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Stay and the weather in Mexico: can I swim in Cancun in November?

pogoda v Meksike v noyabre

Weather in Mexico in November is considered the driest in comparison with other months. Nevertheless, weather conditions November are the most favorable for recreation – no torrential downpours, thunderstorms and gales, characteristic of tropical climate.

What is the weather in November in Mexico?

kakie pogodnye usloviya v konce oseni?

In November, the summer heat in Mexico significantly decreases, to be replaced by coolness, more familiar to European tourists.

Of course, rain showers and thunderstorms did not stop entirely, but it becomes much less.

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The average temperature of air and water

The average daily temperature of the air in November is 25 degrees Celsius. The day temperature may rise to +30 degrees and at night drop to 21 degrees. At this time, the sun is not so hot as summer, and the evening brings a welcome coolness.

In various parts of the country the temperature in November is not much, but still different:

  • in Mexico city the average daily temperature is +23 degrees;
  • in cancún - +28-30 degrees;
  • in Riviera-Maya - 29 degrees;
  • in Cozumel - +28-30 degrees;
  • in Acapulco - +32-34 degrees;
  • in Puerto Vallarta - +31-33 degrees.

In the night of day indicators presented above temperature drops by 2-4 points.

srednie temperaturnye pokazateli

November also is considered a favorable time for a beach holiday. At this time, the water in the Caribbean sea, is lowered to a temperature of 26-28 degrees.

The water off the coast of the Pacific's a little colder – from +24 to +27 degrees.

On the coast of Cancun and other tourist areas of Mexico water temperature is an average 27 degrees, and on the shores of Acapulco, the figure is slightly lower – only 23 degrees.

The particular weather conditions

By November the season of rains and storms came to its logical conclusion, but completely to exclude probability of heavy rains is not worth it – showers are possible, but they are short (no more than 20-30 minutes) and infrequent (often 5-6 times in a month). The probability of typhoons and tsunamis are minimal, but still before the trip is to see the weather forecasts.

Due to the small amount of precipitation , the humidity is greatly reduced and is around 70-80%. This allows the body to feel more comfortable.

Vacation in the transitional season

otpusk v mezhsezone

A stay in November on the Mexican coast has its own characteristics.

The pros and cons

The advantages of stay in Mexico at this time are:

  1. a beautiful species;
  2. safe sandy beaches;
  3. diverse recreation, including both active and cultural;
  4. the possibility of a comfortable rest with children of any age;
  5. exotic cuisine and nature;
  6. unusual festivals and carnivals.

Despite the idyll still there are cons to vacation in Mexico:

  • expensive tour;
  • the possibility of a bite, dangerous insect, and even large predatory animal, which in November was particularly active;
  • the danger is not only fauna, but also the crime – there is a chance to meet with local bandits or robbers.

How to dress?

Day in Mexico is quite hot, so light clothing, sunscreen and glasses are not enough. But at night the temperature drops dramatically, so in the suitcase it is better to adda light jacket and a pair of closed shoes.

Closed shoes and clothes, by the way, will help to prevent the bites of small insects.

Things to do this month?

chto delat v eto vremya?

Mexico in November becomes a place for leisure. In addition to swimming and visiting the beach, tourists can engage in active and even extreme rest, to visit cultural and historical monuments, to touch the beauty of the sea or ocean tours or cruises.

Beach vacation - can you swim?

November in Mexico is considered a Golden season for a beach holiday. The beaches of the Caribbean are the most favorable for families with children, while the Pacific coast is very popular with surfers.

The white sandy beaches of Cancun are ideal for any kind of tourists – and for couples with children and for lovers partying on the beach, and for those who prefer to vacation, plunging into the depths of water.

Another popular resort is Playa del Carmen – here life does not stop even at night. Tourists can sunbathe on the beaches, swim with the dolphins, and without them, surfing or scuba diving.

The beach of Puerto Vallarta will delight visitors of lagoons, clear water and clean sandy beach.

In Acapulco beach rest often flows into a fun party.

Entertainment and excursions

In addition to the clean, sandy beaches and high quality service to Mexico is rich in its attractions. Curious tourists can visit places associated with the mysterious people of the Maya is a the famous pyramids of Teotihuacan, Uxmal magic and others.

Among the guests of the country is also a popular cruise liner in the Caribbean. Here anyone can enjoy the scenic views and get acquainted with national cuisine of Mexico.

ekskursionno-razvlekatelnyj kruiz

Would be fun to look at whales in a National Park gray whale, and adults – to visit the world famous club for Golf enthusiasts.

Lovers of outdoor activities offered great opportunities for diving and surfing. What gulfs and bays suitable for both experienced athletes and beginners who wish to test their strength.

Holidays and festivals

  1. The first of November, the Mexicans celebrate day of the Dead, better known to Europeans as Halloween. On the streets you can see dressed in scary costumes of the people, but don't worry – it's just part of the masquerade.

    Continuing the tradition of the festival of the Dead second Nov superstitious inhabitants of a small jingle bells – this way they call on the dead, showing that they remember and revere them.

  2. The twentieth of November, the country celebrates the anniversary of the revolution. This event is accompanied by processions and festivities.
  3. In the Day of Saint Cecilia, patroness of all musicians, arranged mass celebrations in folk costumes to the sound of national music.
  4. So the Mexicans are trying to prove that you are the most musical people on the planet.

  5. In late November arranged already traditional international festival of Aeronautics. This fascinating spectacle attracts people from all over the world.

Watch video about how to celebrate Mexico's day of the Dead: