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Holidays in the Maldives: what is the weather like in November?

pogoda na Maldivah v noyabre

Weather in the Maldives in November – Sunny, windless, warm, with little rainfall. In late autumn the temperature in the ocean decreases, but it does not scare many tourists, quite the contrary – ubeysya heat already slept, and exotic flora takes fragrant.

What is the weather in the Maldives in November?

temperaturnye usloviya v konce oseni

This time of year in the Maldives are blowing North-East windthat brings on the coast dry and Sunny weather.

The temperature of the air and water

The average daily temperature in Maldives is +29°C, and at night the temperature drops 3-4 degrees. At noon, mark the thermometers can reach the level of +32-34°C, but heat is good because of high humidity of air.

The water temperature in the ocean in November, a bit below previous months, but is very convenient for swimming – on average it is +25-27°C.

In late autumn, the water in the ocean is calm, no storms and storms that are favorable for fishing and scuba diving.

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Compared to other months in November, falls slightly rain – light rain showers during the day, usually remain unnoticed for tourists. On average this month, there are around 80-100 mm precipitation. The average speed of the meter is 4.5 m/s.

Weather differences between different atolls

otlichitelnye cherty raznyh atollov

Basically, in all the atolls degree temperature of water and air are the same, the difference is only the amount of precipitation and number of Sunny days.

  • The rainiest Atoll is malé – there are thirty days thirteen poured rain. Water temperature in malé is +27-29°C, and the temperature - +32°C day and 28°C at night.
  • Most Sunny days in the Haa Alifu where the water temperature is heated to +30°C, and the temperature rose to 32°C during the day and +29°C at night.
  • In the southern Atoll of Addu reigns the heat of the atmosphere – despite the 128 mm of precipitation, the temperature here reaches +32-34°C during the day and +29°C at night, and the water temperature warms up to +29°C. Addu is located close to the equator, so the sun here is merciless and there is a danger of burn.

Features vacation in this period

In November in the Maldives enjoying the hot, but not sultry, summer. Coming here, tourists can lie on the clean beaches, swim in the warm ocean, and enjoy exotic flora and fauna.

But, like any holiday, tourism in the Maldives in November has its pros and cons.

The pros and cons of vacation

preimushestva i nedostatki

Of advantages for a holiday at this time of year include:

  1. Reasonable prices on holidays that are in December-January, a sharp rise;
  2. The calm waters of the ocean;
  3. Peaceful atmosphere: in November not too large influx of vacationers, eliminating the noise and large crowd of the masses. Here you can leave behind the everyday bustle and relax as much as possible;
  4. Favorable time for diving and research of the seabed, and for fishing;
  5. Luxury service in hotels and the hotels;
  6. Beautiful views of wild nature, as well as the opportunity to try exotic cuisine;
  7. Sterile cleanliness of beacheson which you can safely take, even for children.

The downsides are few, but they can significantly affect the course of the rest:

  1. At this time in the Maldives rainy season, which may preclude someplans;
  2. There is a high chance to burn – even in the cloudy weather you cannot go outside without sunscreen.

What to bring?

The Maldives can't do without sunscreen, sunglasses and swimwear. As for the clothes, the choice is better to stop on the so-called beach gear: lightweight sandals, shorts, airy dresses.

But we must remember that the Maldives is an Islamic state, so the outfits need to choose modest, especially for excursions.

Activities on the Islands

Despite this pleasant atmosphere of serenity, the Maldives can entertain tourists on different sorts of entertainment, whether it be dive to the ocean floor or admiring the attractions.

Beach vacation

osennie plyazhi

A large part of entertainment in the Maldives is somehow connected with water. The most popular activities is diving – the water is calm Nov promote most beneficial dives. Quiet waters also are ideal for novice surfers.

Individual attention, coral reefs. To see them, not necessarily to dive – you can enjoy flying over the archipelago by seaplane and make stunning images of this beauty.

In order to go fishing in the Maldives, you need to rent a yacht or a boat – to fish off the coast is strictly prohibited. But at depth there is the opportunity to catch a huge number of exotic fish.

In addition, beach holidays in the Maldives can provide the following entertainment:

  • Visits to other Islands;
  • A picnic or a romantic evening on a desert island;
  • Feeding sharks or stingrays, as well as catching turtles;
  • The trip along the coast on the glass bottom boat;
  • Rent of yachts, boats, water skiing and so on.

Excursions and entertainment

The cultural capital of the Maldives is the malé Atoll. One of its main attractions is the Great Friday mosque, the building which accommodates about five thousand people. Nearby is the Islamic center, which houses the graves of famous people.

While in male, curious tourists should also visit the Presidential Palace, Sultan Park and located in the Park Museum.

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3 November in the Maldives is celebrated on the Day of Victory over a terrorist group from Sri Lanka. November 11, the state celebrated Republic Day, which attracts different dance and musical groups. With a special scale festivals are celebrated in male – there are parades, contests, dances and songs, carnivals, and closed the festive evening luxurious fireworks.

See this video about how wonderful the weather is in the Maldives in November: