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Holidays in Turkey: what is the weather, the water temperature in Antalya in early November?

pogoda v Kemere v noyabre

Weather in Kemer in November in the Mediterranean winter. Crude cool air, and frequent rainfall. But this does not detract from all the charms of a vacation in Antalya in November, because here you are sure to find something to watch.

This time will be the most successful for all lovers of excursions and sightseeing, so if this sounds like you, then pack your bags and go, experiences are!

Forecast in Turkey: what is the weather like in November in Kemer?

meteorologicheskij prognoz v Turcii: kakoj klimat v Kemere osenu?

Fortunately for all those who do not like crowded resorts, the holiday season is over in Turkey in October, so you definitely will be easier to breathe.

Housing prices and airline tickets are falling significantly, an entertainment programme is also somewhat reduced (referring to the entertainment offered by the entertainment staff).

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The temperature of the air and water

November weather can be considered a transitional stage between the ending of the beach season and a happy, wet winters. So the first half of November will delight you with a comfortable warm weather.

The thermometer at the beginning of the month, the day will be 23-24°C, while night will not fall below the level of 15 degrees. The water is heated typically to +22°C, so if you want to feel as a beginner "walrus", it is a good time for the first step. Sometimes the Mediterranean sea can meet quite high performance - +25°C.

The closer the middle of the month, the lower the thermometer becomes daytime temperature is +16-18°C and night ranges between 9-th and 11-th degree. Sea too cold: its temperature is about +17°C. Despite the fact that the weather is slowly beginning to remind all residents and tourists that the winter is coming, the solar days are not of particular rarity here.

temperaturnye pokazateli

At the end of the month the weather becomes Mediterranean winter: in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +16°C, but since daylight is reduced, at this elevation the temperature does not stay long and in the second half of the day goes down to night their performance of +7-10°C.

The particular weather conditions

Despite the fact that the last month of autumn the resort is considered to be a transition before the onset of the wet and cool winter, the sun remains a frequent visitor.

The first half of the month passes without rain, the weather is warm, dry and comfortable for long walks.

By 15 th of the sky slowly begins to drawn by clouds, heaping on all the tourists and residents of the resort torrential rains. But, fortunately, such precipitation is infrequent. On average the rains in November are about 6-7 days per month.

Storms and storms in these parts is a rarity in this time of year, so you need not worry about a sudden gust of wind, knocking down.

You will be able to relax?

poluchitsya li otdohnut?

So, its November home you are considering to choose Kemer. Is it worth it to come here in November? What you can do in this last autumn month? We will try to answer these questions.

The positive and negative aspects

The pros of the November holiday in Kemer:

  • Low price air travel and also accommodation in hotels and hotels. The obvious first advantage of the vacation in Kemer, Turkey in late autumn: pricing. The holiday season is closed, the main wave of tourists have gone home, hotels have a good time only retirees or melancholic;
  • This trip will be a pleasant investment and not a burglar in broad daylight.

  • Comfortable weather for walking and sightseeing. All fansresearch and acquire new knowledge dedicated. November Kemer is a great location to get around the city and surrounds inside and out, to go to the many museums, look at architecture and nature, in General, to spend time with the maximum benefit;
  • Flowering gardens of Kemer. This point should be identified in the individual plus, because in November all of the resort's gardens strewn with tangerines, oranges, pomegranates. All this splendor can be there, tearing up from the trees. Your immune system will definitely be grateful for this abundance of vitamins and your eyes for the beauty that adorns the city and the surrounding area;
  • Small number of tourists. This month is considered unpopular to the mainstream tourists because of the sea for a beach holiday is already cold, animators and animation programs, all water sports (diving, yachting, etc.) is also not functioning.

    For those who go to Kemer to relax from the constant hustle and bustle of the metropolis, to relieve stress and find peace – this is a big plus.

Of the minuses can be noted:

  1. Cool weather for a beach holiday. For a while, and for some, a big minus. If you are looking for hot sun and warm sea, then you definitely are not here. The holiday season in Kemer ends in October with all live entertainment at the hotels;
  2. Unpredictable weather in the second half of the month. If the first half of the month consistently warm and comfortable, the second may surprise you with a sudden shower or daytime cool. So those who do not like to carry a lot of clothes for all contingencies, you should think before you travel.

How to dress?

chto nadet?

The answer to this question lies in the average temperature during the month. You definitely will not regret itif you pack in a suitcase a couple of warm jackets with long sleeves, a jacket and closed-toe shoes, because heavy rains can occur unexpectedly and spoil the vacation experience.

And don't forget an umbrella or raincoat if you plan a long Hiking.

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Things to do - photo

foto dosuga

So, resort hot season is over, all the bars, restaurants and night clubs go on vacation from the craziness of tourists travel to the youth in hotels and hotels not to see animators and entertainment events. What to do in this city in November?

Beach vacation

As has been repeatedly said: beach lovers will suffer a slight disappointment. November Kemer offers conditions for swimming and sunbathing only in the beginning of the month, and that the Mediterranean sea is already quite cool, and swimming are solved not all.

If you wish to spend your vacation lounging on the warm sand and swimming in the warm sea, it is unlikely that this option is for you.

Tours and attractions

For those who prefer beach holiday tour, sure to be something to do in Kemer in the November weather. The temperate climate in this month is literally made for this pastime. The best choice will be the ecological tours: bike tours, Hiking, horseback riding, safaris, sea cruises.

Many who have visited Kemer in November suggest, for example, to go fire-breathing mount Yanartaş, as well as the mountain Tahtali (there is a special cable car that sends tourists right to the top). For those who like all the ancient and mysterious, then you are welcome to visit the ruins of the ancient city of Olympos. And, of course, you can explore the sights of Kemer.

Unfortunately, trips to the cities of Turkey is quite difficult to adjust for some holidays or festivals. Basically all movable holidays in this country and depend on many calendar and religious factors. So you are unlikely to get on some lush festival in Antalya in November.

Weather conditions in November in Kemer can be assessed by watching this video: