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The beginning of November in Seoul: weather, temperature, what to see, what to wear?

pogoda v Seule v noyabre

Weather in Seoul in November is slowly starting to become winter. A lot more cloudy days accompanied by residents of the capital, and the air temperature doesn't allow you to enjoy the warmth fully.

But this does not mean that in November in Seoul will not be able to enjoy the vacation. What is Seoul in November, if you decide to travel to South Korea in this autumn month?

What is the weather like in November in Seoul?

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As already mentioned, the capital of South Korea in this time of year is inexorably approaching winter.

Damp and with slightly overcast are an inherent part of the city and all its residents this month.

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The temperature of the air and water

November in Seoul something similar with November in our coastal cities: the air is damp, cold, frequent precipitation, and a small amount of the sun warn that winter is about to descend.

In early November, in the afternoon, the thermometer in the capital of South Korea reaches +14-15°C, and night temperatures can vary from 0 to +3°C. At the end of the month the daytime temperature drops to +6-8°C.

The sea, too, will delight all lovers of heat. The water temperature in this month in different parts of the coast can range from +11 to +16 degrees. So if you are a "walrus" with the experience of Seoul in November is the city for you.

Climatic conditions

sinopticheskie usloviya

In addition to the low temperature of air and water, Seoul, "please" their guests and the abundance of precipitation of a different kind. Sleet, rain, drizzle – all of which can wait for you in the last autumn month in the capital.

On average, adverse weather conditions and precipitation accompany all residents and tourists in Seoul about 16-20 days in November.

Often to all the weather troubles added chilly windcoming from the sea. Although on average most of the month in Seoul observed the calm, cold winds are also common.

November vacation in the capital of South Korea

For those who are in the period of autumn melancholy I decided that depression it to anything and you have to make something big, a trip to Seoul will be quite a big selection. Like it or not, Asia is full of secrets and mysteries at any time of the year, and only you can decide when to touch them.

Is it worth to come?

nuzhno li ehat?

Many tourists who visited Seoul in different times of the year, I advise you not to spoil his impression from South Korea (and in particular Seoul) trip in November.

From pluses it is possible to allocate only a few events that are held in early November. The rest of November, the climate may just spoil your trip.

How to dress?

If you still hit the capital of South Korea in November, then you'll appreciate some tips for clothes shopping during their stay in the city.

Clothes definitely need to bring:

  • a warm jacket (preferably rainproof);
  • closed-toe shoes (again, preferably rainproof);
  • umbrella;
  • a couple of warm sweaters and jackets with long sleeves;
  • tight jeans or pants;
  • scarf;
  • a hat or other head covering (if you plan to stay on the street late).

This is just sample list. You can always tweak it for themselves, acquainted with the weather conditions that prevail in Seoul in November. It should also bring a first aid kit with the necessary means in case of a cold or acclimatization.

What to do this month?

Unfortunately, November is a bad month to travel to Seoul. But most tourists who travel to this city this month, noted that they was no great difference when to visit the city of their dreams. If Seoul is not your dream, but rather a tourist curiosity, you should try to organize a trip in another month.

For those who turned out in Seoul in November and don't know what to do, there are several events of interest.

What to see?

chto stoit uvidet?

Seoul is beautiful primarily because there is virtually no street crime, so walking around the city in the evening and night will be quite safe.

Many had been in the South Korean capital in November suggest to visit the temples, palaces, and medieval attractions. In addition, a must to inspect is the famous "Korean house" - here are the traditional costume show. Many tourists suggest you to look at Gyeongbokgung Palace, n Seoul tower, the bridge "rainbow Fountain" and the skyscraper "63".

In addition, you can choose something from the long list of museums and excursions for European tourists.

Also in the rainy days in Seoul can enjoy shopping in one of the many shopping centres, some of them gained worldwide popularity.

It is also worth to try a ride on a river boat, which is the official public transport, they work and at this time of year.

In addition to buses around the coast there are ships and restaurants and river taxis.

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Holidays and festivals

All the main festivals and celebrations culminate in October. The last significant event, which you can get to Seoul in November, is the Festival of lights.

It's colorful and bright event may be familiar to you from numerous professional photos, walking on open spaces of magazines and Internet. Each year the theme of the festival is different, what makes this event unique and different from previous festivals.

What kind of weather may await you in Seoul in early November, see this video: