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Weather Israel: the water temperature and I swim in Netanya in November?

pogoda v Netanii v noyabre

Many tourists believe that the approaching end of autumn, will automatically terminate the holiday season in Israel. However, the weather in Netanya in November is more than suitable for a comfortable stay.

Weather forecast for November

klimaticheskij prognoz na konec oseni

In General, the month falls under that category, when no scorching sun, but also came cold.

The temperature of the air and water

Indicators temperature range from +21 to +26 degrees Celsius. In the 21st century the highest recorded temperature of November was around 30 degrees Celsius.

Average daily rate - +23 degrees, while night temperatures drop to +16.

In the beginning of the month the water temperature in the Mediterranean sea close to the mark of 25°Cevery day this figure is on the wane, and by the end of November the water becomes warmed to 21°C. the Average water temperature varies between 23-24°C, which is a favorable condition for swimming.

The November natural phenomena

osennie pogodnye yavleniya

November is one of the rainy months in Netanya. For it falls about 30 mm of precipitation. The number of rainy days varies from 2 to 3. Humidity – about 55%.

Most of the month visitors of the resort pleases the warm sun, but rainy and cloudy days account for approximately 10% Nov. The average of 8.9 hours a day - solar.

The wind speed is stable throughout the year and sudden changes in the indicators no.

In November, the wind speed is 3.9 m/s, which practically does not differ from winter or summer grades.

How best to organize the rest at this time?

A vacation at this resort in November has more advantages than disadvantages.

The pros and cons

preimushestva i nedostatki

One of the advantages is that tourists will not experience discomfort from too high temperatures or crowds of tourists, the main flow of which comes after summer. Also just arrived here from countries with more severe climate people will immediately feel the charm of late autumn in Israel.

One of the downsides of the holiday in November is a short day. But beautiful sunset and beautiful lights of most buildings in the city compensate for this.

What to wear?

Despite the fact that most temperature enough "summer", it is better to pack in a suitcase insulated things like jackets and denim pants. This will help to avoid inconveniences in case of minor cooling.

Netanya or Eilat?

Another famous tourist city in Israel is Eilat. For many, the choice among these two resorts is a dilemma.

Eilat has a more arid climate, so there is not expected any rainy day in November. The climate in Eilat is considered the warmest in all of Israel, and the cool sea helps to comfortably transfer to the high temperature.

But do not forget about the peculiarities of geographical location of cities: those who want to relax on the Mediterranean coast, will definitely Netanya, and tourists who do not mind limited to the Gulf of Aqaba, you can visit Eilat.

What to do?

chto delat v eto vremya?

At first glance, Netanya and the surrounding area don't have anything interesting besides the beaches and the sea, but a detailed study of the terrain shows that it is possible to find classes for people with various needs.

Is it possibleto swim?

As we can see from the description of the weather characteristics, to bathe in Netanya in November. Moreover, it is possible to become the owner of a beautiful even tan. The beaches of the Mediterranean coast of Netanya is quite clean and tidy, equipped for a comfortable stay. Sun loungers, cabanas, find seaside cafes and restaurants.

Many hotels are located right on the coastline, which not only have a wonderful view from the room, but quickly get to the beach.

Excursions and entertainment

Netanya itself is a pretty large city with a standard tourist entertainment such as shopping malls and theme parks. There is a large number of museums and parks:

  • Park "Utopia" is a tropical forest, which absorbed the exotic species of butterflies and orchids from around the globe. Part of the Park covered by a roof, the rest is open air. A walk in the Park with its rocks, fountains and waterfalls will immerse tourists in a tropical atmosphere and will appeal to both adults and children;
  • A bike Park. In Netanya, a Park for Cycling enthusiasts. Its area is 4 hectares! Biking can as a newbie and a seasoned fan of extreme sensations.

For those who want to get unforgettable impressions of the resort, you will have to go on the attractions of the surrounding area:

  1. The Bahai gardens in Haifa. Haifa is about an hour drive from Netanya. Baha'i – an unusual religion, the essence of which is the acceptance of all teachings, preaching harmony and peace in the world.

    ekskursionnye i razvlekatelnye meropriyatiya

    All of these principles are visualized in the gardens: clean, neat and attention to the smallest details, they give the visitor a sense of tranquility and inner balance. Also on the territory of the established temple. The entrance is free.

  2. Caesarea. Located about an hour's drive from the resort. This place is a must visit for all lovers of ancient ruins and architectural heritage.

    Here is preserved amphitheater, bearing the name of Herod the Great, located sections of the Roman fortress walls and the ruins of the ancient synagogue. The entrance to the national Park will have to pay a small fee but the tour is worth every shekel.

In addition, in Netanya developed Windsurfing, hang gliding and fishing.

Gourmets can have gastrotomy at restaurants with the traditional Israeli food.

On November not have any festivals or holidays, but it is the season of discounts in Netanya, so the city is full of a variety of sales and great offers for shoppers.

See in this video, what's the weather like in November in Netanya: