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Cuba - Varadero: weather, temperature, fruit and the rest in November

pogoda na Kube v noyabre

Cuba is incredibly attractive in terms of tourism. The coast of this country is washed by one of the most beautiful seas rich with marine life, and local entertainment will appeal to those looking for something new and interesting. Weather in Cuba in November creates the conditions for a perfect holiday.

Forecast weather in November in Cuba

temperaturnyj rezhim v konce oseni

November is one of the best months for holidays in Cuba. This time this is a pleasant resort weather compared to previous months, but prices have not yet had time to grow.

The average temperature of air and water

In November, the weather in Cuba is changing – cloudy days and rains back down, and replaced by clear days and an attractive warm climate without excessive heat.

Especially such a nice change of weather is noticeable in the second half of the month, when the temperature in the resorts does not exceed the comfort +25-27 degrees during the day and at night, it gets quite cool up to 18 degrees.

Slightly different weather in November is observed in the country's resorts located in different parts of the island:

  • Varadero – +27°C, day +21°C night;
  • Havana – +27 degrees during the day and 21 degrees at night;
  • Cayo Coco – +27°C, day +24°C night;
  • Holguin – +28°C day, 21 degrees at night;
  • Santiago de Cuba – +30°C day, 20 degrees at night;
  • Trinidad – +28°C day +20°C at night.

The island has a small area that allows you to rent a cheap car and go on vacation in another part of the country. Many tourists do so, if the first half of November the remnants of hurricanes and rains give to spend a vacation.

The Caribbean sea is perfect for swimming. Water temperature in November is around 25 degrees. Such conditions are ideal for families with children, as the weather has to rest without always-on air conditioning and beach visits.

The particular weather conditions

osobennosti klimaticheskih uslovij

November in the resorts of Cuba is considered the transition month from wet to dry season. For the first half of the month the characteristic showers and storms and high humidity and stuffiness. But all this occurs mainly to those resorts which are located on the southern coast of the country. For this reason, in the first half in some areas of the island, you can still watch the rains, which occur exclusively at night.

Despite the rains that come 5-6 times a month, throughout persisted the pleasant weather. The only inconvenience bring squally winds and stormscharacteristic of the North-West coast.

In such moments it is possible to wait out bad weather, going to the other resorts of the country, where much warmer.

The November holiday

Weather conditions in Cuba in November, ideal for holidays in the resorts of the island. It is sufficient to choose the appropriate option, depending on personal taste, and intense holiday will not keep itself waiting long.

The pros and cons

A holiday in Cuba in November are limitless advantages, starting with a low cost for booking of tickets and hotels, ending with a large selection of entertainment at a fairly modest cost.

preimushestva i nedostatki

Since November, Cuba is considered to be only the beginning of the season, and the weather conditions this month has changed dramatically for the better, while vacationing, you can save considerably on the price for the tours. The cost of travel starts to increase during the second half of the month, reaching its peak for the New year.

It is worth noting that this month a lot of entertainment in the resorts. There is always available a dizzying dive and exploring the underwater world of the Caribbean, fishing, boat tours, exciting trips to href="http://tour.liketourist.com/strana/chto-posmotret-na-kube/">attractions of the country.

Of the downsides of the vacation it is worth noting the sudden change in the weather as rain and strong winds, but such moments happen in November less.

How to dress and what to bring?

In the resorts of Cuba is pleasant enough weather, so the trip is limited to the easy resort wear and comfortable shoes. Do not forget about the dangerous UV rays of the sun, so you should pack a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. In the evenings can be a bit cool, so no harm will be light jacket.

What does the fruit ripen this month?

By the beginning of tourist season in Cuba ripen exotic fruits. From the usual on the shelves of shops and markets meet, avocado, and grapefruit, and also bananas and pineapples. The accommodation to the table often serves tamarind, passion fruit, carambola and very sweet fruit mango.

What to do at this time?

Cuba is incredibly a lot of fun, and a wonderful November weather helps to ensure that every tourist could enjoy all the beauties of this island.

Beach vacation

otpusk na plyazhe

Relaxing on the beaches of Cuba in November is ideal for couples with children. In the morning the air temperature, and water warms up to a comfortable level, but taking big heat for this month is not typical.

A beach holiday in Cuba is available in the resorts of the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean sea. But many choose the first option, because the sea is still a small possible hurricanes and rains. The most favorable conditions observed at the resorts of the island:

  1. Varadero;
  2. Guardalavaca;
  3. Pescara;
  4. Esmeralda.

In addition, many tourists a remarkable opportunity to go on vacation on one of the many Islands of Cuba, where beach holidays even more beautiful.

What to see and how to have fun?

The main reason why tourists choose Cuba – diving, but you can also travel around the country with tours, to get acquainted with local colour, cuisine, and visit the national parks, for example, such reserves as:

  • The Sierra Maestra;
  • Alexander Von Humboldt;
  • Baconao;
  • Desembarco del Granma and others.

Holidays and festivals

The most popular celebration in November, the CubaSaint Christopher's day is a spectacular event dedicated to Christopher Columbus.

But even on ordinary days, the island is a fabulous holiday atmosphere, so many tourists choose this destination for vacation.

Cuba in November, is a smart choice for travelers thanks to beautiful weather and the abundance of the most attractive beaches in the country.

See this video, what is the weather on the coast of Cuba in November: