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Weather in November in Crimea: what temperature, where to go and whether to go?

pogoda v noyabre v Kryiu

Crimea is blessed with numerous writers and poets were called the Peninsula, which became the cradle of their creativity. Always come here for inspiration and health. Sea, mountain air, saturated with the fragrance of southern flowers, plants, has a healing effect in any time of the year.

Even when in the Central Russia end of the calendar autumn, feel the breath of winter, the Crimea remains resort welcoming those who wish to gain strength.

In November in the Crimea ends the autumn season, the weather in the beginning of the month differs dramatically from the one that is installed in the second decade.

The average temperature of air and water from the beginning and at the end of the month

The average temperature in the Crimea in the last month of autumn range at the level of eight degrees (+ 12 in daytime, +4 at night). Weather resembles September in Central Russia. Due to its specific geographical position in the foothills in Simferopol a few degrees colder than the "South coast" Yalta, Alushta, Sudak.

The temperature in the beginning of the month still recalls the "Babi summer" at the end is getting noticeably colder, recorded the first frost. Noticeably cools and the sea, swim to dare the most daring tourists, local in this cold water no Kalach not entice.

The lowest water temperature observed in Kerch, Kazantip, Sevastopol: 11 degrees in the beginning of the month, 6 at the end.

In Yalta, Alupka in November most comfortable, the temperature of the water is kept at 14 to 15 degrees, decreasing to the beginning of winter to ten.

In Simferopol, Evpatoria , on one or two degrees colder.

temperatura s nachala i po konec noyabrya v Krymu

Sometimes the weather gives surprises. In recent observations November more friendly to tourists.

Meteorologists often record the heating of the water to 18 degrees, air up to +28. The heat does not last long. Great influence on the weather conditions providing strong winds blowing from the sea. They bring cold, humidity. It happens that in the morning a layer of white snow covers the flowers, however, it melts before noon.

To Nov characterized by a large number of cloudy days, no surprise drizzling rain. In the night it gets rather cold in six or seven degrees by the end of November frosts are frequent.

The temperature at the beginning of the month:

  • Yalta - up to 20;
  • Yevpatoriya - +18;
  • Simferopol - +18;
  • Alupka - +15.

The middle of the month will be pleased with such indicators:

  • Yalta +14;
  • Yevpatoriya - +13;
  • Simferopol - +12-13;
  • Alupka - +12.

Weather in late November in the resorts of the Peninsula are the following:

  • Yalta - +11;
  • Yevpatoriya - +10;
  • Simferopol - +10;
  • Alupka - +9.5 mm.

Features guests at this time

Crimean Peninsula last month of autumn chosen for recreation lovers of peace, kultpohody, leisurely walks on the mountain slopes, mushroom pickers, fishermen. City freeze, what can we say about the towns, they comes "dead" season.

osobennosti otdyha na poluostrove v eto vremya

From November to may the locals closed a private hotel, entertainment facilities, constructing additions, improving, cleaning, tidying. The promenade becomes a desert.

Is it possible to swim?

November for a beach holiday not suitable, cold water, and wind aren't the best companions bathing. If desired, well formed walk on the beach: the lapping of the waves on the surf definitely soothes, helps to improve your health provided that you are properly dressed.

How to dress?

The answer is simple: heat. A swimsuit will be needed if the hotel where you stay has a pool. Useful t-shirt in case of sharp warming.

The basis of the wardrobe should be knitted blouse with long sleeve, pullovers, sweaters, trousers.

kak odevatsya v noyabre na otdyhe?

Fans of mountain air, wishing to conquer for example the AI-Petri, can not do without warm jackets, hats. Onthe slopes of temperature is much lower.

What kind of fruit you can taste?

A lot of them, despite the fact that the high season is far behind. In November in the Crimea ripen late varieties of apples poured with honey pears, pleasing taste of the Sunny persimmon. Sometimes you can find raspberries, but massively selling berries no.

Crimean sophistication can name a brown fruit called medlar (loquat).

These "fruits" in the form of a ball, the pears have a sweet and sour taste, grow on the territory of the entire Peninsula, the largest plantation in the vicinity of Sudak. Of medlar, make candy, cook compotes, jams.

Much better to go to relax?

The Crimean Peninsula has a unique geographical location for a holiday in late autumn it is better to choose the South coast, the most comfortable and warm. Yalta – a favorite this time of year, is slightly inferior to Evpatoria. In Yalta, Kazantip, Sevastopol is much cooler.

kuda luchshe poehat v noyabre v Krymu?

What should I visit?

Walk along the promenade, surroundings, breathe in the fresh sea air, admire the beauty. Cost to bring a basket. Rains and moderate heat promote the growth of fungi. November in the Crimea – a Paradise for lovers of mushroom fishing, suitable for collecting nuts, herbs, fishing. Lakes, rivers, sea work farms, where you can rent tackle and angling from the shore.

Sightseeing tours are not canceled even in November. Museums, palaces are open and available to the public from the pros – sights can be viewed in a relaxed atmosphere without the rush and the large flow of travelers.

Calendar of event tourism, less saturated than in the summer. Of the main events:

  • the ball of chrysanthemums, it takes place in the Nikitsky Botanical garden;
  • festival of young wine in Sebastopol.

Often in November arrange a scientific conference.

Cost to go?

Crimea can be visited year round, November – perfect for a relaxing holiday, walks, Wellness, gastronomy discoveries. Of the minuses – difficult weather conditions, many cafes, hotels closed. The undeniable benefits serve affordable prices, relaxed atmosphere, few tourists.

The Crimea in November - watch the following video: