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What is the weather in Sri Lanka in November: what to take and where to rest?

Sri Lanka is a small, but incredibly interesting and bright an island state that attracts travelers with its exotic, atmosphere of peace and tranquility, as well as the presence of unforgettable entertainment.

This unique country in the South Asian region is delighted to host foreign tourists, offering them a break on the excellent the cleanest beaches, ideal conditions for practicing diving and surfing, as well as an abundance of fruitgrowing on this island.

What is the temperature of air and water?

Thanks to its good location, the climate on the island Paradise throughout the year smooth and favorable without sharp fluctuations, the average air temperature is pleasing figure of +29°C, and water 27°C.

The most comfortable time for vacation begins in November, as throughout the country over a protracted rains, and in their place comes the low humidity and hot weather, favorable for the tourist season.

His only distinguishing feature – the division into two seasons – the rainy seasonlasting from April to October, and high seasonstarting from November and is characterized by a pleasant climate. For this reason, travelers often do not have to worry about what month is best to visit this resort.

temperatura v noyabre

November opens for tourists the best time for a beach holiday in the South-East of the island and water activities on the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka. Temperature of ocean water and pleases the travelers with indicators +27°C.

Weather in November in Sri Lanka is ideal for beach tourism, especially toward the middle of this month. In the afternoon the air temperature warms up to +31°C, but in the coastal zone of the heat is not overpowering, thanks to the ocean breeze. A little colder in mountain regions +21°C, so those who want to relax not on the coast and in the interior of the island, you should bring warm clothes.

Features leisure

Holidays on the Golden Sands of the magnificent beaches combine perfectly with sightseeing, exploring ancient sites and practicing extreme sports. Also in November, in Sri Lanka conducted several national holidays, which will be interesting to visit.

Not just the last month of autumn perfect for trips to Ceylon, because in November travelers waiting for a rich entertainment program.

If to risk and buy the tour at the end of the rainy season (early November), there is a high chance to obtain superior and cheap services, no tourists and beautiful weather, as well as other components a pleasant stay. When it rains, which rarely go in early November, typical for night-timeand day period they short.

What clothes to bring?

Since November in Sri Lanka is one of the most perfect months for travelers to the country, even the rainy day will not spoil the rest of the drop-down sediments. During a long day of sightseeing is sufficient to stock up a raincoat or an umbrella.

If you plan excursions in the mountains it is best to grab a sweater, and if stay is limited to beaches and the ocean, it can and does confine light things. We should not forget the repellent in the evening because the mosquitoes in this country too Intrusive.

Autumn fruit in Sri Lanka

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Since this month is considered the most productive, every traveler has the opportunity to enjoy the abundance of fresh fruit:

  1. Papaya;
  2. Mango;
  3. Guava;
  4. Passion fruit.

November for great gastronomic discoveries, because in this period across the island ripe exotic fruitsthat cannot be found on the shelves of other countries.

And fans of unusual Goodies will remain in love from:

  1. Jackfruit;
  2. Durian;
  3. The rambutan;
  4. Sapodilla;
  5. Ambarella.

This rare fruit has an incredibly rich flavor.

Where to relax?

Given that for most countries a visa to Sri Lanka is not required, stay in this fantastic place promises to be unusual and memorable.

Best resorts

Start the holiday season in Sri Lanka is marked by the opening of the best placesthat have a varied holiday.

The most popular tourist cities for impressive travel are:

  • Bentota – the most romantic choice for newlywedsas it offers a peaceful rest;
  • Galle is a large resort town, in which there is a vast amount of attractions, museums and historical relics, as well as luxury beach Unawatuna;
  • Negombo is a lovely resort with a huge amount of entertainment on land and on water;
  • kurort Negombo

  • Kandy – the cultural capital of Sri Lanka and the picturesque tourist town with a fresh and pleasant climate;
  • Colombothe capital of the island, where you can easily reach other towns and attractions.

Regardless of the choice, the weather in November creates perfect conditions for visiting the beaches and water activities, as well as for visiting the most interesting places.

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Where to stay?

Hotels in Sri Lanka is mainly a small building on the shore of the ocean, each of which is made in a unique colonial style, reflecting the traditions and customs of the local Sri Lankan culture.

To find a suitable hotel will help convenient form of search. Enter the city, dates of arrival and departureand number of guests.

Choosing to stay the best of such places, it is necessary, first, to focus on those that offer their guests the most relaxed and peaceful environment.

  • In the popular resort of Bentota, this hotel is the "Taj Exotica";
  • In Negombo"Club Dolphin";
  • And throughout Sri Lanka, tourists are pleased with the hotel complex "Koggala", recommended for a comfortable and affordable stay;
  • Couples will love the cozy "Villa Ocean View";
  • And in "Royal Palm Beach" are all fun for children.

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The premium nature of these institutions varies depending on the resort, but in Sri Lanka the official classification of hotels is missing. Each institution has its own programme of entertainment – the organization of excursions, thematic evenings, picnics and cultural performances.

Unforgettable beaches

Fabulously pleasant temperature tropical Sri Lanka and lures to sunbathe on the beaches in Sri Lanka incredibly much. Here are just a small part of them:

  • For a family holiday with children , perfect beach, Unawatuna coral Bay with azure water, devoid of the ocean waves.
  • Have youth and of surfers the popular resort of Hikkaduwa, offering not only magnificent scenery, but also cheap housing, and lots of cafes.
  • Finally, the pearl of Sri Lanka – the beaches of Mirissa and dickwella of the most beautiful places on the coast, reminiscent of a typical "bounty" scenery with drooping palm trees, beautiful views of nature and transparent water.

If you choose a relaxed time and looking for beaches, where there are no big waves, then you may be interested in the followingvideo:

Where to go and what to do?

Sri Lanka attracts travelers not only beautiful beaches, but incredible concentration of exotic and historical-cultural monuments.

Island entertainment

The main entertainment that needs to try every holidaymaker in Sri Lanka – diving – visit to caves and underwater cliffs, wrecks (there are over 20), which perfectly preserved to our days.

Almost on every beach you can rent equipment to dive and hire instructorsthat can help in mastering the first skills.

No less popular in Sri Lanka water sports:

  1. Riding on the banana;
  2. Water skiing and motorcycle;
  3. Parasailing.

Excursion tourism

ekskursionnye obekty

Weather in Sri Lanka is ideal for visiting the historical, religious and exotic attractions. Among the most popular objects include:

  • "Cultural triangle";
  • The rain forest of Sinharaja;
  • Sri Lankan waterfalls.

The most famous and authentic places to explore are:

  1. The ruins of the city of Anuradhapura;
  2. Town on mount Sigiriya;
  3. The Shiva Temple;
  4. Cave temple at Dambulla;
  5. The temple of the sacred tooth relic.

To the natural attractions include:

  • Tea plantations, where it is possible to taste the famous Ceylon tea;
  • The spice garden;
  • The Royal Botanic gardens.

Holidays and festivals

Lankans are delighted with all sorts of holidays and awe belong to them, for this reason tourists, came to this country in November, be sure to get lucky with in a couple of local events.

Among the main holidays are:

  • "Il Singing" – the day when the Buddha sent his disciples to spread the doctrine in other Asian countries.
  • "Dipawali" - the festival of lights. This bright holiday, which falls in mid-autumn. On this day, Buddhists thank Lakshmi (goddess of fertility), lighting everywhere lights, lights and lamps.

Luxury holidays in this country will definitely appeal to all those who did not have enough heat of the summer days, fall again wanted to enjoy the sandy beaches and warm sea.