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Weather forecast in Moscow: what is the average temperature in early November?

pogoda v Moskve v noyabre

Weather in Moscow in November – one of the most painful: from Golden autumn and no trace, and of a comfortable the winter, and now there can be no question.

November, frankly, not the best month to travel to Moscow, however capricious and changeable November weather can suddenly turn out to be supportive.

What's the weather forecast for November in Moscow?

kakoj prognoz na konec oseni?

November is pre-winter, transitional period between seasons. "In November, seven weather" is a saying true and, that is, through suffering. Weather is constantly teetering around 0°C.

The average temperature

The average temperature in Moscow in early November is about +3°C (+4°C, and at +3°C). In late November the average temperature is equal to -3°C (-3°C, and at night -4°C).

The temperature continues to fall in anticipation of winter, and gradually move to only minus marks.

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Other weather "charms"

November is characterized by relatively high humidity , on average, 86%, and it increases from 84 percent at the beginning of the month to 88% by the end of the month. An average of 30 November, only two days are given clear.

drugie pogodnye usloviya

Precipitation in the eleventh month of the year are the most diverse. Often began to go at night in the morning the snow turns to sleet, and in the middle of the afternoon in the rain. Snow cover is more variable: it melts and turns into puddles, then freezes and creates ice.

Besides, November is considered to be the darkest month of the year. In December, of course, the light day is shortened even more, but great illumination creates snow.

Especially the November stay in the capital

November in Moscow has its advantages and disadvantages, and they better know not when entering one of the capital's stations, in advance.

The pros and cons

preimushestva i nedostatki

Cons Moscow Nov obvious is the unstable weather. But there are pluses: thanks to its volatility November dank may suddenly turn into an unexpected warmth or on the contrary very light crisp frost. It's better than slush.

And November is a great month for those who appreciate comfort. At no other time of the year a Cup of hot tea, coffee or glass of mulled wine does not deliver such pleasure, as in November. As for cultural life, the "dead" summer season is long gone. The closer to winter, the more different activities, becoming Moscow life.

How to dress?

The main thing – to choose at the same time warm and waterproof clothes and shoes. Care should be taken hat – without it will most likely be uncomfortable. However, it is worth considering that in Moscow metro is always much warmer than outside, and be prepared for the fact that the cars have to unbutton the jacket, remove the cap, unwinding scarves.

In addition, avoid ice in Moscow the sidewalks are often covered with chemicals. This will keep you from falling on the ice, but in the shoes of the reagents affect not the best way.

What to do at this time?

To explore the main attractions of the capital or stroll through the parks, however the vagaries of weather will often drive you in the many warm and cozy Moscow cafes.

November in Moscow – a time of numerous celebrations and interesting colorful festivals.

What to see?

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If the weather let you down, Moscow is ready to offer many activities and warm indoor spaces.

Museums, theaters, different exhibitions, concerts of Russian and foreign stars – the cultural life of Moscow in November is in full swing. Of course, the "not asleep" and night clubs. It would be better to be somewhere under the roof. For example, you can visit:

  • The Tretyakov gallery;
  • aquarium Moskvarium;
  • Historical Museum;
  • the antikinoteatra "Movie house";
  • the gallery of arts Zurab Tsereteli;
  • Bolshoi theatre;
  • the amusement Park Happylon Magic Park;
  • theatre. Vakhtangov;
  • aerodrome "Aerobatic".

Holidays and festivals

  1. November 4 – national unity Day. Parade, concert (usually at the Manege square) and a number of other celebrations – a mandatory attribute of this holiday.
  2. November 7 – the day of the October revolution of 1917. It is clear that the range of the Soviet era is not gone, today this holiday has become rather exotic. But a lot of red flags against the grey of the November city is, in any case, a beautiful sight.
  3. For several years in Gostiny Dvor is "Agrokon" festival of Board games, who have waited so long in Russia.

And most importantly – do not forget a variety of gastronomic festivals. November weather in Moscow is very conducive to attendance.

In this video you can see what is the weather in Moscow in November: