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Holiday in Morocco in November: what is the weather and water temperature in Agadir?

pogoda v Marokko v noyabre

Morocco – colourful, exotic country with an incredibly extensive recreational amenities and comfortable weather conditions, especially if the trip is planned for November. This period is available at any time beach, sightseeing and entertainment activities and high-quality service and low prices on any service.

What is the weather like in November in Morocco?

Kakie pogodnye usloviya v konce oseni?

Due to its location, Morocco is dominated by a subtropical climate, ideal for your Spa holiday. In the summer across the country it's hot, but the dryness is easily tolerated, since the ocean breeze freshens the air.

Winter soft and warm, and autumn are pleasantly cool and rainfall.

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The temperature of the air and water

For those who do not like strongest heat, but wants to spend a vacation in an exotic and incredibly interesting country, succeeding the cool and cloudy days to bright colors, Morocco in November is perfect for relaxation. This month, the heat subsides, but is kept a very comfortable temperature. The only thing that could spoil your holiday – the rain, although precipitation in the aggregate are not more than 10 days per month.

The greatest coolness and rainy there in the mountains and on the Atlantic coast, while on the shores of the Mediterranean sea three degrees warmer. The average temperature across the country the day warms up to +20-24°C, and night rapidly cools to 12 degrees.

The water in the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea remains warm enough, but not suitable for swimming. Her temperature at this period is about +18-20 degrees, but this does not negate the opportunity to swim in the heated pool in the hotel.

The particular weather conditions in the cities

Because Morocco has a large area and quite a variety of terrain, in different regions has a different temperature. In the North and center of the Kingdom is dominated by the warm climate and stable temperature, at the time, both in the East and in the South often rains, and the difference between day and night temperatures is quite noticeable.

  • The highest temperature in Agadir. In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +25°C, which allows you to sunbathe on a deserted, but well-kept beaches. At night the temperature drops to +17°C. the water Temperature in the ocean is 18 degrees.
  • Still nice weather in Marrakech – the tourist resort located in the heart of Morocco. Here in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to a comfortable 23 degrees, and at night the thermometer drops to +15°C.
  • osobennosti pogodnogo rezhima v regionah

  • In Rabat colder than in other Moroccan cities, but for a beach holiday, this direction is not suitable. The cool wind and daily temperature is +21°C, leaves not too positive impressions of your stay at the resort. At night the air cools to 11 degrees.
  • Colder just in the resorts of Casablanca and Fes, but in addition to low daytime temperatures (18°C), this region is characterized by frequent rains and very cold nights. At night, the temperature here drops to +9°C.

Despite the cool weather the water in the ocean is still warm (20 degrees).


At that time, as the weather in the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts of Morocco, more reminiscent of autumn, tourists are in no hurry to leave the country because she is ready to offer a lot of interesting entertainment apart from a beach holiday.

The pros and cons

The main advantage of visiting Morocco in Novemberlow prices on all types of services for tourists, ranging from booking tickets and hotels, finishing the excursion and entertainment programs. However, if you choose the right resort for families, the cons from the rest is notexpected, especially given the fact that the visa to this country for the people of Russia do not need.

How to dress?

Planning a vacation in Morocco, you should carefully plan your wardrobe. To stay left only pleasant impressions, it is enough to take lightweight clothes for day, warm sweater for the evening promenade. Don't forget about the umbrella, though rains in the country not long, but because of the dry climate, in an hour from them no trace remains.

Where better to relax?

The most favorable conditions for recreation in November in Morocco are observed in Marrakech and Agadir. Many tourists choose these cities because the temperature differences are not significant, which makes the stay very comfortable.

What to do?

Tours in Morocco in November, will appeal to those tourists who prefer active rest and travel to different places.

Beach vacation

plyazhnyj otpusk

In Morocco, the most preferred beach resorts located on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, but in November only the most desperate tourists can afford to bathe in the invigorating water.

In the cold period near the coast of Agadir, Rabat and Hey-Essaouira there are very high waves, so the risk of being blown far from shore is too high.

But such conditions are perfect for fans of surfing. Many go on the coast of Taghazout and Tamaracto learn how to confidently stand on the Board and conquer the waves in a wetsuit.

Excursions and entertainment

In Morocco there is always something to do regardless of the season. This month, it is also possible to explore ancient Moroccan attractions, to visit the colorful bazaars or go on a Safari through the legendary Sahara.

Holidays and festivals

Every major city in Morocco every week are the major festivals and holidays, but two dates are particularly important for local residents. November 6, the country held a Day of commemoration of the green March, and on 18 November – the Independence Day.

Weather in Morocco in November is not suitable for those who prefer the heat and the beach, but at this time, you can get many other advantages from staying in the country.

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