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Weather in Palma de Mallorca in November

pogoda na Majorke v noyabre

Chilly and cold autumnthe best time to go to a warmer climate and sunbathe under the warm sun by the sea or ocean.

In our latitudes in November is quite uncomfortable, but the island of Spain with many attractions and relatively warm sea may be much more hospitable. Weather in Mallorca in November is pleasant indicators.

What is the weather like in November in Mallorca?

temperaturnye usloviya v konce oseni

Although Majorca is quite a small island, some of the differences in climate between the cities here, there are.

The average temperature of water and air

In November, the "velvet" season in Mallorca already ends. The number of Sunny days is gradually reduced, although you still have time to get an even beautiful tan. On average, in November the number of rainy days on the island is 13.

For relaxing on the beach is better to go here in the first decade of the month, when sometimes the air warms up to 20-22°C.

However, the average temperature of the month is 15°C (daytime in the island's capital Palma de Mallorca, rising to 18°C and at night drops to 11°C). Possible even lower the temperature to +8°C in the dark.

At other resorts of the island, the temperature on average shows the following figures:

  • Alcudia: day -+19,7°C at night +16,2°C;
  • Palmanova: +19,4°C, night +15,5°C;
  • Santa Ponsa: at +19.5°C, at night +15,7°C;
  • El Arenal: +14,2°C, at night +6°C;
  • Manacor: in the afternoon +18°C, night 15°C.

The water temperature average is +18-20°C, so the sea is quite cool for swimming, but great for those who don't like heat and tends to harden. The recorded maximum temperature is 22°C.

The particular weather conditions

osobennosti pogodnogo rezhima

Mallorca at this time of year blowing fairly strong North-Eastern and South-Western winds with an average speed of 4.5 m/s, and rainfall is constantly increasing, reaching 67,6 mm. sometimes the Weather behaves almost unpredictably. The number of Sunny hours per day is less than 7.

The November holiday

As with any resort, November Majorca has its own specifics, which is suitable not every lover of travel.

The pros and cons

To the benefits of vacation in November on the island include:

  1. Nearly empty beaches, because the beach season is already ending;
  2. Great choice of flights: most travelers prefer to visit in the height of beach season;
  3. The lack of heat and high humidity, ideal for tourists suffering from cardiovascular diseases and problems with the respiratory system.

The disadvantages of the trip to the island this month consider a relatively low temperature compared to the summer.

preimushestva i nedostatki

If you will walk in the evenings is relatively easy dressed, there is a risk to earn colds.

For traveling with young children November in Mallorca is not a very good option because the sand and water in the Mediterranean sea already has a fairly low temperature.

How to dress in Majorca in November?

Although a third month in November on the island it rains, put a cross on a beach vacation is not worth it. In the first half of the month is still quite warm and Sunny days, so bring lightweight clothes: pants, shirts, dresses, skirts, shirts short and long sleeve.

Sunglasses and umbrellas you are unlikely to be useful: scorching heat should be expected. Swimwear will also need only lovers invigorating bathing, but umbrellas and raincoats will be just a must-have. Be sure to pack in a suitcase easy hat and scarf, jacket or windbreaker, sweater, jacket and tight jeans, tofreezing in the evening.

What to do at this time?

Even if the weather is not the happy Sunny days on the island to be bored does not have. Numerous attractions and festivals will make your stay unforgettable.

Beach vacation

To swim in the sea want not all visitors to the island, especially spoiled high temperature of the water at other resorts. Frequent strong wind is also sometimes encourages to abandon the idea of immersion.

However you still can do surfing, being protected from the cold a wetsuit.

It doesn't hurt to take a sun bath on the beach or just stroll along the surf, inhaling the scent of fir trees of coastal forests and the smell of sea salt.


ekskursii po ostrovu

If during your visit frequent rains, trips to local attractions, among which worth mentioning:

  • Royal Palace and Cathedral in Palma de Mallorca. They are in the Arab area of the city and are open all year round (take care maximally closed outfit, otherwise you will not be allowed inside);
  • Museum of the estate of Bellver (Sunday allowed everyone without purchasing a ticket);
  • Tour the picturesque estates of La Granja, Alfabia and a glass-blowing factorysituated next to it.
  • Pearl factory in Manacor, where you will not only run in the exhibition hall, but also will offer to buy jewelry as a souvenir;
  • Boutiques in the capital of the island in the street, Jaime II, Plaza Mayor square and the Boulevard des born, where they sell branded clothing, DIY crafts and Souvenirs handmade.

Holidays and festivals

In Mallorca in November is held the following festive events:

  1. A huge agricultural fair in the 2nd Thursday of the month, where they sell delicious local delicacies and Souvenirs, as well as performances of local musical groups and costumed presentations (venue – the Inca);
  2. Olive festival at the end of the month on which you will learn the process of obtaining virgin olive oil and will be able to stock up on homemade wine, honey, nuts and sweet treats (held in Caimari);
  3. Pumpkin fair (falls on the second weekend of November), when all catering establishments offer for free to try food and drinks from the pumpkin (held in Playa de Muro).

See in this video, what's the weather like in early November in Mallorca: