favorable weather for travelers. The rainfall in the area is scarce, but by the end of the month becomes a little cooler by 3-4 degrees.

Where it's warmer?

The good weather in Italy in November is observed in Sicily, therefore, going to a resort, you should hold the path to the South of the country. The whole of November here tourists will still see the calm sparkling sea and clear sky. Off the coast of the island, forecasters record warm weather +19-24°C.

The November holiday

prelesti noyabrskogo otdyha

Italy is beautiful at any time of the year and even in November in this country have something to entertain yourself, to rest seemed unforgettable.


In November, Italy is an excellent choice for budget travel. This month, the prices for tickets and excursions and bookings at hotels fall by almost two times. In late autumn there is a decline in tourist flow, which gives the opportunity to walk in many places failed to get in the summer.

Regardless of the weather in Italy is always something to do in November. On Sunny days you can stroll along the coast or visit the iconic sights, and in bad weather – to explore the museums or embarking on a long-awaited shopping.

For tourists in this period, huge discounts on sale in Milan.

How to dress?

Going to Italy for vacations, is in the first place, to bring warm and windproof things, as well as warm and waterproof shoes. This will allow you to feel comfortable and avoid hypothermia.

To stay on the coast, light clothing is appropriate, and to travel to ski resorts in late November might want a special outfit. Regardless of the choice, you should definitely bring an umbrella. The only downside of staying in November will be showers.

Where better to go?

Italy is very diverse in terms of recreation. Come here to enjoy some of the best beaches of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean, to visit the famous sights, or enjoy the picturesque nature, relaxing in the mountains or on the beaches.

In November in Italy, the choice of places to stay depends on personal preferences:

  • Beach vacation – Sicily;
  • Ski holidays – Aosta, Cervinia;
  • Excursion tourism – Rome, Milan, Naples.

In other regions, can be cool and not comfortable enough for a good time.

What to do?

Italy is rich in events and entertainment, and November is no exception. Even in late autumn there is a lot of festivals, accessible beach and sightseeing holiday.

What to see?

CHto posmotret v Rime?

To learn more about Italy, it is best to go in Rome, Florence or Naples. In each of these regions the weather is excellent, allowing long to be in the street or inexpensive to purchase excursions. To see these cities at one time would be difficult, so you can limit the main attractions.

In Rome is worth a visit:

  1. The Coliseum;
  2. Appianroad;
  3. Capitol hill;
  4. Baths Of Caracalla;
  5. The Trevi Fountain;
  6. Pantheon;
  7. The Spanish steps.

Of course, the tour will not be complete if not to explore the Vatican – the heart of Rome.

Florence also has many interesting places. Once the richest region of Italy left for posterity a rich cultural heritage. If you're lucky with the weather, and the street will be clear and warm, you should arrange a walk through the Ponte Vecchio, Piazzale Michelangelo and Piazza della Signoria, where there is a major architectural treasure, the Palace Vecchio.

In rainy weather you can look at one of the many museums. In Florence they are so numerous that it is impossible to move a step, not to get into any of them.

Beach vacation

Coast of Italy is not very pleasing to nice weather. In the resorts of Sicily will not be able to swim, but to enjoy the freshest sea air in the first half of the month.


In November in some regions of Italy begins the ski season. The opening of the resorts is full of vibrant festivals with performances of world famous stars. In the same period, the country is ripening a lot of fruit, such as figs, grapes, oranges and chestnuts. This event attracts a large number of people wanting to have fun.

Holidays and festivals

In November, the country will start all sorts of gastronomy and pastry festivals. These events allow attendees to learn about the traditions and tastes of the Italians, and also try one of the best cuisines in the world. At this time in Italy collecting truffles and chestnuts, and in honor of this on the streets organize a Grand feast.

Planning a vacation in Italy in November, is to choose the purpose of the trip and the region. This will ensure yourself a wonderful and unforgettable stay.

See this video which fruit and vegetables bought in Italy in November: