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UAE in November: weather and water temperature in Dubai, Sharjah, holiday with children

pogoda v OAE v noyabre

Most people do not like the cold. For this reason, with the onset of November, when many regions had already snowing, many tourists travel to warm countries. For example, in the UAE, where at this time of year, even summer reigns.

What's the weather like in November and what can I do? This you will learn after reading the article.

The temperature of the air and water from the beginning and at the end of the month

In the beginning of the month , the day temperature rises to +30 degrees and drops at night to 22 degrees. In some regions, the mark on the thermometer turns and 17 degrees. As for water, its temperature is +25 degrees.

The peak tourist season in the UAE this November. There is not too hot but also not cold.

In the middle of the month becomes a little colder. The day temperature is an average of 28 degrees, at night it drops to 20 degrees. Also the water temperature becomes slightly lower and on average it is equal to 24 degrees.

temperatura vozduha i vody v OAE v noyabre

The end of November marked the acceptable weather. A day in UAE on average 25 degrees the night the air temperature drops to +19 degrees. The water temperature drops even one degree, and becomes equal to 23 degrees.

Beach holidays, shopping, what else to do on vacation adults and children?

As for a beach holiday in November in the UAE most of the beaches are just Packed with people. The fact that the strong summer heat was already asleep, and the winter weather hasn't started yet.

It is recommended to book tours in advance, as it was before November, the price can jump twice.

If you travel to the UAE to relax with your child, you will definitely find what to do. At this time, it is possible not only to swim or sunbathe on the beach, but also visit places such as:

  • rides;
  • water parks;
  • zoos.

Arab Emirates called a Paradise for shopping lovers. Just go once in the biggest shopping center Dubai Mall, to fly to his native country with suitcases full of gifts and Souvenirs for your loved ones. In this Mall, more than 1500 shops. In addition, it has a large cinema and even the Olympic ice arena.

chem zanyatsya na otdyhe v OAE v noyabre?

Every tourist is recommended to go to the aquarium, which is also in DubaiMall. It is possible to look at the 30 000 unique marine life.

You also need to remember to take pictures on the background of the world's only hotel, which has seven stars – BurjAlArab.

In Abu Dhabi in November, annually held competitions in Formula 1. They last 3 days. At the end of this event there is also a gala concert.

What weather "painting" in popular tourist towns?

In Dubai the average temperature in November is +30 degrees during the day and 25 degrees at night. In the sea temperature reaches 28 degrees. Rains at this time of the year.

Another popular resort is Sharjah. The day temperature rises to +30 degrees at night it is +24 degrees. The temperature in the sea does not fall below 27 degrees. Rainy days no.

In Abu Dhabi in November the day temperature is +30 degrees, at night +23 degrees. The water temperature is 27 degrees. Precipitation at this time there.

In Ajman , the average daytime temperature in November is 28 degrees. At night it drops to 22 degrees. The sea water is +27 degrees.


Where better to relax in the United Arab Emirates at that time?

If you love warm, but not grueling sun, it is recommended to relax in the Western resorts of the UAE:

  • Sharjah
  • Abu Dhabi;
  • RAS al-Khaimah.

In addition to a good beach holiday in these cities hosts a variety of interesting events and festivals.

Like cool? Welcome to the South UAE – inFujiro. In addition to the main guests, fans of extreme sports can go here for mountain hikes.

What you need to know to tourists, not to spoil your holiday in the UAE - in the following video: