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Spain: the weather and temperatures on the Costa Brava and in Girona in November

pogoda v Kosta-Brave v noyabre

Costa Brava in Spanish means "coast of the brave". This Northern part of the coast of Catalonia, extending to the border with France.

On the coast, mild climate, hardly any disasters with the weather. The exception is the Nov. Weather in Costa Brava in November suggests rain and squally winds.

November on the Costa Brava

poslednij mesyac oseni na poberezhe

November on the Costa Blanca is rightly considered the low season. The temperatures average day - +18°C, +7°C, and the water in the Mediterranean sea is +17°C.

The temperature of the air and water

Bathing can afford only the bravest tourists, and in the beginning of the month, when the sea water is still quite warm – +18°C.

The closer to December, the water is colder, its temperature is gradually reduced to +14°C.

Air temperature is also changed from +19-21°C during the day and 10-12°C at night in the first of the month to +15-17°C during the day and 7-9°C at the end.

The Costa Brava is the 240 km of Mediterranean coastline belonging to the province of Girona. The most famous resort town of Costa Brava and weather conditions in November:

  • Girona is the main city of the eponymous province (day +17,2°C at night - +9,3°C, the sea water is +17,2°C);
  • Blanes is the southernmost resort (in the daytime +18°C night to +12°C, sea water +17°C);
  • Lloret de Mar is particularly popular resort among tourists in any time of the year (day - of +19.2°C, +14,2°C, the sea water - +18,9°C);
  • Tossa de Mar is interesting for its beaches (by day +19°C, at night - is +14.5°C, water - +18,8°C);
  • Playa d'aro is the tourist centre of choice for lovers of trekking (day temperature - +17,5°C +night - 13.4°C, sea water +17,1°C);
  • Benidorm is a Paradise for fishermen and seafood lovers (+17,1°C during the day +night - 12,6°C, water - +17,3°C);
  • Figueres – a Mecca for fans of Salvador Dali (day +19°C, +15°C, sea +18,4°C).

The particular weather conditions

klimaticheskie osobennosti

However, the sun in November a lot! Only 4 days (average) the rain over this time falls 51 mm (or slightly more) of precipitation and 8 – 9 days per month the sun hides behind the clouds.

Light day on the Costa Brava in November, has an average duration of about 10 hours.

Some discomfort make the winds. In November, they blow predominantly from the South, but sometimes North-West and South-East. Winds quite strong and gusty, the average speed of 6.2 m/sec.

The November holiday in the province of Girona

osennie kanikuly v ZHirone

The coast of the Costa Brava remember the Iberians and Romans, left their mark Hellenes.

Currently, the city of Costa Brava is one of the most visited resorts in the Mediterranean.

Should I go?

Actually, you can have a great time and relax in any season. A stay in November even has a lot of advantages:

  1. significantly fewer tourists, no queues for attractions, the beaches and the streets safely and freely, you can relax;
  2. significantly reduced rates on tickets and hotels, it is possible to save money or to afford much more for the same money;
  3. there are a lot of interesting excursions, because each town on the coast keeps the memory of distant times;
  4. much nicer in cool, comfortable weather, visit Barcelona, Girona, the Dali Museum and the Montserrat mountains.

By shortcomings can be attributed, perhaps, only the lack of bathing.

How to dress?

Definitely need to bring clothes appropriate to the weather.

  • In the evening, and windy,rainy days come in handy rainproof and windproof jackets.
  • Will not prevent warm jackets and sweaters.
  • Always useful comfortable shoes, because you should be walking along the sea, to admire the beautiful scenery and to breathe healthy air.

What to do in this period?

chem zanyatsya v eto vremya?

Many believe that Costa Brava is the most beautiful place in Spain, as if specially designed for beach holidays and active tourism.

Attractions & sightseeing

Costa Brava is different from many resorts that besides sun and sea there are many attractions to see which are specially come from all over the world. Here are some of them:

  1. The house-Museum of Salvador Dali in Figueres - it is designed in a surreal style, here is interesting even to those who do not consider themselves fans of the artist;
  2. castle Sant Joan in Lloret de Mar, built in the XI century and served as a fortress until the XVIII century;
  3. Santa Clotilde gardens in Lloret de Mar, founded in 1919;
  4. The Cathedral in Girona, it is more than 700 years;
  5. the city-castle of besalú and a lot more places to see.

In the compulsory program also includes excursions to the Catalan capital, Barcelona and the Montserrat mountain.

At this time, already starts preparing for Christmas, the streets and storefronts are transformed, presenting an extraordinary sight for tourists.

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Holidays and festivals

The end of the swimming season does not mean that the Costa Brava freezes life. On the contrary, there comes the time of great festivals and holidays:

  • 01.11 celebrated All Saints Day, which is usually dedicated fairs;
  • 27.10 on 05.11 Girona celebrate the Feast of St. Narcissus, and it involves a fashion show of giants, tower of people, fairs, fireworks and other pleasures;
  • 13.11 in 30.11 in Lloret de Mar celebrated the Feast of the patron Saint of the city, Roman - arranged fairs, concerts and other entertainment;
  • in the second half of November in Torroella de montgrí is a Festival in honor of St. Catherine.

And come into fashion, gastronomic tours, for which November is the best time.

It turns out that in November holiday in the Costa Brava may be even more interestingthan in the summer.

If you decide to get off the Costa Brava to Barcelona, then look at this video, how's the weather there in November: